Monuments of seville


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Trabajo realizado en el 2º encuentro celebrado en Bari (Italia), correspondiente al proyecto escolar europeo Comenius "Together in our (he)art!

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Monuments of seville

  1. 1. SevilleOne of the best views of Seville: the archive of the Indies and the Cathedral with its minaret...La Giralda
  2. 2. It was inhabited by theinhabitants of Tartesos, in the9th century b.C. Guadalquivir river
  3. 3. Roman wallsYThe Romans called her Híspalis to occupy her the year 206 b.C.
  4. 4. Royal AlcázaresIn the year 713 was conquered by the Arab armies and latershe belonged to the Caliphate of Córdoba.
  5. 5. Archive of The IndiesKing Ferdinand III of Castile reconquered the city in 1248
  6. 6. Cathedral and GiraldaThe Cathedral and the Giralda tower, are the most emblematicbuildings of the city
  7. 7. Royal Alcázares Interior Interior Details of the interior
  8. 8. Town HallEhe current Town Hall. Seville has more than 700,000 inhabitants
  9. 9. SevilleTriana district
  10. 10. Seville Santa Cruz district
  11. 11. Santa Cruz StreetsSanta Cruz Streets Santa Cruz district
  12. 12. Arch andMacarena Basilica
  13. 13. Gran Poder Carmen Chapel (Triana district) Basílica
  14. 14. La Cartuja
  15. 15. Torre del Oro The Tower of the Gold, close to Guadalquivir river
  16. 16. Calles de Sevilla Seville streets Seville
  17. 17. Seville
  18. 18. TheCharityHospital
  19. 19. SpainSquare
  20. 20. Spain Square
  21. 21. La Maestranza bullring
  22. 22. Triana bridgeAndalusian Parlament
  23. 23. H E If you visit Spain, don’t forget to enjoy the beauties of Seville. • Musical background “Seville has a special color”. Sing “Los del Río”, This group wrote:“Macarena April 2011Plaza de España THE END