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D. Juan Tenorio


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Legend about Don Juan Tenorio

Published in: Education
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D. Juan Tenorio

  1. 1. dOn miguel de mañara waS bOrn in Seville. he waS a nObleman, but he waS a libertine man, a player, a fighter, a cOnquer tOO.One day hiS life changed abSOlutely fOr lOve and heSpent all hiS mOney helping pOOr peOple. One SpaniSh writer heard abOut him and…the legend Started!!!!the legend Of dOn Juan tenOriO
  2. 2. Don Juan Tenorio (Antonio): The protagonist. Libertine. Licentious. Don´taccept any standard nor religion. It doesn´t respect any divine or humanlawDon Luis Mejía (Adolfo): Don Juan´s rivalDon Gonzalo de Ulloa (Rafael): nobleman and military Comendador ofCalatrava. Doña Inés’s fatherDoña Inés de Ulloa (Desiree): Novice num and former Don Juan´s fiancéeDon Diego Tenorio (David): Don Juan`s fatherDoña Ana de Pantoja (Carmen): Don Luis´ fiancéeGastón (Misael): Don Luis´ servantCiutti (Christian): Don Juan´s servantBrígida (Alicia): Doña Inés´ governess in the cloisterOther characters: Jose, Alejandro, Pablo, Valentina, Nerea, Mario,Nuria, Jacobo, Paula, Belén, Marina y Javier.
  3. 3. it´S time Of carnival Don Juan Butarelli Ciutti and Gastón dOn Juan tenOriO and dOn luiS meJía meet at buttarelli´S inn
  4. 4. Don Juanwhere ayear Don Luisearlierthey hadmade a Don Diegowager tO GastónSee whOcOuld havemOre duelSandchallenge Don GonzalorS andcOnqueSt CiuttimOrewOmen.
  5. 5. the bet waS a Scandalin Seville. at the inncOme:
  6. 6. dOn gOnzalO de ullOa (cOmendadOr Of calatrava), dOña inéS´ father, She had been dOn Juan fiancée and after the bet, She waS admitted in a clOiSter.Don Gonzalo Don Diego and dOn diegO, dOn Juan father´S tO check if hiS SOn waS SO evil.
  7. 7. The beT’s winner is Don Juan. howeVer Don Luis ChaLLenGes hiM aGain. The new beT is To win The hearT of a noViCe nuM abouT To Take her Vow anD one frienD`s LaDy abouT To GeT MarrieD in onLy six DaysDon Luis
  8. 8. The noViCe wiLL be Doña inés anD The LaDy abouTTo GeT MarrieD wiLL be Doña ana De PanToJa, DonLuis´ fianCée.
  9. 9. Two constablesDon Luis, ToPreVenT DonJuan winThe beTsenD hisserVanT,GasTón, ToGeT aLerTThe banD ofConsTabLesanD GeT hiMinToPrison… buT Don Juan Does The saMe anD senD his serVanT, CiuTTi, To GeT Don Luis inTo Prison.
  10. 10. aT The enD Don Juan Goes ouT of The Prison by a TriCk anD Don Luis sTay insiDe,aLThouGh before hewarns his fianCée, Doñaana abouT Don Juan.
  11. 11. Don Juan , ThrouGh bribery, GeTs Doña ana´s serVanT oPen The Doors where Doña ana LiVes anD Conquers The hearT of The LaDy by TriCk.Doña Ana
  12. 12. LaTer Don Juan GiVes a LoVe LeTTer To briGiDa, The DoorkeePer of The CLoisTer where Doña inés sTays.Brígida
  14. 14. Don GonzaLo CoMES SHoRTLY afTER The cloister keeper The abbessanD CHECKS HISDauGHTER IS noT InTHE CLoISTER.
  15. 15. aT Don Juan´S HoME, Doña InéS anD DonJuan PRofESS THEIR LovE.
  16. 16. “oH, MY anGEL of LovE, Do You SEE THaT on THIS SECLuDED SHoRETHE Moon SHInES CLEaR anD PuRE anD onE bREaTHES MoRE EaSILY!”
  17. 17. aT HIS HouSE Go Doña InéS´S faTHER anD Don LuIS,WHo WanT To KILL Don Juan.
  18. 18. Don Juan bEGSDon GonzaLo ToLET HIM MaRRY ToDoña InéS, buT HEDoESn´T aLLoWTHaT. aT THE EnD Don GonzaLo, THE CoMEnDaDoR anD Don LuIS fIGHT aGaInST Don Juan anD HE DEfEaTS THEM, THEn HE LEavES Doña InéS anD ESCaPES To ITaLY.
  19. 19. Five years aFter Don Juan comes back again to seville He cHecks FatHer´s House was tHe pantHeon oF tHe tenorio Family His FatHer, tHe comenDaDor anD Doña inés (sHe DieD oF grieF For Him) Have lost tHe liFe.
  20. 20. near He FinDs two FrienDs: avellaneDa anD centellas anD He invite tHem to Have Dinner. AvellanedaCentellas
  21. 21. in tHat moment a voice comes From tHe statue oF tHetomb oF tHe DeaD commanDer warning Don Juan tHat Hewill be punisHeD For His wickeD actions anD He will Diesoon.
  22. 22. tHe statue oF Doña inés tells Don Juan iF He repents everytHingmay save tHemselves.
  23. 23. Don Juan tHougHt it was a Joke oF HisFrienDs anD FigHts a Duel witH tHem.
  24. 24. Don Juan is DeaD anD Don gonzalo´s gHost try take Him to tHe Hellbut tHe regret oF Don Juan at tHe last moment tHeanD tHe love by Doña inés, makes He was ForgivenanD rescueD by Doña inés. enD