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Your collaboration should be wide not deep


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Is the traditional structure we see on local file servers something that should be replicated in a migration to the new collaboration environment in Microsoft 365? To get the most productivity for users a fresh approach should be taken, one that encompasses services like SharePoint and the features it provides like metadata to make information easier to find and navigate. Services like Delve can be leveraged to help information come to users rather than them having to dig for it in deep and complex folder structures. Are sub folders and sub sites still important in a modern approach to collaboration? Come along and see if they still have a role to play in organisations of the future.

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Your collaboration should be wide not deep

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Yahoo Is Shutting Down the Original YAHOO Because No One Cares and Everything Dies
  3. 3. Some problems with subsites - Managing permissions - especially unique permissions inside the structure - External user access - Sharing different pieces with different people outside your organisation - Restructuring - You can’t simply ‘drag and drop’ a subsite to a new location - No single look and feel - Items inside inherit by default. How many branded subsites have you ever seen? - Single set of meta data – different subsites typically have different metadata. This promotes inconsistency and complexity - Path length limitations - The deeper you go, the longer the URL path becomes and hard it becomes to work with
  4. 4. The one constant in today’s collaboration world is change We therefore need to build systems that can easily adapt to change
  5. 5. Old New Modern Data Comms Shadow IT Files IT Admin Ad Hoc Linear Parallel User Structured Control Data Access Office 365 Team Work
  6. 6. Communication Sites Stand Alone Team Sites Hub Sites - Desktop files - Home Drive - Profile - By function or location - E.g. Fin, HR, NSW - Archive - Extranet - Company wide - Intranet - Navigation - Company wide chat
  7. 7. Hub sites • Allow linking to other content • Provide a globally consistent navigation • Are a single maintenance point • Should live at the top of your hierarchy • Navigation can be abstracted from structure • Users don’t need to know structure • Mobile friendly
  8. 8. Metadata • Think of it like ‘tagging’ • You can have multiple metadata per item • Can have a global hierarchy which is known as a taxonomy which can be implemented using services like the Term Store • Allows filtering and sorting of information in both a managed and ad-hoc way • In the ‘old world’ the metadata was the folder in which the data lived and the path to that folder. However, it could only live in a single location unless duplicated
  9. 9. Multiple Document Libraries - Each library can have a different look and feel - Each library can have different securities - Each library can have different automations - Each library can have different metadata - Each library can be sync’ed independently - The is effectively no limit on how many document libraries a single site can have - Mobile friendly - More libraries with less in them is best
  10. 10. AdvantagesofTeams - Designed for when you want to combine file storage and conversations - Collaboration is no longer just storage - The central place for users to go to ‘get stuff done’ - Removes the need to constantly switch apps - Working ‘out loud’ makes both conversations and content to be searchable - Can link independent Document Libraries - Can link independent content - Mobile friendly
  11. 11. AdvantagesofDelve - Think of it as your global search engine across Microsoft 365 content - Customised and optimised for each individual user without any need of configuration - Dynamic display of relevant data based on interactions with that data - Also shows you what items your colleagues are working on - Available as a mobile app - Also allows you to ‘follow’ others - Share and link directly from here - You don’t need to necessarily know where the items is in the structure, you simply click to open
  12. 12. F: drive to M365 – An example Sales Customers 2018 2019 Campaign
  13. 13. ProjectCortex - AI will take care of presenting the information - AI will take care of determining relevance - Less worry about where the information is actually located - Coming soon
  14. 14. - Don’t just drag and drop from an existing structure, transform it - Successful transformation starts will planning and a process not action - Make the best use of the new tools and abilities available - Metadata in now more important than structure - You could say Metadata is the new structure - Rule of three as a best practice if possible - The best solution for you is your solution - Your best solution takes time to grow Conclusions and instructions
  15. 15. • Build your modern Intranet on SharePoint in Office 365 - • harePoint Hub Site Overview - • Introducing Project Cortex - cortex/ba-p/966091 • Creating and launching a healthy SharePoint portal - • Best practices for collaborating with Office 365 - collaborating-with-office-365-5144136b-1ff8-476f-bcba-00de0bdaa600?ui=en-US&rs=en-GB&ad=GB • Overview: best practices for managing how people use your team site - us/article/Overview-best-practices-for-managing-how-people-use-your-team-site-95e83c3d-e1b0-4aae-9d08- e94dcaa4942e • Organize documents and sites in Office 365 - office-365-1a36030f-3e54-4c43-8401-b7bcd0d1c16b Resources
  16. 16. Email : Twitter : @directorcia