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ISB - Beirut Film Fiesta


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ISB - Beirut Film Fiesta

  1. 1. TEAM BEIRUT Vismay Shah Ankit Sobti Akshay Goel Suranjana SenguptaINDIAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, HYDERABAD
  2. 2. KEY TRENDS Internet  Usage  -­‐  India   •  Total  Internet  Users  –  124.7  Mn,  only   10%  penetra?on  rate  (70%  in  US,  38%   in  china)   •  Growth  rate  –  38%  YoY  versus  1%  in  the   US,  12%  in  China   •  75%  users  are  below  35  years  -­‐    shorter   learning  curves,  higher  propor?on  of   early  adopters   •  39.3%  users  are  female  –  increasing   female  internet  users,  with  different   needs  and  preferences   •  15-­‐24  years  segment  is  the  sharpest   growing  segment  –  online  ?me  spent   on  social  networking  websites,  youtube      Sources:  h+p://­‐indian-­‐internet-­‐usage-­‐sta?s?cs-­‐report/  h+p://­‐internet-­‐trends   TAPPING  INTO  INDIAN  CINEMA  –  ASSESSING  THE  OPPORTUNITY  
  3. 3. KEY TRENDS Mobile  Internet  Users  –  acceleraAng  internet   usage   Entertainment   Reach  within     website   Indian  internet   •  India  has  one  of  the  largest  mobile   users   subscriber  base  –  700  million  +   YouTube   53.7%   •  Enabling  environment  for  mobile  surfing  is   here:   CBS  Interac?ve   14.8%   •  Smart  phones,  which  allow  internet  access   are  becoming  cheaper  every  day,   8.8%   •  Tablets  like  Akash  available  at  Rs  3000  in   retail  market,  Rs  1100  for  students.     Entertainment  segment   •  Current  penetra?on  rate  only  4%  and   •  Unique  visitor  count  increased  from  41  Mn   growing  at  841%  YoY!!   to  56  Mn   •  3G  subscrip?ons  only  40  million  (5%  of   •  Online  video  has  shown  a  growth  of  37.3%   total  user  base)   •  Engagement  figure  –  3.4  Bn  videos/month   •  No  of  page  views  increased  to  7%  from  3%   •  18.2  Bn  Minutes  of  monthly  viewing   last  year   •  52%  of  all  videos  belong  to  the  Sources:   entertainment  segment  h+p://­‐indian-­‐ •  Video  adver?sing  on  the  rise  internet-­‐usage-­‐sta?s?cs-­‐report/  h+p://­‐internet-­‐trends   HUGE  GROWTH  POTENTIAL  –  AVAILABILITY  OF  BROADBAND,  MOBILE  TO  THE  MASSES  
  4. 4. MARKET ASSESMENT www.filmfiesta.comMovie  Streaming  Websites About USP Missing  Links FIRST  DAY  FIRST  SHOW.  Simple  user   No  mobile  app,  payment  in  USD  only,  no   Premier  online  theater  for  day  of  release   interface.  Plaborm  for  content  providers  for   customized  recommenda?on,  limited   interna?onal,   broadcas?ng  movies  through  the  Global   engagement,  no  social  network  aspect,    independent,  and  short  films. Distribu?on  Design  Tool database  doesnt  get  updated  frequently Limited  collec?on  of  indie  films  specially  new   On-­‐demand  IPTV/  internet  streaming   ACCESSIBLE  ON  A  NUMBER  OF  DEVICES   releases.  Low  engagement  -­‐  no  plaborm  to   service  with  unlimited  streaming  of   and  plaborms  such  as  Neo  TV,  all  Samsung/ share  views,  no  social  network  aspect,  no   Movies,  TV  Shows  and  Music  Videos  in   LG/Vizio  brand  connected  TVs  and  DVD   recommenda?on  system,  payment  is  only  in   over  six  Indian  languages. players,  and  Boxee,   USD,  flat  payment  plan IT’S  FREE!!  Mainstream  movies  &  indie  films   Internet  streaming  service  with  unlimited   in  Indian  and  foreign  languages.  Provides   Limited  collec?on  of  new  releases,  Limited   streaming  of  feature  length  and  short   plaborm  for  content  publishers.  Mobile  aps   recommenda?on  system   films available,  tons  of  reviews  from  viewers,   integrated  with  G+ Ad  supported  subscrip?on  service  that   FREEMIUM  MODEL.  SPECIALS:  invite  3  to   No  regional  content,  primarily  mainstream   legally  provides  online  Indian  content  to   watch  1  movie  for  free.  Integrated  with  FB   movies,  limited  recommenda?on,  payment  is   anyone  in  the  world. and  Tweeter,  Mobile  aps  available. only  in  USD NO  ADS!!  Large  movie  database  in  English   No  recommenda?on  system.  No  blogs  or   Indias  Largest  Movies  on  Demand   and  Indian  regional  languages.  Integrated   discussion  forums.  Limited  collec?on  of  indie   Service  from  Reliance  Group with  Facebook  and  Twi+er.  Differen?al   films.   pricing  plan.   Simple  user  interface.  Large  database  of   No  mobile  app.  No  recommenda?on  system.   Latest  Bollywood  movies  and  music   latest  Bollywood  movies.  Simple  user   No  indie  films.  Payment  is  only  in  USD,  flat   online   interface.  Integrated  with  Facebook  and   payment  plan.     Twi+er.  Online  cancella?on   COMPETITOR  ANALYSIS  
  5. 5. SURVEY STRATEGY FOCUS   • Assessed  pain  points  in  their  exis?ng  online  movie   viewing  experience   GROUP   ANALYSIS   • Realized  that  discovery  of  good,  small-­‐medium   budget  films  was  a  common  problem   • Survey  sent  out  to  a  larger  group   to:   • Gauging  demand  for  film   GLOBAL   discovery  services   SURVEY   • The  type  of  films  they’re  looking   for   • Whether  they  were  willing  to  pay   to  watch  them  online   SURVEY  STRATEGY  –  ASSESS  CONSUMER  NEEDS  
  6. 6. MARKET ASSESMENT www.filmfiesta.comSurvey Results Do you enjoy watching independent/non- commercial movies? How many movies do you watch online per 24%   month? Yes   3%   76%   No   14%   36%   Do you find it difficult to access these movies? 47%   28%   Yes   72%   No   0   1-­‐4   5-­‐9   9+   THROUGH  116  RESPONSES  WE  DISCOVERED  A  FEW  KEY  UNMET  NEEDS  
  7. 7. www.filmfiesta.comUNMET NEEDS photo   photo   photo  Hard to discover A Social Movie Movie on the go A platform for indiegood independent Experience film directors toIndian cinema showcase their work India  had  4  films  at   The  experience  of   The  Indian  Film   The  non-­‐mainstream   Cannes  this  year,  yet,   watching  movies  online   industry,  commercial   directors  typically  revert  there’s  a  clear  dearth  of   is  very  individualis?c   and  independent  has  a   to  sites  like  Youtube.   awareness  among  the   and  no  solu?on  exists   very  limited  mobile  and   However,  with  the  ?ght   popula?on.  India  and   that  replicates  the   on-­‐the-­‐go  presence.     marke?ng  budgets  a  lot   the  world  clearly  want   excitement  of  planning   of  good  content  slips   more  of  the  Indian   a  day,  genng  together   into  oblivion.     cinema  to  come  out. with  your  friends  and     heading  to  a  theater.   UNMET  NEEDS  –  A  SUMMARY  
  8. 8. MARKET SIZING www.filmfiesta.comMarket Potential (Users in Millions) Brand Potential (Users in Thousands) 250   2000   200   1579   1500   150   1000   930   100   500   510   50   249   91   0   0   2013   2014   2015   2016   2017   2013   2014   2015   2016   2017  Assumptions:•  Market   PotenAal:   Constant   growth   of   the   online   video   segment   at   the   current   rate   of   37.3%   for   the  next  5  years.  •  Brand   PotenAal:   The   offering   is   able   to   capture   5%   of   the   market   in   the   first   year   (2013).   Share   increases  by  5  percentage  points  per  year  for  the  next  5  years.   HOW  BIG  IS  THE  MARKET  FOR  INDEPENDENT  FILMS?  
  9. 9. MARKET SEGMENTATION www.filmfiesta.comFILM DEMAND SIDE FILM SUPPLY SIDE    •  MAINSTREAM   •  MAINSTREAM  FILM  MAKERS   •  38% of surveyed population; Age 29 – 35 •  25%  of  surveyed population directing •  Prefer watching movies only in theatres, find online medium  to  big  budget  films   movie watching experience complicated •  Tie-­‐ups  with  large  produc?on  houses   •  Movies watched per month – 1 •  Huge  marke?ng    budget  to    promote  films  to     na?onal    and  interna?onal    audience  •  ENTHUSIASTS     •  50% of surveyed population; Age 21– 35 •  INDEPENDENT  FILM  MAKERS   •  Working professionals with high disposable income •  75%  of  movie  making  populaAon     •  Watch movies online and in the theatre •  Films  are  made  on  shoestring  budget   •  Find difficulty in accessing indie films •  Limited  marke?ng  budget   •  Movies watched per month - 4   •  Most  films  don’t  make  it  to  theaters  or  have     very  short  run  ?mes  •  TEENAGERS   •  10% of surveyed population; Age 12 – 20 •  School and college going individuals; Tech Savvy; Dependent on allowance •  Movies watched per month - 8  •  MATURE   •  2% of surveyed population; Age 35+ •  Occasional online visitors; Not aware of online movie watching options, like to watch on television •  Movies watched per month - 0   TARGET  SEGMENT:  ENTHUSIASTS  AND  INDIE  FILM  MAKERS  
  10. 10. MARKET ENTRY STRATEGY New Market Disruption Strategy UNSERVED CONSUMERS The   survey   shows   there’s   a   big   segment   unserved   by   the   incumbents.   This   segment   also  WATCHES  COMMERCIAL  CINEMA  •  We have identified a Foothold Segment with unmet needs.•  We will attract them by solving their unmet needs through a simple and easy-to-use product.•  This segment also watches commercial •  There are many barriers to entry in cinema the commercial streaming industry •  Once we build enough clout we will enter the commercial space BARRIERS TO ENTRY Compe??on   with   huge   budgets,   licensing   •  We retain our foothold segment while fee,  cost  of  serving  content   leveraging them as advocates to attract newer segments TO CONQUER FIRST THE UNSERVED NEEDS AND DISRUPT THE MARKET
  11. 11. www.filmfiesta.comANNOUNCING FILMFIESTA1. A PORTAL FOR INDEPENDENT FILMS Portal that facilitates discovery of independent, regional and non- commercial cinema: A   recommenda?on   engine   that   maps   users   to   exactly   what   they   are   looking   for,   tweakeable   to   the   last   detail.   Coupled   with   human   recommenda?ons,   users  can   discover  movies   that  have  limited  markeAng  budgets   and  hence  limited  reach.   THE KERNEL FILM FINGER CREATE DOPPLE FILM PRODUCTION DISCOVERY PRINT THEATER GANGER SOCIAL NETWORK MOBILE THE FIESTA NETWORK THE FILM ROOTS PROJECT FILMFIESTA: AN INTRODUCTION TO KEY FEATURES
  12. 12. www.filmfiesta.com2. THE RECOMMENDATION ENGINE Love “Dil to Pagal Hai” but hate “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” ? Both   90s   films   star   Shah   Rukh   Khan   romancing   2   gorgeous   women,  a  second  man  who  gives  up  his  first  love  to  make  the   woman  happy,  even  the  music  is  very  similar.  It’s  possible.   Movies are complex and a matter of individual tastes Segrega?ng  movies  on  just  genres,  actors,  ?me  periods  ignores   this  individuality.  INTRODUCING:  “THE FILM ROOTS PROJECT” :Each  film  split  up  across  “SHOOTS”  and  “ROOTS”   SHOOTS ROOTS Movie   a+ributes   like:   Moods,   Plot,   Music,   Each   shoot   is   described   by   mul?ple   roots:   Genre,   Language,   Antude,   Time   Period   and   e.g.  A  tense  and  gloomy  Mood,  rock  Music,   external  a+ributes  like:  Awards,  Basis,  Censor   crime  Plot,  serious  Antude   EDITOR RATING USER VOTING The   film   roots   project   starts   with   our   team   Users   vote   on   these   roots,   and   the   machine   of   professionals   who   carefully   rate   these   learning   algorithms   scan   user   reviews   and   movies  on  each  “root”   ra?ngs  to  dynamically  update  the  roots.   FEATURES - THE FILM ROOTS PROJECT See Appendix for prototype
  13. 13. www.filmfiesta.com3. THE FIESTA NETWORKSOCIAL NETWORK FORMS THE FUNDAMENTAL UNDERLYING FIBER OF FILM FIESTA •  We  believe  movies  are  a  social  experience  and  we  have   designed  the  complete  product  to  reproduce  it   •  One-­‐Click   and   One-­‐Touch   Logins   with   Facebook,   f Twiher,  Google  and  Yahoo.  SOCIAL RATING BLACK FRIDAY •  The   Engine   combines   the   user’s   past   likes,   acAvity   on   Public Rating FilmFiesta,  raAng  paherns  of  his  social  graph  to  generate   HIS MATCH WITH THE MOVIE Your MatchDISCUSSION BOARDS A superb and devastating piece of cinema that with justification can be compared favorably to Gillo •  Dynamic   Discussion   Boards   created   at   a   SHOOT   and   Pontocorvos classic The Battle of Algiers in its ROOT  level.   dispassionate yet sweeping journalistic inquiry into cataclysmic social and political events. •  You’ll  always  find  someone  to  quench  your  Trivia  Thirst   THIS IS POWERED BY THE FILM ROOTS PROJECT FEATURES - THE FIESTA NETWORK See Appendix for prototype
  14. 14. www.filmfiesta.com4. USER PERSONALIZATION FINGERPRINT Passion Each person has a unique and complex concoction of tastes, a Unique Fingerprint •  We   map   it   into   a   SIMPLE,   INTERACTIVE   and   SHAREABLE  mix,  inferred  from  the  content  the  user   Soulful likes,   watches,   discusses,   rates   and   is   completely   dynamic.     •  No  two  people  will  have  the  same  Fingerprint   DOPPLEGANGER •  The  user  can  find  his  “Dopplegangers”  or  people  very  similar  in   terms  of  preferences  for  SPECIFIC  ROOTS,  like  a  Gloomy  Mood   coupled  with  Rock  Music.   Suranjana Marge f Lisa •  The   Fiesta   Network   iden?fies   Dopplegangers   from   the   user’s   Attributes on which Attributes on which shes similar Attributes on which shes similar shes similar Social  Graph  and  the  Fiesta  Community   FEATURES - THE FIESTA NETWORK See Appendix for prototype
  15. 15. www.filmfiesta.com5. CREATE A THEATER The whole community is given the power to setup their own Theaters. •  Control  over  showcase  ?mings  and  content   •  Users   can   create   playlists   from   their   publicly   available   or   purchased   content,   bundled   into   the   price   of   the   film   •  The  Theater  audience  watches  the  same  synchronized   stream  –  Powered  by  Google  Hangout  API   •  There’s   a   lot   of   power   in   the   hands   of   the   Theater   Owner   to   control   the   adver?sements   and   the   interval   experience   –   fantasAc   markeAng   opportunity   for   media  houses   12:37 / 74:59 •  Integrates  seamlessly  with  the     In the Theater                Fiesta  Network  and  a  great                    opportunity  for  rewards  and                      recogniAon   Priyanka f Ishita Vismay f Suranjana FEATURES – CREATE A THEATER See Appendix for prototype
  16. 16. www.filmfiesta.com6. THE MOBILE EXPERIENCE FILMFIESTA IS COMPLETELY MOBILE READY •  Both   mobile   and   tablet   applica?ons   for   the   iOS,   Windows   and   Android   plaborms   will   be   Airtel 12:00 PM available  at  launch  ?me.   •  Intui?ve  UI,  Fingerprint  based  live  wallpapers   •  Control   streaming   playback   on   the   dektop   through  the  mobile  app   •  Purchase  and  Add  to  Library,  view  Trailers  and   for  extreme  users,  stream  content  directly  on   Editors Picks the  mobile  device   •  Planning   and   scheduling   tool   –   for   Film   Fes?vals,  Fiesta  Theater  ?mings   FEATURES – MOBILE See Appendix for prototype
  17. 17. MARKETING STRATEGY www.filmfiesta.com2013   2014  Phase  I  :  Prelaunch    and  β    phase-­‐  Build  awareness  at  low  cost   Phase  III  :    Sustained  expansion  •   Basic  Website   •   Facebook  plaborm  ?e  up  •   Viral  Online  Preannouncement  -­‐  YouTube   •   Customer  loyalty  programs  •   Social  Media  Marke?ng  –  Twi+er,  Facebook   Phase  I  –  Prelaunch           2013   Phase  II:  Launch  and  growth  stage   •   Roll  out  mobile  app,  provide  plaborm  for  publishing  content    to  independent   filmmakers   • Search  engine  marke?ng   •   Twi+er   • Online  and  offline  events   • Tap  into  film  schools  to  promote  site  as  plaborm  to  showcase  independent  films   to  upcoming  directors     MARKETING STRATEGY – ROADMAP
  18. 18. MARKETING STRATEGY www.filmfiesta.comPHASE IPre-launch and β PhaseONLINE CAMPAIGN OFFLINE CAMPAIGNB U I L D   A W A R E N E S S   T H R O U G H   P R E -­‐ LAUNCH   PLATFORM   FOR   INDEPENDENT   FILM  ANNOUNCEMENTS   MAKERS  TO  SHOWCASE  CONTENT  1.  Youtube   Minisodes:   Launch   a   series   of   1.  Use  on-­‐ground  teams  to  tap  into  film  schools   minisodes   to   evoke   interest.   Announce   and   simultaneously   approach   upcoming   and   that   Something   Big   is   Coming   focused   at   struggling   directors   to   showcase   their   our  target  segment.   content  on  FilmFiesta  2.  S o c i a l   M e d i a :   P r o m o t e   t h e   p r e -­‐ 2.  Incen?vize   filmmakers   by   offering   free   announcement   minisodes   campaign   promo?on  of  their  movies   through   Facebook   Promote,   Twiher’s   3.  Purchase   distribu?on   rights   for   quality   and   Promoted  Tweets  and  Promoted  Trends   known  films  to  a+ract  customers   f t MARKETING STRATEGY – EVOKE INTEREST
  19. 19. MARKETING STRATEGY PHASE II Launch and growth phase WATCH FILMS. NOT FORMULA.  1.  Host   a   pilot   Film   FesAval.   Watch   a   few   Headlining   Films,   a+ract   viewers   to   the   Fes?val.   The   Mobile   App  will  be  used  for  ?cke?ng  and  event  scheduling.   Drive  adopAon  of  the  website  and  the  mobile  app   through  the  fesAval  2.  Launch   an   online   ads   campaign   that   focus   on   differenAaAng  –  WATCH  FILMS.  NOT  FORMULA  3.  Push   a   viral   Twiher   and   Facebook   campaign   –     Trending   hashtags   combined   with   minisodes   to   popularize  WATCH  FILMS  NOT  FORMULA  campaign  4.  Approach   reputed   film   fes?vals   in   India   to   ahract   popular  film  selecAons  to  FilmFiesta   MARKETING STRATEGY – ENTICE USERS
  20. 20. MARKETING STRATEGY PHASE III Push for a sustained growth – Leverage the Foothold Segment Black Friday Udaan F-SCORE and Dev D Gulaal Facebook Open Graph Badges: Director Writer USER CLOUT Homer Simpson F-Score: 871.  Viewers   are   very   passionate   and   vocal   about   the   films   they   adore   -­‐   give  them  the  opportunity  to  do  JUST  THAT  through  F-­‐Score  or  Fiesta   Score.  Each   user   is   assigned   a   film   of   his   choice   upon   joining   -­‐   a   movie   that   he/she  OWNS.  It’s  theirs  to  showcase,  to  adverAse,  to  promote  for  a  week.  Each   increase   in   views,   likes,   votes,   users   increases   the   “owners”   F-­‐ Define   new   INTENTS   like   WATCHED,   VOTED   to  SCORE.   Every   successful   promoAon   translates   into   a   BADGE   that   is   p u s h   F I L M F I E S T A  appended  to  the  users  profile.  The  F-­‐Score  translates  directly  into  FREE   awareness.   The   user   has  movies,  offers  &  BRAGGING  RIGHTS   the   op?on   to   publish   his     FINGERPRINT   or   FILM  2.   Customer   Loyalty   Programs:   Invite   5   friends   to   watch   one   movie   of   PERSONALITY  on  FB.     your  choice  for  free     MARKETING STRATEGY – ECHO AND ELEVATE
  21. 21. START-UP COSTS License   The  license  agreement  will  be  made  either   on  a  1-­‐2  yr  unlimited  download  agreement   or  a  ‘per  play’  model       MarkeAng   Predominant  marke?ng  expenses  will  be   online  ads  /  social  media  marke?ng   Licensing  Fee   campaigns,  promo?on  offers  based  on   friends  recommended,  event  sponsorships   Rs.  7  Cr.   Marke?ng   at  film  fes?vals   (over  325  ?tles)     Rs.  1  Cr.   (annually)    Bandwidth  and  Content  Delivery   Network   CDN  &   SG&A   All  the  servers  will  be  hosted  on  the  CDNs   Bandwidth   e.g.  Akamai,  Amazon  etc.  and  the  costs   Rs.  0.5  Cr.   incurred  will  be  based  on  the  giga-­‐bytes  of   Rs.  0.11  Cr.   (annually)   data  streamed  on  a  monthly  basis     Staffing   The  team  would  look  to  hire  part-­‐?me   movie  experts  (3),  web  developers  (2)  and  1.  Streaming cost @ 1.5c / GB (CDN rates) marke?ng  and  customer  rela?ons  (2)  2.  Avg viewing: 30 hrs/month/user3.  1.5 GB of data streamed over a 2 hr movie  4.  23c / user / month (91,000 subscribers) FINANCIAL ASSESSMENT – COST BREAKUP
  22. 22. INCOME PROJECTIONS (all figures in Rs. millions) 2013   2014   2015   2016   Market  Size 56 76.4878 104.4711 142.6923 Mkt  Share   0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2 Subscriber  base 0.091249 0.249265 0.510688 0.930034 #  of  ?tles 325 438.75 592.3125 799.6219 Price  (per  subscriber/ movie) 49 49 49 49 Revenues  (assuming  5   movies  /  month  /   subscriber) 268.271 732.8379 1501.424 2734.3 Revenue  %  (shared   model) 30% 30% 30% 30% Revenue 80.48 219.85 450.43 820.29 Licensing  Fees 70 94.5 127.575 172.2263 Bandwidth 1.1 3.004878 6.156336 11.21154 SG&A  ** 10 27.31707 55.96669 101.9231 Opera?ng  Income -­‐0.62 95.03 260.73 534.93 Taxes 33.26029 91.2552 187.2252 Net  Income -­‐₹  0.62 ₹  61.77 ₹  169.47 ₹  347.70** includes marketing costs FINANCIAL ASSESSMENT – INCOME PROJECTIONS
  23. 23. PRICING STRATEGY Pricing  Models   Pricing  Analysis   The willingness-to-pay (WTP) Scheme  I:  Monthly   estimates were obtained using SubscripAon   conjoint analysis and comparing with current market players in the      Rs.  199  /-­‐   movie streaming business using EVA A survey was conducted to gauge the WTP of the customers across a wide range of pricing options Scheme  II:  Pay  per  watch   Average Pricing Estimate for          Rs.  49  /-­‐     Financial Projections Rs.  49/-­‐   FINANCIAL ASSESSMENT – PRICING STRATEGY
  24. 24. REVENUE MODEL Revenue    Sharing  with   Movie  Producers   Estimates derived using the current licensing agreements of License  Model   Netflix and adjusting the same by Rs.  2,15,000     a 1/10th to account for the producer segment our platform Per  movie   caters to * Licensing for premium / commercial content (free otherwise) 30%  of  viewership  fees  to   Film  Fiesta   70%  to  the   producer   FINANCIAL ASSESSMENT – REVENUE MODEL
  25. 25. FUTURE PLANS 2019   Dedicated  venues  for  film  fesAvals   • Weekly  showcase  of  independent  cinema   • Merchandise  stores   • Talent  Development  Programs   (Powered  by  The  Fiesta  Network)  2018   2020  Mainstream  Movies   One  stop  shop  for  Movies  •  Enter  into  the  more  mainstream  cinema,   •  Tie-­‐ups  with  theaters   this  is  where  the  money  finally  is   •  Plan  evenings  with  your  friends  •  Bollywood,  Tollywood,  and   •  Control  the  complete  user                other  major  regional  offerings   experience  by  provisioning  •  Early  and  exclusive  rights   entertainment  ac?vi?es  around  •  Interac?ve  celebrity  sessions   films,  such  as  restaurants   A FEW YEARS DOWN THE LINE
  26. 26. APPENDIX
  28. 28. Project name Home Link Link Link Dropdown Search Link Dropdown Search for mood, plot, actors, music and more Search PLOT GENRE MOOD Find a movie to suit your mood APPENDIX – HOME PAGE
  29. 29. Editors Picks 260x180 260x180 260x180 260x180 Gangs of Wasseypur (2012) That Girl in Yellow Boots LSD (2009) Udaan (2010) (2011) Mood Tense Mood Tense Mood Tense Mood Tense Music Indie Music Indie Music Indie Music Indie Plot Truth Plot Truth Truth Plot Truth Plot Genre Drama Genre Drama Genre Drama Genre Drama APPENDIX – HOME PAGE
  30. 30. Mood Plot Language Genre 160x12 160x120 0 Tense Uplifting 160x120 160x120 GENRE PLOT MOOD Find a movie to suit your mood 160x120 Thought Provoking Exciting OffbeatAPPENDIX – THE MOOD ROOTS
  31. 31. Project name Home Link Link Link Dropdown Search Link Dropdown Find Search for mood, plot, actors, music and more SearchOverview Vote for Black Friday Public Rating Your Match Mood Tense Gloomy Director: Anurag Kashyap Music Indie Rock Writers: Anurag Kashyap (screenplay), Plot Truth Crime Hussain Zaidi (book) Genre Drama Thriller Stars: Kay Kay Menon, Language Hindi Pavan Malhotra, Awards Grand Jury Aditya Srivastava Based On Book Country: India Attitude Serious Realistic Language: Hindi Time Period 90s Release Date: 9 February 2007 (India) Censor Banned Runtime: 143 min Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1Summary A dramatic presentation of the bomb blasts that rocked Bombay on March 12, 1993, displays the police investigation, amidst allegations of human rights violations, led by DCP Rakesh Maria, in tracking down the suspects, especially Bashir Khan. Bashir managed to elude authorities by re-locating to Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and West Bengal, after finally being apprehended in Bombay. His confession and subsequent flashbacks showcases the apathy shown by authorities who refused to intervene during the destruction of the sacred Babri Masjid by Hindu Kar Sevaks, and the inability of the police to fulfill their mandate and protect the vulnerable, forcing many to flee to other locations. The subsequent aftermath that succeeded in irreversibly polarizing communities in Bombay; Pakistans involvement in training and arms supplies; the main alleged suspects, Dawood Ibrahim, and Mushtaq Memon, sought refuge in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, while Indian politicians made a cosmetic move to re-name Bombay; and of the little-known plot to assassinate right-winged politicians, Bal Thackeray and L.K. Advani. APPENDIX – THE MOVIE PAGE
  32. 32. ReviewsUser ReviewsFilms based on books are a rarity in India. Probably that accounts for the huge amount of movies without any coherent screenplay thatIndia churns out. Black Friday, on the other hand, is an exception, which will make any film maker proud. Arnab www.filmfiesta.comThis is one of those (very rare) movies that convince you that the future isnt all that bad for Hindi cinema. A must watch for all Hindi moviefans, and even those who normally dont watch Hindi movies because of the unrealistic gloss and song-and-dance routines. KritikaCritics Reviews A superb and devastating piece of cinema that with Black Friday is a moving and exhausting work of angry justification can be compared favorably to Gillo humanism Pontocorvos classic The Battle of Algiers in its dispassionate yet sweeping journalistic inquiry into Nikhil cataclysmic social and political events. Hari Black Friday is a moving and exhausting work of angry A superb and devastating piece of cinema that with humanism justification can be compared favorably to Gillo Pontocorvos classic The Battle of Algiers in its Divisha dispassionate yet sweeping journalistic inquiry into cataclysmic social and political events. Kanika APPENDIX – THE MOVIE PAGE
  33. 33. Project name Home Link Link Link Dropdown Search Link Dropdown Black Friday Udaan Dev D Gulaal Director WriterHomer Simpson F-Score: 87Loves intense films with offbeat plots. Lives on sarcastic humour and witty delivery. Lies down on a Sunday afternoon with a cold beer to watch action flicks. Passion Drag and Drop! sentimental romantic profane witty acclaimed family intense passion Soulful entertainment family soulful clever passion intense drama energetic action friendship drama APPENDIX – USER PROFILE
  34. 34. DopplegangersSocial Graph Suranjana Marge Suranjana Marge Suranjana Marge Suranjana Marge Suranjana Marge Attributes on which Attributes on which Attributes on which Attributes on which Attributes on which Attributes on which Attributes on which Attributes on which Attributes on which Attributes on which shes similar shes similar shes similar shes similar shes similar shes similar shes similar shes similar shes similar shes similarCommunity f Lisa f Lisa f Lisa f Lisa f Lisa Attributes on which Attributes on which Attributes on which Attributes on which Attributes on which shes similar shes similar shes similar shes similar shes similar APPENDIX – DOPPLEGANGERS
  35. 35. Hangout 2 Project name Home Link Link Link Dropdown Search Link Dropdown NOW PLAYING That Girl in Yellow Boots THAT GIRL IN YELLOW BOOTS, a Hindi POPULAR THEATRES thriller film directed by acclaimed film- maker Anurag Kashyap and co- New Releases produced by National Film Development Theater 2 Corporation of India (NFDC) has been selected for the esteemed 67th Venice Theater 3 Film Festival. More... Theater 4 Theater 5 Theater 6 Theater 7 Theater 8 12:37 / 74:59 In the Theater Priyanka f Ishita Vismay f Priyanka Akshay f Priyanka APPENDIX – CREATE YOUR THEATER
  36. 36. Airtel 12:00 PM Editors PicksAPPENDIX – THE MOBILE APP
  37. 37. SOCIAL NETWORK: MOVIE PRODUCTION I am looking for a sound engineer for a documentary Im working on. - Here is a short clip from the film. - Im looking for someone whos worked on similar films before. - You will be paid handsomely and I am hoping we can build a great working relationship for the future. TAGS documentary 345 sound 254 0:00 / 4:59 engineering 254 Can you tell me more about this documentary? Is it completely shot? What audio length are you looking at? abc said 10 minutes of audio. Its a social documentary, Ive some music that needs significant editing. PM me and we can talk further xyz saidAPPENDIX – FIESTA NETWORK: MOVIE PRODUCTION
  38. 38. OF ROOTS AND SHOOTS: TIME MACHINECreate Stunning Time Travel experiences with your favorite films and share with yourfriends and family! Timeline Mood Gloomy Basis Book 2004 2006 Guide (1965) Maqbool (2004) The Namesake (2006) A Guide falls in love with a married Macbeth meets the Godfather in American-born Gogol, the son of woman, then is jailed for forgery and present-day Bombay. The Scottish Indian immigrants, wants to fit in stealing money from her. tragedy set in the contemporary among his fellow New Yorkers, underworld of Indias commercial despite his familys unwillingness to capital let go of their traditional ways. POWERED BY THE FILM ROOTS PROJECT APPENDIX – TIME MACHINE