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Introduction to Microsoft 365 Enterprise


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This presentations covers the basics of Microsoft 365 Enterprise and the differences from Microsoft 365 Business

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Introduction to Microsoft 365 Enterprise

  1. 1. Introduction to Microsoft 365 Enterprise December 2017 @directorcia 1Q48VMiR152XNuDEkfV3khFdiYoBPGH4V4 Support this content via Bitcoin
  2. 2. Agenda What does today look like? What is Microsoft 365 Enterprise? Microsoft 365 Enterprise advantages
  3. 3. What does today look like for your customers? Local Logins /MSA New PCs bought adhoc PCs refreshed when dead Employees using personal mobile devices IT purchasing decisions made “on the spot” “GOOD ENOUGH” PLATFORMS LEGACY BACK OFFICE NO TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY FRAGMENTED END-POINT SOLUTIONS
  4. 4. Microsoft 365 Built on foundation of “Secure Productive Enterprise” Microsoft 365 Enterprise NEW Designedforsmallandmidsizebusinesses Microsoft 365 Business
  5. 5. What’s right for your customer? Office 365 Microsoft 365 Business Microsoft 365 Enterprise Fast path to modern productivity & collaboration Automatic security and feature updates Integrated productivity, management & security Best of Office 365 apps & Windows 10 Business Highest level of productivity, management & security Support for hybrid environments Modern voice with cloud PBX
  6. 6. Is Microsoft 365 Business right for my organization? 1-300 Microsoft 365 Enterprise 300+ Microsoft 365 Business Do you need any of the following features from Office 365? eDiscovery, Legal Hold, Office apps delivered via Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Services [RDS]), Cloud PBX, or PSTN Calling. Do you require an on-premises Active Directory for one of the following technologies? Group Policy Objects, on-premises file shares, on-premises applications using domain authentication, or Azure AD Connect (DirSync). Note: If you can discontinue use of Active Directory for all of these capabilities for your users, select No. Do you require full mobile device management (MDM) for iOS/Android devices? Note: Microsoft 365 Business only provides app protection for Office mobile apps on iOS and Android. Customers who require full MDM for mobile devices should move to Microsoft 365 Enterprise. NO NO NO YES YES YES How many employees?
  7. 7. Microsoft 365 Microsoft 365 Business Microsoft 365 Enterprise Microsoft 365 Education Microsoft365E5 Microsoft365E3 Microsoft365F1
  8. 8. Business Plans Enterprise Plans Office 365 Business Premium Microsoft 365 Business Office 365 Enterprise E3 Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 Office 365 Enterprise E5 Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 Estimated retail price per user per month $USD (with annual commitment) A$17.49 A$25 (est) A$29.59 A$34 A$51.70 A$61 Maximum number of users 300 300 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited STANDARD SERVICES Install Office on up to 5 PCs/Macs + 5 tablets + 5 smartphones per user Business Business ProPlus ProPlus ProPlus ProPlus Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Skype, Microsoft Teams       Business Apps – Outlook Customer Manager, Bookings, MileIQ1 Business center2, Listings2, Connections2, Invoicing2   ADVANCEDSERVICES Legal compliance & archiving needs for email – archiving, eDiscovery, mailbox hold     Information protection – message encryption, rights management, data loss prevention     Advanced Threat Protection, Advanced Security Management, Threat Intelligence, Advanced Compliance Add-on Add-on Add-on   End User and Organizational Analytics (MyAnalytics), PowerBI Pro Add-on Add-on Add-on   PSTN Conferencing Add-on Add-on Add-on   Cloud PBX, PSTN Calling4 Add-on Add-on   Windows: Windows 10 Business (Windows Defender, Store, Cortana Mgmt Controls, Auto- Install Office apps, Upgrade rights to Windows 10 Pro for 7/8.1 Pro licenses)  Windows: Windows AutoPilot    EMS: Microsoft Intune, Azure Active Directory Premium P1 3  Windows: Microsoft Desktop Optimization Package, VDA   Windows: Enterprise Data Protection, Windows Hello, Credential Guard, Device Guard, App Locker   EMS: Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, Azure Information Protection P1   Windows: Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection  EMS: Azure Active Directory Premium P2, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Azure Information Protection P2  [1] Available in US, UK, Canada [2] Currently in public preview in US, UK, Canada [3] Only selected features: App protection for Office mobile apps, MDM for Windows 10 PCs, Selective wipe of company data, AAD Auto-Enroll [4] Cloud PBX Required Plan Comparison
  9. 9. Add-ons are SKUs that can be added to an existing suite or service *There are no technical blockers for customers to purchase Advanced Security Management, but the usage of ASM can only be achieved if an Office 365 workload is deployed for ASM to monitor. **Dial-out conferencing capabilities may incur additional per minute consumption charges. Customers can disable these features to avoid additional billing. $24 includes both International and Domestic calling plans. Domestic only calling plans are available for $12. Tax is included in price in the US and Canada. Service usage limits exist to manage fraud, abuse, excessive use, and maintain service performance. Further details about these services can be found in our recently published Skype for Business Online PSTN Service Use Terms. Business Essentials or Business Premium Microsoft 365 Business Office 365 Enterprise E3 Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 Office 365 Enterprise E5 Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 Price Security Advanced Threat Protection Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Included Included $2 Advanced Security Management Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Included Included $3 Advanced Compliance Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Included Included $8 Threat Intelligence Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Included Included $8 Analytics MyAnalytics Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Included Included $4 Power BI Pro Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Included Included $10 Voice PSTN Conferencing Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Included Included $4 Cloud PBX N/A N/A Add-on Add-on Included Included $8 PSTN Calling (US Only) N/A N/A Add-on Cloud PBX Required Add-on Cloud PBX Required Add-on Add-on $12/$24** Office 365 premium add-ons
  10. 10. Office 365 Enterprise Chat-centric workspace Email & Calendar Voice, Video & Meetings Office applications/ co-authoring Sites & Content Management Analytics Advanced Security & Compliance Enterprise Mobility+ Security Identity & Access Management Identity Driven Security Managed Mobile Productivity Information Protection Windows 10 Enterprise Advanced Endpoint Security Designed For Modern IT More Productive Powerful, Modern devices Microsoft 365 Enterprise
  11. 11. Firstline workers Customer service Sales associates Medical staff Factory workers
  12. 12. Microsoft 365 F1 Firstline productivity with Microsoft StaffHub Culture and community with Yammer and Teams Training and video content with SharePoint and Stream Security for all employees and endpoints with EMS Support for shared and remote devices with Windows 10
  13. 13. Active Directory
  14. 14. Azure Active Directory Azure AD Join MDM Policies Microsoft Intune and other MDM Traditional on-premCloud Active Directory Domain Join Group Policy System Center Configuration Manager
  15. 15. ModernTraditional Any internet connection Azure Active Directory Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) OEM image Custom corp image WSUS Corpnet connection Active Directory and Azure Active Directory ConfigMGR Security tools Application stores Microsoft Store for Business Intune Windows Update for Business
  16. 16. Windows 10 Azure AD Joined Devices Intune/MDM auto enrollment Azure AD Join for Windows 10 Benefits ▪ Azure AD Join makes it possible to connect work-owned Windows 10 devices to your company’s Azure Active Directory without need for MSA. ▪ Self-service setup & sign in with Azure AD account ▪ Ideal for users who primarily access Office365 & Cloud apps ▪ Automatic enrollment to Intune MDM ▪ Single sign-on from the desktop to cloud and on-premises applications with no VPN ▪ Support for hybrid environments
  17. 17. Windows 10
  18. 18. ▪ Seamless upgrade from PRO -> ENT, PRO -> EDU ▪ Support for Desktop, Mobile and Holographic SKUs ▪ Architecture built to secure the keys in our service Edition Upgrade Windows 10 Subscription Activation lets you deploy Windows 10 Enterprise in your organization with no keys and no reboots using a list of subscribed users. When a subscribed user signs in on their Windows 10 Pro device, features that are Enterprise-only are automatically enabled.
  19. 19. Windows Store for Business Online Offline Direct Assignment Private Store MDM / CM (Deeplinks) ManualImaging MDM / CM (Sideload) Complements the Windows Store and existing management solutions ▪ Flexible scenarios for any need A web site for businesses, schools, or other organizations ▪ Used by IT administrators, purchasers Pay using additional methods, including purchase orders, invoices, and Enterprise Agreement (EA) and other volume license (VL) programs ▪ Provides key functionality for acquiring, using, and deploying apps in an organization ▪ Including line-of-business apps Requires Windows 10 build 1511 and above Overview
  20. 20. ▪ Use to make apps generally available to all users in the organization ▪ Store administrator controls which apps are available ▪ Apps are only viewable by users within the organization ▪ Apps are installed by users from the Store app ▪ App Reclaim/Re-use managed via portal Usage Scenarios Overview Requirements ▪ Users must be signed in with Azure AD account. ▪ Applications are Online licensed
  21. 21. Hardware Vendor Harvest Device IDs Windows AutoPilot Deployment Service Upload Device IDs* Configure Profile Employee unboxes device, self-deploys Ship Deliver direct to Employee Self Deploy IT Admin Existing Devices INTRODUCING WINDOWS AUTOPILOT DEPLOYMENT Device IDs ardware vendor can deploy configuration profiles. Deployment Profiles can also be applied via the Microsoft Store for Business.
  22. 22. Pull together key information Telemetry-based app and device inventory App and driver compatibility details App usage and support info from Ready For Windows Establish a process Prioritize apps Identify issues Remediate using provided information Drive deployment Identify machines that are ready to deploy Integrate with Configuration Manager and similar tools
  23. 23. See compliance status Feature updates Quality updates Windows Defender definitions Identify issues For devices that haven’t installed updates or definitions, find the reason and take action to remediate Great with Windows Update for Business
  24. 24. Passwordless strong authentication via multiple factors ▪ PC + PIN or Biometrics ▪ PC + Companion Device ▪ PC supported Biometrics: fingerprint & facial ▪ Companion Device can support other biometrics options (e.g.: EKG) Supported on any Windows 10 device >100 devices supporting biometrics WINDOWS HELLO FOR BUSINESS
  25. 25. Office
  26. 26. Office Applications Office 365 Business Office 365 ProPlus Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access ● ● Skype for Business [Full] ● Core Value OneDrive for Business cloud storage 1TB Unlimited Office Online ● ● Core Excel BI features: PowerMap, PowerQuery (public data) ● ● Enterprise Value Enterprise Excel BI features: PowerPivot, PowerQuery (enterprise data), PowerView, spreadsheet controls (compare/inquire) ● Compliance: create IRM mail, email retention, data loss, prevention, archiving ● IT controls: group policy, app telemetry, update controls ● Enterprise voice ● Support for shared computer activation (RDS) ● Licensing Price/user/month $AUD (with annual commitment) $13.20 $19.14 Seat Cap 300 N/A PC/Mac installs 5 5 Tablet installs 5 5 iOS/Android smartphone 5 5 iPad Apps ● ● Office 2016 commercial use rights ● ●
  27. 27. Self-installation Download and install from the Office 365 Portal Managed deployment ▪ Office Deployment Tool ▪ System Center Configuration Manager ▪ Microsoft Intune Already on device ▪ Pre-installed with Windows image ▪ Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
  28. 28. Management tool File Share / DFS Office CDN Cloud Managed Locally Managed Enterprise Managed
  29. 29. Intune
  30. 30. Mobile application management PC managementMobile device management Intune helps organizations provide their employees with access to corporate applications, data, and resources from virtually anywhere on almost any device, while helping to keep corporate information secure. User IT
  31. 31. Category Feature Exchange ActiveSync MDM for Office 365 Intune Standalone Intune + ConfigMgr (Hybrid) Device configuration Inventory mobile devices that access corporate applications ● ● ● ● Remote factory reset (full device wipe) ● ● ● ● Mobile device configuration settings (PIN length, PIN required, lock time, etc.) ● ● ● ● Self-service password reset (Office 365 cloud only users) ● ● ● ● Office365 Provides reporting on devices that do not meet IT policy ● ● ● Group-based policies and reporting (ability to use groups for targeted device configuration) ● ● ● Root cert and jailbreak detection ● ● ● Remove Office 365 app data from mobile devices while leaving personal data and apps intact (selective wipe) ● ● ● Prevent access to corporate email and documents based upon device enrollment and compliance policies ● ● ● Premium mobiledevice& appmanagement Self-service Company Portal for users to enroll their own devices and install corporate apps ● ● App deployment (Windows Phone, iOS, Android) ● ● Deploy certificates, VPN profiles (including app-specific profiles), email profiles, and Wi-Fi profiles ● ◐ Prevent cut/copy/paste/save as of data from corporate apps to personal apps (mobile application management) ● ● Secure content viewing via Managed browser, PDF viewer, Imager viewer, and AV player apps for Intune ● ● Remote device lock via self-service Company Portal and via admin console ● ● PC Management Client PC management (e.g. Windows 8.1, inventory, antimalware, patch, policies, etc.) ● ● PC software management ● ● Comprehensive PC management (e.g. Windows Server/Linux/Mac OS X support, virtual desktop and power management, custom reporting, etc.) ● OS deployment ● Single management console for PCs, Windows Server/Linux/Mac OS X, and mobile devices ●
  32. 32. Office 365
  33. 33. Business1 Enterprise2 Business Business Essentials Business Premium ProPlus F1 E1 E3 E5 Estimated retail price per user per month $AUS (with annual commitment) $13.20 $7 $17.50 $19.14 $5.60 $11.20 $29.60 $51.70 Standard Services Install Office on up to 5 PCs/Macs + 5 tablets + 5 smartphones per user Business3 Business3 ProPlus4 ProPlus4 ProPlus4 Access to Office apps and documents from all major smartphones and iPad      OneDrive for Business – 1 TB personal online document storage        Office Online – Create/view/edit rights for online versions of core Office apps for collaborating on documents         Sway for Office 3655         Sites - team collaboration & internal portals (SharePoint)       Private social networking (Yammer)       Email - 50 GB email, contacts, shared calendars (Exchange)   Kiosk (2GB)    Meetings & communications - Web conferencing, IM, video, presence (Skype for Business)      Advanced Services On-premises Active Directory synchronization for single sign on         Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Office 3656         Access to equivalent on-premises server workloads (Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, Skype for Business Server)    Upcoming services: Office 365 Video    Legal compliance & archiving needs for email – archiving, eDiscovery, mailbox hold   Information protection – message encryption, rights management, data loss prevention   Enterprise Voice w/Skype for Business (on-prem only)7  Equivio Analytics for eDiscovery, Secure Attachments and URLs, Access Control  End User and Organizational Analytics  Cloud PBX  PSTN Conferencing 
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