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June 2020 Microsoft 365 Need to Know Webinar


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Slides from CIAOPS June webinar that provided Microsoft 365 news update, open Q & A as well as a focus session on information labels. Video recording is available at

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June 2020 Microsoft 365 Need to Know Webinar

  1. 1. Need to Know Microsoft 365 Webinar June 2020 @directorcia
  2. 2. Web cast has started Web cast is being recorded If you can’t hear anything check your speaker settings
  3. 3. For questions after the event: Email : Twitter : @directorcia
  4. 4. Webinar recordings at: Free access for CIAOPS patrons
  5. 5. Please: - Turn off your mobile - Turn off your email - Have somewhere to take notes
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  7. 7. Agenda - Microsoft 365 Update - Security - Q & A
  8. 8. News • 20 updates for Microsoft Teams, including 7x7 video and Breakout Rooms • 7x7-video/ba-p/1457748 • Resuming optional Windows 10 and Windows Server non-security monthly update • non-security/ba-p/1471429 • Microsoft goes public with more of its Azure capacity improvement plan • • OneDrive Roadmap Roundup – May 2020 • p/1449158 • Defender ATP for Android • android/ba-p/1480787
  9. 9. New name, same great value, same price. Microsoft 365 for business Office 365 Business Essentials Cloud services Microsoft 365 Business Basic Cloud services Office 365 Business Premium Cloud services and desktop apps Microsoft 365 Business Standard Cloud services and desktop apps Microsoft 365 Business Cloud services, desktop apps, and advanced security Microsoft 365 Business Premium Cloud services, desktop apps, and advanced security
  10. 10. Microsoft 365 Apps Office 365 Business Cloud-connected Desktop Apps Microsoft 365 Apps for business Cloud-connected Desktop Apps Office 365 ProPlus Cloud-connected Desktop Apps Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise Cloud-connected Desktop Apps
  11. 11. Labels
  12. 12. COMPLIANCE IS TOP-OF-MIND 45 % of organizations state lack of governance opens them to security and compliance risks year over year growth rate in electronic data50% 41 % of organizations state enforcing of governance is their biggest issue “I can’t apply unified policies across various data sources or to a specific repository” “My data is scattered across sources and the data continues to grow” “When enforcing compliance our business users’ productivity is disrupted” “How do I find only relevant data when I need it?” “How do I protect sensitive information such as sensitive PII data across my enterprise?” “I want data governance to be automatic - not something I have to think about”
  13. 13. MICROSOFT CLOUD APP SECURITY Visibility into 15k+ cloud apps, data access & usage, potential abuse AZURE SECURITY CENTER INFORMATION PROTECTION Classify & label sensitive structured data in Azure SQL, SQL Server and other Azure repositories OFFICE APPS Protect sensitive information while working in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook AZURE INFORMATION PROTECTION Classify, label & protect files – beyond Office 365, including on-premises & hybrid OFFICE 365 DATA LOSS PREVENTION Prevent data loss across Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business SHAREPOINT & GROUPS Protect files in libraries and lists OFFICE 365 ADVANCED DATA GOVERNANCE Apply retention and deletion policies to sensitive and important data in Office 365 ADOBE PDFs Natively view and protect PDFs on Adobe Acrobat Reader WINDOWS INFORMATION PROTECTION Separate personal vs. work data on Windows 10 devices, prevent work data from traveling to non-work locations OFFICE 365 MESSAGE ENCRYPTION Send encrypted emails in Office 365 to anyone inside or outside of the company CONDITIONAL ACCESS Control access to files based on policy, such as identity, machine configuration, geo location Discover | Classify | Protect | Monitor SDK FOR PARTNER ECOSYSTEM & ISVs Enable ISVs to consume labels, apply protection
  14. 14. What’s your strategy for protecting and governing sensitive and business critical data? Do you know where your business critical and sensitive data resides and what is being done with it? Do you have control of this data as it travels inside and outside of your organization? Are you using multiple solutions to classify, label, and protect this data?
  15. 15. Information Protection & Governance Protect and govern data —wherever it lives 88% Understand your data landscape and identify important data across your hybrid environment Automatically retain, delete, and store data and records in compliant manner Apply flexible protection actions including encryption, access restrictions and visual markings Powered by an intelligent platform KNOW YOUR DATA 88% GOVERN YOUR DATA PROTECT YOUR DATA Unified approach to automatic data classification, policy management, analytics and APIs
  16. 16. Information Protection & Governance Protect and govern data —anywhere it lives 88% KNOW YOUR DATA 88% GOVERN YOUR DATA PROTECT YOUR DATA
  17. 17. LabelDiscover Classify Sensitivity Retention → Encryption → Restrict Access → Watermark → Header/Footer → Retention → Deletion → Records Management → Archiving → Sensitive data discovery → Data at risk → Policy violations → Policy recommendations → Proactive alerts Comprehensive policies to protect and govern your most important data – throughout its lifecycle Unified approach to discover, classify & label Automatically apply policy-based actions Proactive monitoring to identify risks Broad coverage across locations Apply label Unified approach Monitor
  18. 18. Office 365 Information Protection Windows Information Protection Azure Information Protection What Where How Microsoft information protection—the way it was
  19. 19. What Where How Office 365 Information Protection Windows Information Protection Azure Information Protection Microsoft information protection—now
  20. 20. FINANCE CONFIDENTIAL SENSITIVITY LABELS PERSIST WITH THE DOCUMENT Document labeling – what is it? Metadata written into document files Travels with the document as it moves In clear text so that other systems can read it Can be used to apply a protection action or data governance action Can be customized per the organization’s needs
  21. 21. Centralized management Configure and manage labels across apps and services in Office, Azure and Windows – all from the Security & Compliance Center Unified classification Uniform content classification to protect and preserve data across Office, Azure, Windows Consistent across M365 & extensible to 3rd party Consistent integration and experience across M365 apps & services. Extensible to 3rd party apps & solutions
  22. 22. DEMO
  23. 23. ExistingAIP experience
  24. 24. Helps you manage sensitive data prior to migrating to Office 365 or other cloud services Use discover mode to identify and report on files containing sensitive data Use enforce mode to automatically classify, label and protect files with sensitive data Can be configured to scan: • CIFS file shares • SharePoint Server 2016 • SharePoint Server 2013 • SharePoint Server 2010
  25. 25. Detect content in cloud storage services Inspect files for sensitive information – based on policy Discover sensitive data across 3rd party clouds like SalesForce, Box, Dropbox and others. Apply classification labels & protection Automatically apply labels defined in Microsoft Information Protection to sensitive files discovered in cloud apps
  26. 26. Take aways • Start thinking about protecting ‘the data’ not the repository • Classify and label documents manually and automatically in Web apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Outlook for web access. • Start using labels across Microsoft Teams, SPO sites, Groups and PowerBi • Leverage the new know your data tools – unified analytics, content and activity explorer
  27. 27. Resources • Understanding Unified Labeling migration - information-protection/understanding-unified-labeling-migration/ba-p/783185 • The client side of Azure Information Protection - us/azure/information-protection/rms-client/use-client • Apply Information Rights Management (IRM) to a list or library - worldwide • Set up Information Rights Management (IRM) in SharePoint admin center - worldwide • Central reporting for Azure Information Protection - us/azure/information-protection/reports-aip • Azure Information Protection End User Training -
  28. 28. CIAOPS Resources • Blog – • Free SharePoint Training via email – • Free Office 365, Azure Administration newsletter – • Free Office 365, Azure video tutorials – • Free documents, presentations, eBooks – • Office 365, Azure, Cloud podcast – • Office 365, Azure online training courses – • Office 365 and Azure community – Twitter @directorcia Facebook Email Teams
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  30. 30. That’s all folks! Thanks for attending