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Great Lakes - Synergy


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Great Lakes - Synergy

  1. 1. Executive Summary Address to the opportunity that the growth of bollywood, Internet user base and the rapidly increasing mobile internet subscribers in India. Travel Social media Dining Gaming Lifestyle An app that engages the users by providing travel, movies, friends, places of interest, merchandize, lifestyle and every other related thing hence filling the gap. Presents App name –”CINEPHILE”- Meaning- ”A film or movie enthusiast” The name is chosen so because it represents what the app does since Abstract brand creation on the app store is hard we have tried to stick to something that clearly describes what the app does so people find it as they look for a solution to that problem. App icon – Most of the users download an app because they are attracted just by the icon , the icon of CinePhile is so designed to stand out. App description –The first lines are critical, the distinctive features like SOS , plan a meet, along with the obvious features like Book tickets ,offers, some key sound bites from reviewers will be shown to make this app unique Keywords – The app description and metadata will use key words that would help people would use to find your app. Screen shots –The description will showcase what makes your app unique and our quality artwork.
  2. 2. SURVEY INSIGHTS Secondary Research Primary Research Industry data, market analysis, similar apps. We conducted a survey to know about The movie was a consumer needs with movies and mobile. turnoff, I want to Sample was 200 MBA students of age group I want to hangout nearby I want to buy 24-30. purchase Salman’s Glaresclassic DVDs from Dabangg I want to easily book tickets I want to give the director a piece I would like to sell my of advice spare tickets I forget whichmovies I wanted I want to ask to watch my friends to a movieI want to knowgossips aboutthe movie I want to get the feedback about a theater I want to listen to new songs I want to be updated about the latest releases
  3. 3. Mobile Internet Usage in India India’s smartphone user population is growing exponentially says a new survey by Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights. The Growing Numbers- There are already 27 million-plus smartphone users in urban India. Users living a dual life nowadaysDigital Life Physical Life Our App OfferingsWhile people across all age groups are purchasingsmartphones, users below the age of 25 (Gen Y) have beenquicker to adopt them, compared to those aged above 25 Our Ideal(Gen X). This is evident from the fact that 11 per cent of all CustomerGen Y users in urban India own smartphones but only 6 percent of all Gen X users own them, according to a survey byNielsen Informate Mobile Insights.
  4. 4. OPPORTUNITIES GALORE Projected Growth Opportunity vs. Maturity 29 Billion apps downloaded in 2011, with Android share of44% to Apple’s 31% Cost/MB set to fall from Rs.1 to Rs. 0.5, Average usage setto increase from 1041 MB to 3391 MB* Apps industry growing at 22.6%, projected to cross Rs 1.8Billion in 2012. There are 200 million mobile video playbacks every day onYouTube Over 230 million users have a ticket delivered or buy aticket with their phones PayPal expects to see $7 billion in mobile payment volumein 2012 Mobile ad revenue increased 1.5X to $1.6 billion in 2011 App Charging Trends  919.2M subscriber in India, out of which 39M 3G users  Third-fastest growing mobile app market in the world  56% of Smartphone owners access Mobile Internet multiple times a day  App market is expected to rise $227 billion, which is 22.6 percent higher than the previous year  High number of Paid Apps in Apple and Nokia, whereas Android Market is dominated by Ad-Supported Free or Freemium Apps
  5. 5. INTRODUCING CINEPHILE THE MOVIE The users can View trailers of latest releases, once downloaded, the trailer gets embedded into the app, fans can watch anytime without the need of internet or data connectivity SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION Seamless integration with Facebook , twitter , email and other social media so that users can spread the buzz about the app and their experience, about the movie , or the theatre, or any offers or interesting gossip about the movie FRIENDS FEED Streaming of real time friends activity and chat from across the web and among friends so that users can know more about the movie Engaging the fans We can add games surveys and reviews , the ability to plan a movie outing with friends and ability to add experience of a theatre as a story , give a suggestion to the director, will keep the fans and users engaged thus helping create the buzz Event and location Analytics Updates on current viewers of the movie, how many times has the trailer been played, what are fans speaking about the movie, what do users like in a theatre, Users will be kept up to date with what offers are preferred by users, the analytics will be a source of revenue. event info like screening/show timings, appearances. Maps of Ads, Sponsorships theatre and nearby areas of Every page on the app has a placeholder for advertisements , we can tie up with interests, ability to purchase Google ads, Facebook ads and iAds to generate revenue tickets online.
  6. 6. HOME HOMESCREEN Profile Picture The profile picture will be automatically updated from the usersLatest preferred mode of login like Facebook or Gmail, alternatively userReleas can also upload a picture of his choice. es Latest Releases This section is dynamic with the artwork of latest releases and recently viewed movies and other classics and movies based onTHEA TRE user preferences are shown , user can click, and details of the movie along with other options will display Theatres This button will take the user to view the details of nearbyPVR1 theatres determined based on user location Mirchi top 20 This button will display the users the list of trending Bollywood numbers. SOS Friends Feed Users can check out what their friends feel about movies and related fashion , if they are planning a movie get together, what was their experience of a theatre etcPlan aMeet Search Users can search movies , theatres , friends , songs etc Runs across PlatformsSearch News
  7. 7. HOME  Latest ReleasesHOME Book DVD Movie Details Users can buy movies , Gives Details about the this can be a DVD Merchandize Latest movie like Director, delivered at home Movie List Users can buyReleases address or online Swipe to Browse Writer, Stars etc merchandize like T-shirts streaming through the movies , Jewellery Glares etc as a style statementTHEATRES Theatres Get a list of “Theatres running the movie” Write Review using Google Maps Movie List Share your views about the movie to helpPVR1 friends. Tell a Friend Tell a friend about the SOS new release, Plan watching with a Downloads friend Download Movie Goof-ups Songs, Clips, Stills Enjoy watching, reading Watch Trailer ,trailers & WallpapersPlan a ,writing about the goof Watch HD Movie Trailers,Meet ups in the movies Teasers, Promotional Interviews Integration with An existingSearch News
  8. 8. Home  Latest Releases TheatresHOME Your Location  Users will be shown the address of their current location .LatestReleas es Click to change location  If the location shown is not accurate users can change their location using this link.Theaters Theatres Nearby  This section will display the user the list of near around theatres.PVR1 PVR1  Here we are showing an example of how a theatre details will be SOS shown, users can switch the tabs on the left to view the details of other theatres.  The initial Details of PVR1 like address, current movie s running and the rating of the theatre will be seen  Similar details will be available when a user click on other theatersPlan a like Waves, InoxMeet Click to view more details  This feature will give more details about the theatre which areSearch explained on next slide News
  9. 9. HOME Home  Latest Releases Theatres Details Address  Users can view the address of the theatreLatestReleas Reviews es  Users can read ,write reviews about the theatre NearbyTHEA  This tab will give the details of outlets, places of interest around the TRE selected theatre. For e.g.. Food hubs, shopping mall, bars etc Click for offers  This feature will update users about the offers, if any, going in the PVR 1 outlets. For e.g.. 20% off in Pantaloon till 10 Nov 2012 More  Clicking on this will help a user find the location of an outlet and also the direction to reach that outlet. SOS More below Pantaloon  This feature will tell about the more stores available around the theatre.Plan aMeet Book a ticket  Users can select any movie running in the theatre, the show time, Number of seats , Date and book their tickets.Search Write a Review News  Through this tab, a user can give reviews about the movie
  10. 10. S.O.SHOME How many times has it happened that one of you friend drops out of the movie ?Latest What to do of that extra ticketReleas Hey one of my friends is es not coming for the movie. What if this information can be Can you help me officially shared with thousand users? sell the extra ticket?THEA TRE Send aPVR1 Buyer asks : If all the tickets to the show are sold off, the user can raise a “Help Me Buy” request SOS Seller Comes In : Selects ticket ID/Seat No. of the extra ticket booked using CinePhile/BookMyShow Raises a “Help Me Sell” requestPlan aMeet Match buyer to seller : CinePhile broadcasts a “Ticket available” message to buyers based on their requested quantity, timestamps and location Transaction Processing : On buyer payment, sellerHome is refunded 70% of ticket price. New ticket id is generated for the sold ticket and passed on to the buyer
  11. 11. Home  My account SOS  SellHOME Sell a Ticket  This feature enables a user to sell his extra tickets up to 1Latest hour before the show time.Releas es Ticket ID  User selects the Ticket ID he wishes to sell, if its an eligible showTHEA TRE Enter No. of Seats  Enter No. of Tickets that you wish to sell Select Seat No.PVR1  User can select the seat no. from the drop down that he wants to sell, this is dynamic based on the selected number of seats in the above field Details SOS  This field gets automatically populated it Summarizes the Show Timings, Theatre , movie name etc. ConfirmPlan aMeet  Upon agree to the terms and conditions, user can they raise Alert the sell ticket request XX Tickets Available. Book Now? Alert for BuyerHome  Other users will get an alert for buying tickets, this alert will Yes No be based on location aware intelligence like within the city in which the theatre is
  12. 12. Friends feed  Plan MeetHOME PlanLatest  This tab will allow a user to plan a movie with his friends..Releas  User will send request to friends by choosing a theatre ,a movie, a es date and show time Select FriendsTHEA  Users can select the list of friends from his entire friend list to TRE send request for the movie. StatusPVR1  This tab will inform the user which friend have responded favorably or refused , this will help the user book the exact number of tickets, transport etc. BookSOS  In this tab the user will just have to select the number of seats , other details like the Theatre , Movie, show time and date will automatically get populated and user at the click of a button can book the movie ticket. Plan a Meet Alert me if seats are filling fast Alert only xx seats are left for  This tab will update the user with real time status about the your planned movie on available seats of the planned theatre , in case the seats are filling date xx/xx/xxxx?Home very fast or if very few seats are left the user will get alert Yes No
  13. 13. Home  SearchHOME Search Page allows the user to search regional movies , movies by Name, stars, Director, Writer , Producer, Year of release etcLatest The results will display the best possible match , the theatres runningReleas the movie , the option of purchasing the DVD, the related merchandise es sale , watching trailers option, booking tickets , available tickets from SOS , if friends are planning to go for that movie etcTHEA TRE Home  NewsPVR1SOS This section will provide the users updates about the Bollywood industry Gives users more newsPlan aMeet Users can post their views about the news on Facebook. Users can tweet their views . Users can download the article or related pictures . Search News Users can read more about the featured star , download wallpapers ,know about the movies etc .
  14. 14. Target CUSTOMER PROFILE Tier 3  Primary target – Tech Broad Audience Evangelists/Experimental adopters Tier 2 LADDER OF  Deeply involved educated consumer Mid Target Audience  Maximum contributor to ROI  Drives adoption across other Market segments Tier 1  Marketing efforts include website Ideal Customer Segments content , app reviews, direct email, “Sales Revenue” sms, marketing partners, Facebook page. T1 Tech “Lead Generation” Evangelists “Brand Awareness” T2 Secondary Target – Impulse buyers Impulse Buyers  Entertainment Enthusiasts  Movie lovers Experimental Parents who are added as Tertiary Target – Just Audience T1 adopters  Friends in Facebook and want to  Old retired people keep up with recent technology.  Who are time fencers and do not want to use new technology-smart T2 Pragmatic phones Purchases  Marketing efforts should not be much Identify the Ideal customer- are those who really  Newer and less tech savvy people T3 trust what you do, who really value what you from rural areas Green Buyers do, who really look to your specific expertise in order to bring the results they want T3Disengaged Compelling Reason to Buy – The target customers motivation to buy is that we are offering entertainment and convenience at the push of a button. Functionalists Tertiary Target- users will start adopting once the product rage catches on
  15. 15. PRE-LAUNCH PROMOTION AIM To understand our customer and the place he can be found ACTIVITIES  Highlight features in communication  Increase visibility CHANNELS Public relations Local media Coverage in Tier 1 & 2 cities Use graphics & screenshots focusing on Features & Added User Value of App during its launch  Get Social  Launch a website whose quality will give idea to people on what quality to expect from CinePhile  Interactive Facebook page of CinePhile, focusing on its features  Twitter stream with regular updates  Movie related Discussion forums like “” Information Ads Daily Motion embed on news links like the Tech section of TOI, lifestyle magazines Demo video on YouTube Teasers on Banners & YouTube Ads. For ex: Is your ‘Talaash’ for a complete app still on? Click Here or Hover Here  Hype building  Displays : Posters in public places like cinema, malls, metros etc.  Radio Promotion for continuous reminders of the launch via talk shows Direct Marketing: Embedded info on features in Book-my-show ticket confirmation TIMELINE  Initial 2-3 months
  16. 16. POST-LAUNCH PROMOTION Effective app advertising requires three key areas of focus I. Brand How CRM can help grow our business Customers will connect with CINIPHILE, by identifying the name, logo, slogan or design of the company “Direct i” InformationBuilding a brand will consist of 2 elements Technology Marketing Innovation Orientation# Reach out to your traditional brand followers to let them knowyou now have a presence as an app# Create a personality around our app’s brand and introduce it, forthe very first time, to many people who have never heard of you Sales Keep Customers Up-To-Date For Top-Of-Mind Awareness With the Apps flooding in market on hour basis,it is imperative that it is our brand that has top-of-mind awareness. New offers & Grab a first move advantage when IAMAI will host the first regular upadtes can support this. “Appfest” in India this december Sell value, not an App:: Up-Sell Every customer has the potential to bring 100 other CINIPHILE – A third place after your home & office where you customers. CRM help to identify such customers and hence, grab watch, share & experience the opportunity to increase our sales. Maintain communication stream Enhance Customer Experience Blogger & Influencer Engagement Programs ,Social Networks. Timed Tweets, Updates, News Feeds, E-mails Establish touch points of customers Quick response to queries raised by our users
  17. 17. POST-LAUNCH PROMOTION Effective app advertising requires three key areas of focus II. BUZZ Uses my product Expert Hub: HelpsTrend Setter Someone who for the first time to convey value writes blogs and image of brand Two different sets of peopleTrend Spreader Spreads across Someone who has 1000+ Social Hub: helps media friends on to get numbers Facebook Viral Marketing Seed marketing Stealth marketing Cinephile is a one The person will send By planting seeds of stop shop friend request to awareness among entertainment targeted customer. He targeted audience, package, that is free is a ‘hired’ friend who We will be able to and that could be will plant marketing reap the reward of accessed anywhere. message of our app followers, loyalists & This shop will spread Ad in customer’s customers like a fire news feed
  18. 18. POST-LAUNCH PROMOTIONEffective app advertising requires three key areas of focusIII. BALANCED OPPORTUNITY Testing Give ad on Target volunteer Beta, Tester or incentivize etc. internet nerds to get & other movie and feedback shopping sites Free App download Ads1 on Apps On the spot Give Ad of CinePhile on Organize a stage event in apps where our target major malls in metros. customer engages in their Break- Display the app free time. Ex. weather through functionality on big forecast screen. Give free Wi-Fi in features around 50 m radius with Ads2-:Distribute free pop- the constraint to corn covers (with download our app the CinePhile printed on) to Family first thing. food vendors in theaters. App Other directi products like “talk to” can also be First time:-Give 10% off promoted with our app incentive of 10% off on parking Total parking for the latest Ads3:-Set a small corner Entertain release movie, in return shop during any events in ment of downloading our app. college campus and in solution This will drag customers regional Film festivals, to to our app. Then the appSwitch on Wi-Fi to spread awareness about function will hold theirDownload our app. Set up free Wi-Fi. interest
  19. 19. MARKETING INITIATIVE  Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends, websites etc. GO VIRAL  Rewards-for-recommendation  Make sharing the app itself dead simple: have a way to share via SMS, Twitter, Facebook, email  Post your app video on Facebook and twitter. Things spread like wildfire on social networks.  Distribute Promo codes for sharing the app with friends.Get Reviewed RATING Can implement this• Get featured on app Encourage users request after they’ve review sites like ‘Mashable’ to rate the app used the app a few• Reach out to authors/journalists and pitch them the app timesWe will do Organic Marketing for the app promotion as in today’s internet world, charging for an app is like burning our own house Partnership Web Landing Web Tie-up with To fill the gap Marketing Update the websites like of "non- Lots of blogs app & its, bo rich, very allow guest website by limited" posts. implementing m etc. to give experience in Write a suggestions premium detail page on blog, given by users service to app, webpage testimonial customers should look its about app opposite
  20. 20. MARKETING INITIATIVE Post launch Scream for a Optimization Movie * Detailed press release distribution * Visibility tracking via • Allows user to shout out if they like the click-count analysis movie by click of a button. Like in * Suggestions for upgrades instances when they like any Item based on feedback number or action sequence. *Publish winning user of events. Ex. Quiz on • Promotes both theatre and movie. Facebook • Creates a sense of togetherness among app users. Highlight customer experiences through various media channels Engaging customers Distribution Channels * Running contests - • App stores like Google play, Nokia’s Ovi Store Submit ideas/scripts for • Apps pre-installed on low range handsets movie on Facebook * Engagement programs- such as Micromax, Spice Launch Quiz on Facebook • Free download from Facebook page, website • Easy download in stage events in malls in Customized ads metros, college campus CCD cafes • Free download in college campus, CCDs by * Highlight unique features availing permissions from them respectively. of our app like SOS, * Print media special focus • Embed a Mobile web version of CinePhile for on added attraction customers who don’t have smart phones
  21. 21. LAUNCH PLAN & REVENUE MODELS Pre-launch on all platforms through Campus Kiosks, Mall Kiosks and QR code Test based Ads Launch Initially roll-out in Apple marketplace to get niche users who will be early Roll- Launch out adopters, followed by release in Google Play Plan National Launch Leverage the success in the earlier roll-out, and launch nationwide on all platforms – Symbian, Windows Mobile, Java, PalmOS, BlackberryAd-supported app – Using Sources of RevenueAd Networks like GoogleAdMob/InMobi/Facebook Buy DVD’s/Online streaming ofAds Movies, clips in association with T- series, Hungama and Moser-baerLocation based sponsoredlinks for promotion of Revenue from Promotion oftheatres, hangouts like Merchandizing partners likemalls, pubs, restaurants & SeventyMMretailers Selling of market research data to bigIncremental revenues retailers and other partners to helpthrough Cross promotion of them realize market potential throughother Directi products like, Revenue sharing with Social Media revenue Collaborating with BookMyShow for model using Virtual Production Houses for Movie Ticketing currency showing new movie trailers and songs
  22. 22. REVENUE MODEL – Ad SUPPORTAd Based Revenue Share Why use ads? Why not a paid app? How will these ads get me • 73% of apps in the Android marketplace are free money ? • 80% rely on advertising as their main business model • Just 20% of paid apps are downloaded more than 100 times • Select publisher – Location based, User preference • Only 0.2% of paid apps are downloaded more than based Ad services 10,000 times • Example: InMobi, AdMob, BuzzCity, Millenial Media • 20% of free apps get 10,000 or more downloads • Average ad displayed monthly for each provider - • 45 percent of consumers (especially younger 50.4 Billion people) noticed mobile advertising and of these, 29 • Average Geographical coverage – 23% percent responded to it • Price charged - $0.02 - $1.00 • Backflip Studios is now earning more than $100,000 • Revenue sharing – 60% to App Developer a month with AdMob
  23. 23. REVENUE MODEL – SOCIAL MEDIA 10 Likes Virtual Money 3 1 Virtual 5 re- Merchandise Shares Rupee tweets / Tickets / Discounts Real 3 Money trailer views • Leverage tie-ups with Production and Music Houses, offer to run paid promotion of their movies through content-sharing via social media. • Using Market Research, obtain the incremental profits earned by the Production houses from Content-sharing • After negotiating a share in this incremental profits with the production house, pass on a share to the user. [For every Rs.10 of business, Re.1 is shared back with the user] • This virtual currency will be redeemable against movie-ticketing, movie-purchasing and Merchandize, similar to the reward-points system in Credit/Debit cards • Categorize members into Silver, Gold and Platinum, based on RFM analysis • Leverage relationship with BookMyShow and Other partners, to offer discounts to members • Members can use the virtual currency as part-payment for purchase from partners, Redeeming them at 50%, 65%, 80% of currency value based on Membership status
  24. 24. References••• India.html• prefer/•’••••••