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CIAOPS Need to Know Office 365 Webinar - December 2017


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Updates and news around Office 365 for the month of December 2017 as well as a deep dive into Microsoft Flow.

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CIAOPS Need to Know Office 365 Webinar - December 2017

  1. 1. Need to Know Office 365 Webinar December 2017 @directorcia
  2. 2. Web cast has started Web cast is being recorded If you can’t hear anything check your speaker settings
  3. 3. For questions after the event: Email : Twitter : @directorcia
  4. 4. Webinar recordings at: Free access for CIAOPS patrons
  5. 5. Please: - Turn off your mobile - Turn off your email - Have somewhere to take notes
  6. 6. Questions here
  7. 7. Agenda - Office 365 Update - Microsoft Flow - Q & A
  8. 8. News • Introducing the Flow Panel • • Microsoft Whiteboard Preview • collaboration/?eu=true • Advanced Threat Protection available for SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams • SharePoint-OneDrive/ba-p/134234 • Get access to Business apps in Enterprise plans • subscriptions-5382dc07-aaa5-45c9-8767-502333b214ce • Outlook Time to Leave • with-everyday-ai/?eu=true
  9. 9. Microsoft Flow helps you work smarter by automating workflows across your apps and services Get notifications Synchronize files Collect data Automate approvals
  10. 10. DEMO
  11. 11. Get started quickly with over a hundred useful templates
  12. 12. Authenticate to your O365 account. Build email Subject and Body Choose to include properties from previous step (Dropbox file) to improve relevance Specify Send To email address and additional properties (optional): From, CC, BCC and ImportanceConnected to Authenticate to your Dropbox account. Select folder to monitor PowerApps
  13. 13. Automate advanced scenarios with multiple steps, branching conditions, and more
  14. 14. Integrate the systems you’re already using… even custom APIs.
  15. 15. Build modern business apps fast Compose analytics, user experiences, and automation using an integrated set of services from Microsoft More efficient developers Seamlessly extend capabilities for power users and leverage powerful Azure platform services Empowered power users People who understand their business needs best can now build apps quickly without writing code Connected data across apps Whether built on the Common Data Model or integrated with existing systems, get more value from your data App Services Service Fabric Azure Functions … Logic Apps API Management BizTalk … SQL Server BI Data analytics Internet of Things (IoT) …
  16. 16. Extensibility
  17. 17. Flow Logic apps Managed APIs or Custom APIs Uses the Public REST APIs for management Calls into at runtime
  18. 18. Operational data store Common Data Model and custom entities Real time sync Data API
  19. 19. DEMO
  20. 20. Availability
  21. 21. Anyone can sign up for free with their personal, work or school email Included for free with most* Office 365 and Dynamics 365 application SKUs Can be purchased by an individual or an admin 90 free trial available Also included with Dynamics 365 Plans 1 and 2 and PowerApps Plans 1 and 2
  22. 22. Extending Office 365 and Dynamics 365 For creators and IT admins Full creation & admin capabilities For business users Run any app using CDM Included for free with most* Office 365 and Dynamics 365 application SKUs Can be purchased by an individual or an admin 90 free trial available Also included with Dynamics 365 Plans 1 and 2 Can be purchased by an individual or an admin Quotas (per user; pooled tenant-wide): • 2,000 flow runs per month Quotas (per user; pooled tenant-wide): • 4,500 flow runs per month • 20MB Data Storage • 2GB File Storage Quotas (per user; pooled tenant-wide): • 15,000 flow runs per month • 200 MB Data Storage • 20 GB File Storage per user Additional flow runs, Data Storage, and File Storage may be purchased as needed
  23. 23. • Flow allows you to easy connect many data sources • Flow allows you to easy automate business processes • Combine Flow with PowerApps to deliver quick solutions • Flow can be utilised with on premises resources • Flow is continually improving • Flow enables ‘citizen developers’
  24. 24. • List of connectors - • Azure logic apps - • Microsoft Flow Community - Community/ct-p/FlowCommunity • Guided Learning - • Templates - • Get started with Microsoft Flow - us/documentation/getting-started/ • On premises gateway - • Video gallery - p/Webinars_Videos_Gallery Resources
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  27. 27. That’s all folks! Thanks for attending