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June 2018 Azure Need to Know Webinar


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Slides from CIAOPS June 2018 webinar that provided Azure news update, open Q & A as well as a focus session on VPN choices. Video recording is available at

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June 2018 Azure Need to Know Webinar

  1. 1. Need to Know Azure Webinar June 2018 @directorcia
  2. 2. Web cast has started Web cast is being recorded If you can’t hear anything check your speaker settings
  3. 3. For questions after the event: Email : Twitter : @directorcia
  4. 4. Webinar recordings at: Free access for CIAOPS patrons
  5. 5. Please: - Turn off your mobile - Turn off your email - Have somewhere to take notes
  6. 6. Questions here
  7. 7.
  8. 8. How to migrate your SMB business to the Microsoft Cloud – July 2018 Are you puzzled by the best approach to use when migrating a business to Microsoft 365 and Azure? Are you unsure of which services to use and when? Are you unsure how to cost cloud solutions? These and all your Microsoft cloud questions will be answered in this full day, face to face hands on training session. You'll not only learn what products like Microsoft 365 and Azure are, you'll learn how to effectively price solutions as well as frameworks that you can apply repeatedly to bring you success with migration, adoption and support. Best of all, you'll see all the products in action via live demos.
  9. 9. Agenda - Azure Update - Azure VPN options - Q & A
  10. 10. News • New Azure Security Center Dashboard • dashboard/ • Baseline security policy for AD Admin accounts in preview • azure-ad-admin-accounts-in-public-preview/ • How we rebuilt Intune • into-a-leading-globally-scaled-cloud-service/ • Standard SSD disk for Azure VMs • workloads/ • 3 reasons why Azure’s infrastructure is secure •
  11. 11. Azure VPN Options
  12. 12. Core Services of Azure IaaS Compute Virtual machines Availability sets VM scale sets Storage Disks Blob storage Files Networking Virtual networks VPN, ExpressRoute Load Balancer DNS, Traffic Manager Security & Management Log analytics Backup Site Recovery Security Center
  13. 13. Azure On Prem VMs Backup SQL VPN Gateway Site to Site VPN
  14. 14. IPv4 and IPv6 Support Support for multiple network interfaces for routing and firewalls Private and/or Public IP addresses (static or dynamic) Network Security Groups for traffic isolation Automatic assignment of DNS servers from virtual network or from Azure DNS Accelerated Networking MAC Persistence
  15. 15. Azure ServerA VPN Subnet On Premises NewDC Sync Gateway
  16. 16. Azure VPN Costings
  17. 17. Point to Site VPN
  18. 18. Local Remote Server1 ASM VNet ARM VNet Gateway Subnet Gateway Subnet Subnet-1 Subnet-1 cloudgw Server1 Azure Resource Manager Windows 10 Client
  19. 19. Site to Site VPN
  20. 20. Local Server1 ASM VNet Gateway Subnet Subnet-1 Azure Service Manager
  21. 21. Local Remote Server1 ASM VNet ARM VNet Gateway Subnet Gateway Subnet Subnet-1 Subnet-1 cloudgw cloudgwip Server2 Azure Resource Manager
  22. 22. Local Remote Server1 ASM VNet ARM VNet Gateway Subnet Gateway Subnet Subnet-1 Subnet-1 cloudgw cloudgwip Server2 Site to Site VPN
  23. 23. Azure Vnet Peering
  24. 24. LAN3 LAN4 Server3 ARM VNet ARM VNet Gateway Subnet Subnet-1 Subnet-1 Server4 Azure Resource Manage Vnet Peering Peering Peering
  25. 25. Windows RRAS Site To Site VPN
  26. 26. Local RRAS-S2S-Vnet Server1 ASM VNet ARM VNet Gateway Subnet Gateway Subnet Subnet-1 default RRAS-S2S-VnetGW Server1 Azure RCVM1 [RRAS] RCVM2 On-Premises
  27. 27. Secure site-to-site VPN connectivity • Connect to Azure compute from on-premises or another Azure region Secure point-to-site connectivity • POC Efforts • Small scale deployments • Connect from anywhere ExpressRoute private connectivity • Private connectivity from your on-premises data center to Azure virtual networks and PaaS Services VNet Peering within region • In-region VNet-to-VNet connectivity • Direct VM-to-VM connectivity • Peer VNets for routing and transit
  28. 28. DEMO
  29. 29. Take aways • Infrastructure connectivity to Azure usually starts with a site to site VPN • Azure retain a static IP address while active • Azure to Azure Vnet peering is also available • Different VPN plans have different capabilities, check what you actually need. • You can always use PowerShell
  30. 30. Resources • Azure VPN Gateway pricing - • About VPN gateways - about-vpngateways • Azure Point Site VPN - howto-point-to-site-resource-manager-portal • Vnet to Vnet VPN using PowerShell - azurerm-powershell • Azure VPN FAQ - • Create a virtual network with multiple subnets - us/documentation/articles/create-virtual-network/
  31. 31. CIAOPS Resources • Blog – • Free SharePoint Training via email – • Free Office 365, Azure Administration newsletter – • Free Office 365, Azure video tutorials – • Free documents, presentations, eBooks – • Office 365, Azure, Cloud podcast – • Office 365, Azure online training courses – • Office 365 and Azure community – Twitter @directorcia Facebook Email Skype for Business
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  33. 33. That’s all folks! Thanks for attending