Tips to Maximize Your Trade Show Presence


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Tips to Maximize Your Trade Show Presence

  1. 1. Welcomes you to Maximizing Your Trade Show Presence
  2. 2. Tip #1 Set goals that are specific, focused, and quantifiable. Setting goals and planning to meet them can increase ROI. Some examples of objectives to achieve •  Recruit more dealers or employees •  Generate sales inquiries •  Write orders Set goals that are specific, focused, and quantifiable.
  3. 3. Provide clear goals tostaffers and thenmeasure them againsttheir goals, in a clearlydefined time frame… thenpublish the results to thecompany.
  4. 4. Do a theme for your exhibit. You could double your lead count in many cases.
  5. 5. Build your social following before the show.
  6. 6. Use QR Codes to help attendees access and share what they see in your booth.
  7. 7. Tip #7 Always have a pre-show meeting to discuss key points of the show.
  8. 8. Address the subject of pilfering leads in your pre-show meeting to encourage your staff to do the right thing.
  9. 9. Don’t let people see what you have… use opaque shrink wrap on all valuable AV or giveaways for the show.
  10. 10. Test all AV equipment before shipping to a show.
  11. 11. Ship large flat screen monitors in AV cases. Shipping in a box for more than one show is asking fo trouble.
  12. 12. When designing your exhibit, think billboard, not bulletin board.
  13. 13. Viking River Cruises Exploring the World in Comfort Musical DNA Software Unlocking the Future of Music and Sound with Color AllMax Software Data management and reporting. It’s what we do. When conceptualizing a tagline, remember the following: Include your company’s name Highlight a problem you can fix or a solution you offer Promote a product your company sells
  14. 14. Avoid the following when designing your exhibit graphics: Too little contrast between type and background Small letters Designy fonts Grainy graphics Too much copy – think impact over information
  15. 15. Use lead cards, not business cards, to record information from prospects.
  16. 16. Ask your sales team for input when designing a lead card.
  17. 17. Print a less costly, 1 page sell sheet… save $$$.
  18. 18. No one knows you’re exhibiting until you let them know.
  19. 19. Tip #24-26 Pre-Show Promotion Designed to Attract / Introduce •  45-60 days before the show: –  Mail a postcard or personalized letter –  Give your prospect a compelling reason to visit •  15-25 days before the show: –  E-mail prospects –  Offer another product benefit or reason to visit •  5-10 days before the show: –  Call hottest prospects
  20. 20. Show your staffers some “love”.
  21. 21. Purchase your own flooring.
  22. 22. Protect your flooring purchase with clear tape.
  23. 23. Cross cut carpet and vinyl.
  24. 24. When laying out your booth, keep tables small, and off to the side.
  25. 25. Use lighting in your exhibit.
  26. 26. Keep it simple. Feature only one or two products.
  27. 27. Remove chairs from your space to keep it uncluttered.
  28. 28. Use a lint brush to clean up carpet fuzz instead of bringing a vacuum or hiring show services.
  29. 29. Change your shoes at least one time during the show.
  30. 30. Designate 1 or more people as a crowd gatherer.
  31. 31. Shy staffer? Help them with some opening lines to get them talking.
  32. 32. Don’t spend time with EVERY show visitor.
  33. 33. Use video in your booth to show your product in action.
  34. 34. Tie your pre show promotion to your at show experience.
  35. 35. Increase lead fulfillment by giving your sales team a reason to call.
  36. 36. Do not distribute your leads immediately following the show. First, take the time to e-mail each lead: •  Thank them for visiting your booth •  Let them know that you’ve registered their request and someone will follow up with them soon •  Include links to online catalogs, or somewhere that the recipient can get more information about your company/ products Ensures each prospect gets a post-show interaction with your company.
  37. 37. At Show Promotions Designed to Educate / Engage / WOW! Increase anticipation and hold visitors in the exhibit longer •  Use demonstrations –  Activity + Involvement = MEMORABLE!
  38. 38. At-show demos and presentations can create a _________. A: health hazard B: crowd C: panic
  39. 39. Tip #29 Try to give away something that is directly related to your company offerings.
  40. 40. Giveaway ideas are Food items… smoothies, popcorn, Starbucks Hand sanitizer Items to go on the desk, not in the desk To visit giveaways… picture on a motorcycle or shirt w/ logo that is embroidered on the spot Massages with a screen under where the head rest is
  41. 41. Giveaways should be: A: spread out on a table B: something anyone would want. C: earned.
  42. 42. Giveaways can create a: A: panic. B: crowd. C: 5 course meal. Once this is created, we need to: A.  ignore everyone. B.  only hand out giveaways. C.  work the crowd and talk to prospects about your company/product.
  43. 43. AVOID ADULT TRICK OR TREATERS! Promotional products should be given, not taken!
  44. 44. Drawings for prizes should: Be related to your pre-show promotion Have a direct link to your company’s products or services Not have “mass appeal”
  45. 45. Provide clear rules to your staffers about technology use and other behaviors in the booth.
  46. 46. Your best staffers are not always salespeople.
  47. 47. Avoid sitting it makes you look: A.  over-excited. B.  puzzled. C.  lazy.
  48. 48. Talking on the phone discourages: A.  creativity. B.  appetite. C.  interaction.
  49. 49. Talking to other staffers makes me look: A.  popular. B.  more friendly than others. C.  Uninterested in the show.
  50. 50. Checking e-mail says: A.  I’m available to talk. B.  It’s ok to interrupt me. C.  I’m BUSY!
  51. 51. Ask ______ ___________ questions to guide conversation. A.  open ended B.  closed ended C.  unrelated
  52. 52. If you send exhibit staffers that are commission based, then pay them to work the show if they are not directly getting the leads.
  53. 53. Never tear down: A.  in the convention center. B.  before the show is over. C.  during takedown hours.
  54. 54. Don’t forget Post Show Promotion! Purpose to nudge / remind Resist urge to catch up on work, follow up on leads from the show instead
  55. 55. Remember to calculate your ROI on the event once the sales cycle has closed.
  56. 56. Think out of the box. If it is not in the rules then consider trying it. Ask for forgiveness, not for permission… unless it clearly violates show rules.
  57. 57. Trade Show Promotions Where Public Relations intersects with social media
  58. 58. Social Media – What is it? Online communities in which individuals and businesses personally interact by sharing, exchanging and creating information/ideas
  59. 59. Why use Social Media at a Trade Show? •  Qualify your audience •  Expand your audience •  Drive traffic to your booth •  Network with potential business partners •  Generate good leads
  60. 60. When do I use it? Before DuringAfter
  61. 61. How do I get started? K.I.S.S. Method •  Create account •  Follow •  Listen •  Post
  62. 62. Create a R.O.S.I.E. plan •  Research •  Objectives •  Strategies & Planning •  Implement •  Evaluate
  63. 63. Social Media Tips •  Communicate in small bursts •  Listen more than you talk •  Create a calendar •  Show & Tell – use visuals when possible •  Dedicate one social media person
  64. 64. Before the show – It’s all about Awareness
  65. 65. Get started on the right foot •  Join others’ conversations •  Start 2-3 months prior to a show •  Post more often closer to the show •  Begin promoting contests/giveaways •  Tease about your involvement
  66. 66. Website • Add trade show logo and link •  Encourage booth visits •  Be specific: Dates, Map, Photos • Add a page for the show or a dedicated trade show page Email •  Promote show presence in your email signature •  Promote involvement in social media Web 1.0
  67. 67. Public Relations •  Create and send news releases •  Set up editor meetings •  Send E-blasts to show attendees, customers and prospects
  68. 68. Facebook •  Introduce your team •  Set-up an event page Twitter •  Follows relevant groups & hashtags •  Link to your show news release •  Retweet contest •  Post pictures •  Announce special promotions •  Post/Link to map Social Media
  69. 69. YouTube •  Post short videos preparing for the show •  Post product videos •  Link videos to all social channels LinkedIn •  Connect with other tradeshow participants and attendees •  Create your own or join a Community or Event Blog •  Common customer questions •  Tips for your audience •  What to expect
  70. 70. During the show – It’s all about Qualified Booth Traffic
  71. 71. Get started on the right foot •  Follow your calendar •  Make your location known •  Post about contests/giveaways/demos •  Provide regular updates •  Listen
  72. 72. Public Relations •  Conduct editor meetings at your booth •  Review and give editors your media kits •  Take notes on editor needs and interests
  73. 73. Twitter • Autoschedule tweets • Continue to follow event hashtags YouTube • Conduct brief interviews • Booth guests • Updates with team members • Share links with those who are interviewed Social Media
  74. 74. • Social Media Promotion •  Promote your social presence • QR Codes •  Display a large QR code •  Place QR codes on all collateral • Be unique At Your Booth
  75. 75. Blogs • Write & Post each night •  Include photos •  Answer questions •  Speak to your entire audience
  76. 76. After the show – It’s all about Keeping the Conversation Going
  77. 77. Get started on the right foot •  Summarize: highlights, photos, videos, links •  Thank attendees •  Announce contest winners •  Encourage follow-up questions •  Ask questions •  Run a contest/promotion
  78. 78. Public Relations •  Send thank you emails/call to editors •  Follow up on any additional requests during the interviews •  Reach out to editors who did not attend •  Post your news releases online
  79. 79. •  Evaluate •  Create a webinar •  Contact leads