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IIM K - Silver Dhanush


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IIM K - Silver Dhanush

  1. 1. 100 million+ Indians online! Top 3 online hobbies Music Movies Gaming27 Million Indian smart phone users! And A Country Full of Movie Maniacs!!! Bollywood vs Hollywood Bollywood Hollywood Number of tickets sold annually 3.6bn 2.6bn In USD Revenue (annual) $1.3bn $51.3bn In USD Cost (annual) $1.3mn $13.6mn Population 1.1billion 200mn Yet there is nothing to serve the needs of this huge segment
  2. 2. Movie related offerings in India bollywood.deWhat it • Latest Bollywood updates, trailers, videos, posters, contests, What it • A factual database of Hindi moviesoffers? reviews, DVDs offers? • Movie buffs can stay alert and • Targeted offering that gives Pros updated with latest happenings through this platform Pros factual information minus any added “jazz” • Layout not engaging enough • Not interesting or engaging for user to revisit site Cons enough • No key differentiating factor Cons • No differentiating factor compared to IMDB
  3. 3. The Product Proposition A multi-faceted one stop destination for all Bollywood fans A Hindi movie database and serviceKey consumer insights provider with a twist, just like in the movies User generated content and highly interactive platform An opportunity for users to showcase their knowledge, creativity or even fan loyalty Chance to interact with industry professionals at an informal level Highly differentiated offerings for web users and mobile app users based on key insights obtained from primary survey Freemium model + Premium accounts Primary survey conducted among 100 respondents who have a keen interest in Hindi movies
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Homepage The various Participate SIGN INCOMING tabs/options in the on homepage latest Username SOON contests Password See what’s Cast your new vote Search NEW to 70mm? movie SIGN UP NOW Download Option of TO A Follow us the mobile free/premium app accountTHEATER Rolling TickrNEAR YOU showing all Ad space for Meet the latest updates new releases panelists on the website and other promotions
  6. 6. The Movie Page SHOLAY FACT FILE Read Cheat review club Review Rate this this Links to 70mm IMDB, options Wiki & Shows TV Rotten channels, User theaters, online Tomatoes generated movie sources likeSee Anurag’s spoof Mihika just posted content BOX, Netflix, etc video on Sholay the original climax Fun facts Jaya Bachchan was Where can Allows user to pregnant with Junior B during I watch upload any the making of Sholay this? creative content Danny Denzongpa was the related to the first choice for Gabbar Singh movie Upload something Share Sholay became the biggest hit yet won only one Filmfare
  7. 7. The Panelists A suggested team of celebrity panelists regularly contributing to the website. The chosen celebs should have an informal connect with the audienceANURAG KASHYAP SHARMAN JOSHI WHO ARE THEY? People from different walks of life with strong passion for Hindi movies Active presence on social media High influencing abilities and huge number of followers on other social networking platforms Would play important role in initial development phase of by generating the initial content and encouraging user activity Headhunted and hired professionally with monetary compensation for initial content generation of along with celebrity panelists Driven by self motivation, need for recognition and social status
  8. 8. Join a club THE CONCEPT Signed in users are required to take free membership under any of the available clubsMOGAMBO NANDU SABKA MUNNA These clubs are not like any other fan NAACH BASANTIKHUSH HUA BANDHU page but are groups built upon famous RANGEELA characters There will be frequent contests between clubs where a club will be declared winner based on its member’s activities The most active club every month is awarded club of the monthMAIN APNI KAMAAL KARTE KUDIYO KA HAI AB GOLI KHAFAVOURITE HO PANDEY JI ZAMANA Most active user of each club becomes the leader of the club for the next month Users can give ideas for new club creation If the idea is accepted then the user is rewarded, the club created and he/sheRAJU GUIDE KKKKIRAN is made the leader for the first month JAHAPANA TUSSI MADAM MAYA GREAT HO KA MAYAJAAL
  9. 9. 70mm offerings especially targeted at smart phone users The Filmi Chakkar Game FDFS Twitter Reviews For those on the run, Tickr type reviews of First Day First Show viewers via Twitter on 70mm app A virtual simulation where users choose their own avatars on any Filmi character and play a game that tests their knowledge of Hindi movies Take me to the movies (GPS locator based program) The app will tell Switch on your you the theater Type the name smart phone’s location closest of the movie GPS Locator & to you where you want to open the the movie is see 70mm app running & its show timingsThese offerings are an integral part of the 70mm app for smart phones. These are also available on the Internet(apart from GPS locator). These are specifically targeted at busy users looking for fun/utility apps.
  10. 10. 70mm offerings especially targeted at smart phone users Here’s how it works •At home or at the theater, now it’s never sinful to miss a scene. INTRODUCING…THE •Be it that short phone call you have to make, or the CHEATERS CLUB!!! man at the door you need to attend…or even a small pee break at the multiplex – now you will never miss out on what happened during that little escapade of yours! •Enter the cheaters club on the 70mm website/app •Type the movie name and the duration till which you have watched Mujhe •If you are unable to type the duration, the app will cheater automatically guide you with some important scene nahiRahul is bolna!!! cues to choose the point where you left a •Read the story from the point you left till the time youcheater came back •Get back to watching the movie again  Cheating through Maine Pyar Kiya Left at – Prem and Suman get introduced to each other Missed – 2 minutes Scene Cheat code – Prem offers Suman his friendship and gives her the FRIEND cap
  11. 11. Other Forms of User Engagement START A DISCUSSION/ DEBATE No way! Mogambo has the invisibility gadget 
  12. 12. Who will use the product? Segmentation Target Positioning• Internet and/or smart phone • Regular Internet users in the • A one stop destination for users above the age of 15 mentioned segment who Bollywood buffs years spend more than 30 minutes • A storehouse of information• Anybody with an interest in online per visit and a highly interactive Hindi movies • Smart phone users in the platform that keeps users segment who do not have engaged through numerous time to indulge in elaborate interesting activities offerings on the net and are looking for fun/utility apps Estimated penetration among target segment Free Users Premium Users Mobile App users 528000 22000 92527 An initial audience of 6.5 lakhs!!!
  13. 13. How to use the product? Freemium model Premium accounts Who will use it? Who will use it?• The regular Internet user who wishes to access the • Struggling movie professionals looking for in depth features free of cost information and contacts Why will they use it? Why will they use it?• As an interactive platform that serves their needs and • This platform will allow them to upload their gives them a connect with movies that was never creations and get feedback from the celebrity offered before panelists on a professional level• To connect with other movie buffs and showcase • They will also be informed of industry updates (like their interest/passion for movies upcoming auditions, film festivals that 70mm shall• To access services (as an utility app) the existing arrange through industry tie-ups) demand-supply gaps • Worthy candidates may also get referrals and recommendations from the celebrity panel Revenues Revenues• Through ads (movie promotions, contests • Membership shall be charged at a subscription fee of uploaded by production houses, official movie INR 3650 annually through the campaign “Rs. 10 a merchandise sales, etc.) day can change your life”• Analytics will help identify usage patterns of free • Movie professionals wanting to deploy “targeted users who are signed up on and can advertising” techniques shall pay a premium to thus help in targeted advertising where to specifically advertise to the premium can charge a premium to advertisers account holders • They can also advertise and ask for content creation services from these premium account holders (amateur/struggling professionals)
  14. 14. Product Development & Marketing ActivitiesPhases Initial Development Pre launch phase Launch Phase Post launch phase Time 1 year 6 months 6 months - To create a huge buzz around as a first of kind Phases the initial content for Initial DevelopmentTo do a beta testlaunch phaseselect Pre among a To retain existing users To get offering that bridges the gapPost launch phase Launch Phase Time 1 year 6 months 6 months and get new users (though - Aim in order to pave way group of users to test efficacy of between Internet/mobile now at a much lesser rate for further user contributions the product. technology and the movie world To create a huge buzz around possible than the launch phase). and delivers best as a first of kind offering Aim experience to the user. retain existing users and that bridges the gap between To To get the initial content for To do a beta test among a select Internet/mobile technology and the get new users (though now in order to pave way for group of users to test efficacy of movie world and delivers best at a much lesser rate than further user contributions Get celebrities to endorse the the product. possible experience to the user. the launch phase). website. These celebs will contribute regularly to the Send out invitations for the beta To get the maximum possible Modify the website website and also interact with the website. of to select Get celebrities to endorse version number of early adopters/initial periodically to keep users users in an informal will contribute regularly through the initial panel These celebs manner. users users through heavy promotions to the website and also interact with Send out invitations for the beta engaged and to avoidPlan of Headhunt movie buffs from the selected. Monitor the activities Toacross maximum possible numberas print, website Plan of Action users in an informal manner. version of to select get the various media such Modify the boredom and monotony.Action online world whomovieheavy closely during this phase and make early adopters/initial users through periodically to keep users Headhunt are buffs from the online users through the initial panel of television, online, mobile influencersworld who setters and - trend are heavy influencers - engaged Incentivise new users to changes accordingly. Selective heavy promotions billboards, cafes, bookand to avoid selected. Monitor the activities advertising, across various trend setters and trend spreaders. Hire closelly during this phase and media such as print, television, join the platform in terms boredom and monotony. trend spreaders. Hire them panel to them professionally as a promotions to be done targeted at andmobile advertising,events, strategic new users to make changes accordingly. online, music stores, billboards, Incentivise of increased social status. professionally the a panel to and buzz the betapromotions to be done cafes, book alliancesstores, others.join the platform in terms create as initial content Selective test group. and music and events, surrounding create the initial content and targeted at the beta test group. strategic alliances and others. of increased social status. buzz surrounding Targeted advertising on Through existing users and Channels home page for word of mouth and wordexisting users Through of Targeted advertising on to Print, television, online, mobile signed in users. Use analytics "mouse" publicity. Also Reach out to theseto these influencers Reach out influencers Print, television, online, mobile and word of mouth and home page for signedadvertising, billboards, cafes, book through advertising (much suggest activities they are likely personally. No advertising required for to enjoy most based on usage and music stores, events, strategic less than in the launch personally. No advertising advertising, billboards, cafes, book word of "mouse" publicity.Channels in users. Use analytics to suggest alliances and others. required70mm in this phase. for 70mm in this patterns. phase). and music stores, events, strategic Also through advertising activities they are likely to enjoy phase. alliances and others. (much less than in the most based on usage patterns. launch phase).
  15. 15. Marketing Actions Print Radio Advertise in features newspapers, entertainment Book slots on stations forsupplements. For e.g. t2 in Kolkata, HT Café in Mumbai a 70mm trivia time where & Delhi Times in Delhi audiences would be asked questions & they would be required to visit the website/mobile app to submit entries Create a radio jingle for 70mm and advertise on various channels (heavily during launch phase) Place print ads in entertainment magazines likeStardust, Filmfare & Cineblitz to reach target segment
  16. 16. Marketing Actions Events & Movies Select Locations Media Partner BOOKS & MOVIE STORES CAFES 70mm MULTIPLEXES BOLLYWOOD THEME RESTAURANTS PERFORMING ARTS CENTRESAdvertise at movie events like award functions and film Advertise at select locations where the target crowd isfestivals. Tie-up with production houses and advertise most likely to be. as media partners for movies (opening credits)
  17. 17. Marketing Actions Video ads Online Advertising & Social Media TV commercials are Use Google Analytics, Adsense & Trends elaborate and costly. to selectively target movie buffs and Look for targeted advertise by identifying their online usage patterns and demands advertising through music channels. Embedded ads in select music programs is an effective & economic Advertise through existing customers by posting updates about on option. their social media profiles OOH media Mobile advertising Presenti ng m Targeted advertising based on usage using analytics. Advertise more on pages that will fetch greaterBILLBOARDS IN PRIME INSIDE SHOPPING MALLS percentage of target segment’s attention. For e.g.LOCATIONS IN METROS bookmyshow app, YouTube,etc.
  18. 18. Revenue Generation – shall sell movie merchandise on a commission basis. In this case 3 Year 1 Year 2 Year acts as a Year 4 Online users 50,000 125,000 300,000 550,000middleman between the seller and the user/buyer. Penetration 1.5% 2.0% 2.5% 3.0% Number of annual purchasers 3000 10000 30000 66000 Average purchase (INR) Estimated Revenues 400 500 500 550 Total yearly purchase 1200000 5000000 15000000 36300000 Commission 5% 5% 5% 5% Revenue 60,000 Year 1 250,000Year 2 750,000 1,815,000 Year 3 Year 4 ARPU 1.2 2 2.5 3.3Online users 50,000 125,000 300,000 550,000Penetration in % of total users 1.5% 2.0% 2.5% 3.0%Number of annual purchasers 3000 10000 30000 66000Average purchase (INR) 400 500 500 550Total annual Sales 1200000 5000000 15000000 36300000Commission 5% 5% 5% 5% Revenue 60,000 250,000 750,000 1,815,000ARPU 1.2 2 2.5 3.3
  19. 19. The Premium Account An interactive online platform for joining Aspiring actors, film makers and Technicians The market is and the production fragmented & it’s tough Features similar to houses. to make a mark as a LinkedIn can be movie professional incorporated in 70mm without referrals & recommendationsGroups can be formed by Production houses often different technicians, undergo a huge expense actors depending on and time for casting new interests & discuss new actors or hunting other trends in film making professionals Production Houses can Premium account shortlist and select the platform will fill this gap candidates based on & reduce search costs for their requirements both parties One can connect via referrals. A mutual friend The site is a professional can recommend an networking platform for assistant director to a Aspiring professionals aspiring movie renowned director like can upload their professionals Anurag Kashyap. creations & obtain recommendations for easy offers
  20. 20. Revenue Generation – Premium Account ed •Amateur/struggling professionals looking for professional contacts and specific services will be encouraged to sign up at a premium •They will be charged a INR 3650/year •The campaign tagline will be “Rs. 10 a day can change your lives” •Revenues shall also come through targeted advertising using analytics on usage patterns of premium users •Merchandise sales will also form part of revenue generated Estimated Revenues Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4Premium users in terms of total users 2.5% 3% 3.5% 4% Annual Charge(just 10rs/day) 3650 3650 3650 3650 Monthly click 2 2 3 3 Target Advertising(CPC) 8 8 8 8 Revenue 48,02,500 1,44,07,500 4,13,49,000 8,66,36,000 ARPU 96.05 115.26 137.83 157.52
  21. 21. Revenue Generation – Freemium Users •Revenues will come from ads and other promotional activities done by filmmakers and production houses •The rates will be determined through cost/click •For ads done for targeted advertising on profiles of registered free users, charges will be more due to identified usage pattern and therefore increased ad impact •Being a one of a kind site with high activity, it will attract upcoming movie promotions •Since it will be targeted for movie buffs, we can charge a rate of INR 2.5 & later INR 3 & can expect decent number of clicks in a quarter by users Estimated Revenues Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4Users clicking 2 times in 1 quarter in terms of total 30% 30% 30% 30%free usersUsers clicking 2 times in 1 quarter in terms of total 40% 40% 40% 40%free usersCPC 2.5 2.5 3 3Revenue 15,00,000 37,50,000 1,40,40,000 3,16,80,.000ARPU 30 30 46.8 57.6
  22. 22. Revenue Generation – Mobile App •The mobile app for is targeted at busy users who usually access the Internet via smart phones •The revenue generation is based on the number of clicks •Mobile advertising is also based on usage patterns that are identified using analytics Estimated RevenuesApp Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4Smartphone users with lots of appand usage 21.59 35.07 62.89 108.85App related to movies/music(34%) 7.34 11.92 21.38 37.0170mm App Penetration .25% 0.25% 0.25% 0.25%Click annually and CPC 8 and 1 8 and 1 12and 1.5 12 and 1.5revenue 1,46,864.56 2,38,523.52 9,62,297.30 16,65,503.53ARPU 8 8 18 18
  23. 23. Financials 140,000,000.00 Development Phase Year 1 Year2 Year3 Year4Users 1000 50,000.00 125,000.00 300,000.00 550,000.00 120,000,000.00Premium Users 1250 3750 10500 22000 100,000,000.00RevenuesFree user 1,500,000.00 3,750,000.00 14,040,000.00 31,680,000.00 80,000,000.00Premium 4,802,500.00 14,407,500.00 41,349,000.00 86,636,000.00 60,000,000.00Ecommerce 60,000.00 250,000.00 750,000.00 1,815,000.00App 146,864.56 238,523.52 962,297.30 1,665,503.53 40,000,000.00Total - 6,509,364.56 18,646,023.52 57,101,297.30 121,796,503.53 20,000,000.00Operating Cost -Mercandise 250,000.00 100,000.00 100,000.00 100,000.00 -20,000,000.00Front end cost 100,000.00 1,000,000.00 500,000.00 200,000.00 200,000.00Adminstration 195,280.94 559,380.71 1,713,038.92 3,653,895.11 Revenue PATStorage cost 250,000.00 100,000.00 100,000.00 100,000.00Softwares 50,000.00 400,000.00 100,000.00 100,000.00 100,000.00 70,000,000.00Misc 130,187.29 372,920.47 1,142,025.95 2,435,930.07 60,000,000.00Server 150,000.00 1,000,000.00 500,000.00 500,000.00 500,000.00 50,000,000.00Staff and 40,000,000.00Content Writer 350,000.00 1,952,809.37 5,593,807.06 14,275,324.33 30,449,125.88Rent 250,000.00 500,000.00 500,000.00 600,000.00 600,000.00 30,000,000.00 20,000,000.00Marketing&Sales 300,000.00 1,627,341.14 4,661,505.88 11,420,259.46 18,269,475.53 10,000,000.00Total Cost 1,200,000.00 7,305,618.74 12,987,614.11 30,150,648.65 56,408,426.59 - -10,000,000.00OperatingIncome - 1,200,000.00 - 796,254.17 5,658,409.41 26,950,648.65 65,388,076.94Taxes@30% - - 1,697,522.82 8,085,194.60 19,616,423.08 Operating IncomePAT - 1,200,000.00 - 796,254.17 3,960,886.59 18,865,454.06 45,771,653.86ARPU 130.19 149.17 190.34 221.45 Financial details