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CIAOPS Need to Know Azure Webinar - January 2018


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Updates and news around Azure for the month of January 2018 plus a deep dive into Azure AD.

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CIAOPS Need to Know Azure Webinar - January 2018

  1. 1. Need to Know Azure Webinar January 2018 @directorcia
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  3. 3. For questions after the event: Email : Twitter : @directorcia
  4. 4. Webinar recordings at: Free access for CIAOPS patrons
  5. 5. Please: - Turn off your mobile - Turn off your email - Have somewhere to take notes
  6. 6. Questions here
  7. 7. Agenda - Azure Update - Understanding Azure AD - Q & A
  8. 8. News • Azure Backup now integrated into VM create experience • • Ultimate guide to Windows Server on Azure • windows-server-on-azure/ • Azure Essentials • • PowerShell Core v6.0 - • available-ga-and-supported/ • Site to Site VPN quick and cheap - • site-vpn-quick-and-cheap/
  9. 9. Azure AD
  10. 10. What is Azure Active Directory? A comprehensive identity and access management cloud solution. It combines directory services, advanced identity governance, application access management and a rich standards-based platform for developers. Versions: - Free - Basic - Premium
  11. 11. Azure AD as the control point Active Directory
  12. 12. Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium Pre-integrated for Single Sign On (SSO) to 2,500 popular SaaS apps Easily add custom cloud-based apps. Connect to your on-premises Windows Server Active Directory many apps, one identity repository manage identities and access to cloud apps monitor and protect access to enterprise apps enable users Comprehensive identity and access management console Centralized management for assigning access to applications with groups Secure business processes with advanced access management capabilities Security reporting to track inconsistent access patterns Included Multi-Factor authentication capabilities Advanced machine-learning-based reporting Consistent experience for SSO – the access panel Tenant branded access panel Self service password reset
  13. 13. ModernTraditional Any internet connection Azure Active Directory Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) OEM image Custom corp image WSUS Corpnet connection Active Directory and Azure Active Directory ConfigMGR Security tools Application stores Microsoft Store for Business Intune Windows Update for Business
  14. 14. Directory Comparison Active Directory Property On premises Azure User identity and security Windows 7 machine join Windows 8 machine join Windows 10 machine join Group Policy LDAP DNS Certificate server Organisational units Kerberos Mobile device joins Office 365 join
  15. 15. Can customers use Microsoft 365 Business with on-premises Active Directory? To realize the full value of Windows 10, Windows 10 PCs need to be joined to Azure Active Directory. Customers may use Microsoft 365 Business with Windows 10 devices joined to on premises Active Directory, but it is not recommended because they won’t be able to enforce policies from the Microsoft 365 Business Admin console. Business is , it's specifically designed to avoid using a traditional Active Directory and is only available to organisations of up to 300 staff.
  16. 16. Centrally managed identities and access
  17. 17. 1. MS Online IDs Appropriate for • Smaller orgs without AD on -premise Pros • No servers required on-pre mise Cons • No SSO • No 2FA • 2 sets of credentials to man age with differing password policies • IDs mastered in the cloud 2. MS Online IDs + AD Connect Appropriate for • Medium/Large orgs with AD on-premise Pros • Users and groups mastered on-premise • Enables co-existence scenarios Cons • No SSO • No 2FA • 2 sets of credentials to man age with differing password policies • Server deployment required 3. Federated IDs + AD Connect Appropriate for • Larger enterprise orgs with AD on-premise Pros • SSO with corporate cred • IDs mastered on-premise • Password policy controlled on-premise • 2FA solutions possible • Enables co-existence scenarios Cons • High availability server depl oyments required Active DirectoryActive Directory
  18. 18. DEMO
  19. 19. Take aways • Azure AD is not the same as on prem AD • Azure AD can manage users and modern devices • Azure AD can be integrated with on premises Domains • You get a free basic Azure AD with Office 365 • Azure AD Premium plans offer more abilities at a cost • Azure AD Premium is included in products like EMS and Microsoft 365 Enterprise
  20. 20. Resources • Azure AD Connect - • Azure AD Core Skills Jumpstart - courses/azure-active-directory-core-skills-jump-start-8736 • Azure AD Fundamentals Virtual Lab - &labid=13535 • Enabling your Office 365 Azure AD - office-365-azure-ad.html • Azure AD Connect tool - the basics - connect-toolthe-basics.html • Configuring an Azure Single Sign On portal -
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  23. 23. That’s all folks! Thanks for attending