Directi Case Study Contest - Team Megaminds from SJMSOM IIT Bombay


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Directi Case Study Contest - Team Megaminds from SJMSOM IIT Bombay Business Plan for an Online Dating Portal

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Directi Case Study Contest - Team Megaminds from SJMSOM IIT Bombay

  1. 1. Pyaar PossibleAn Indian Dating site where girls call the shots ! Team Megaminds, SJMSOM IIT Bombay
  2. 2. Presentation Outline Internet Indian Dating Competitive Usage Scenario Analysis Scenario Our Offering – Fresh Screen Pyar Possible Features Mockups Marketing Marketing Positioning Campaign Strategy Monetization P&L Plan strategy statements
  3. 3. Indian Dating Scenario
  4. 4. Mobile Internet Usage in India- 35+ million mobile internet users in India. Ranks 2 in world- 14 billion pages viewed in Feb, 2010 - Social media usage occupies 35.6% - Dating/Matrimony under penetrated,lack of good mobile UI - Least penetrated market. Excellent space to be in - 94% of mobile usage is aged between 13-34 - Predominantly all are males. Advantages - Under penetrated mobile market, can be used - Significant part profitably of web traffic is - Very less women users, they don’t trust dating operator websites, good way to lure them to use it dependent - Decreasing rate of mobile internet rates in India - Decreasing cost of smart phones
  5. 5. Internet Latent Dating Demand: India India Market US$ Year Million The latent demand of dating rise in India 2005 41.363 2006 43.831 It has grown with an astonishing rate of 41% from 2005-2011 2007 46.461 2008 49.264 Growing equally with a similar pace till 2015 2009 52.228 2010 55.238 2011 58.412 2012 61.784 Latent Demand By Year in India 80 2013 65.367 70 India Market US $ million 2014 69.175 60 2015 73.225 50 40 30 20 10 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Series1 41.3 43.8 46.4 49.2 52.2 55.2 58.4 61.7 65.3 69.1 73.2 **Source:
  6. 6. Internet Latent Dating: State(India) The Latent Demand for Dating Web Larger states in India combine a majority of dating demand Sites (US$ Million): 2010 ** Latent % of Gujarat even being conservative is ranked 4th in the listState/Territory Demand India US$ Maharashtra 7.5 13.6 Targeting first few states will cover most of the demandUttar Pradesh 6.4 11.6 Tamil Nadu 5.2 9.4 Gujarat 4.6 8.2 West Bengal 4.3 7.8Andhra Pradesh 4.0 7.3 Maharashtra, 13.6 Madhya Others, 23.2 3.2 5.7 Pradesh Uttar Pradesh, 11.6 Karnataka 2.8 5.1 Delhi, 3.5 Tamil Rajasthan, 4.6 Nadu, 9.4 Rajasthan 2.6 4.6 Delhi 2.0 3.5 Karnataka, 5.1 Madhya Gujarat, 8.2 Pradesh, 5.7 Andhra West Pradesh, 7.3 Bengal, 7.8 **Source:
  7. 7. Dating Users target Characteristics Adopter/Embracer of new features Active internet user Experience seekerLooking for a partner Ability to take some risk in life Socially active Experience seeker - 18-35 years of age Try National/ Outgoing, choosy, dari - Socially active International ng - Avid internet lover - Educated, Outgoing Ready to try different
  8. 8. Dating finder: Offline College • Batch Mates Advantages • College Mates Face-face interaction Reliable Social Circle Social binding-Security • Friend circle • Relatives Dis-advantages Limited option Events • Outings Inflexible • Parties/Clubs Stuck/No exit option
  9. 9. Dating finder: Online Social Networking • Facebook/Orkut Advantages • List of friends Anonymity Flexibility Dating websites Convenient • Datefinder/Fropper • Flexibility/variety Dis-advantages No face to face Chat rooms interaction • Yahoo/Rediff Unreliable • Quick/Easy Cheating/security issues
  10. 10. PyarPossible Offering: Best of Offline + Online Offline Benefits Online Benefits - Reliability & security - Security for girls - Face to face meeting post - Freedom of communication online interaction - Initial anonymity - Liberal social binding - Variety of members - Get-together through - Full knowledge of person before events meeting Success of Dating in India - Explosive industry growth in India - 10 million users on internet dating sites - 90% of match is arranged - 60 million singles from 20-34 - 1/3rd population in Cities
  11. 11. Competitor AnalysisIndian local dating websites What it is all about? It provides a medium to search profiles and initiate Simplistic approach contact with other members of the website simple subscription Fropper, short for friend hopper, extends the Explore new relationships philosophy -- beautiful relationships begin with without pressure to find friendship -- and is your destination for building, your ideal partner maintaining & enjoying meaningful relationships Indian Friend Finder is a dating portal specially created Open to dating- casual/ for Indians to help them find individuals who are the serious. Bigger network of like-minded compatible singles. Members have accessible abundant profiles to choose from his or her by "Serious relationships for NRI Singles!" is the Indian Niche target audience NRIs Cupid catchphrase. Essentially a dating and singles matrimonial site, Indian Cupid is aimed at Non- Resident Indians (NRIs) from all across the globe. Ignighter handles the real need of everyone lives to Promoting group dating, meet new people in a more fun, less awkward searching for local groups environment Connecting Indians worldwide to "bring together 5 star security, with thousands of single Indians who are looking to find members taking complete compatible and like-minded Indians for romance, control and proper dating, love and marriage". screening of new users
  12. 12. Comparison of Features Indiandating Fropper Indianfriendfinder Indiancupid Ignighter DesikissFree membership Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Premium plus, Free as ofPremium membership Deluxe Silver, Gold Gold, Platinum Premium Premium nowSecurity and Privacy Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Very high Simple, Advanced, Standard, Gold Group Detailed, Quick, City, User Basic, Advanced, FirstSearch options Keyword, Handle members, Gold & search, expanded, Name, Advanced Name, Keyword Name, Profile Number silver members Individual premiumLong forms to be filled No No No Yes No NoMobile presence No No No No No NoMail/instant messages Yes Personalized msgs Yes Yes, video messages Yes Yes Search, flirts, Buzz, perfect Cupid preferences, Search, cupid tags PersonalityImportant Features messenger , 24/7 match, easy to personality tests, ,language, flower Group dating match, My support navigate, FAQs 24/7 support line delivery friends N/W Basic features, Security, Mobile Pure matrimony Security guarantees, Individual Small base,Lacks matrimony features no. verification service membership base dating limited features Performance(Rating out of 5) Indiandating Fropper Indianfriendfinder Indiancupid Ignighter DesikissEase of use/navigation 3.5 4.5 4 3.5 4 1.5Features 3 4 4 4 3.5 2Ease of joining/registration 3.5 4 4 2.5 3.5 1.5Chance of getting a date 3 4.5 4 2.5 4 1Quality/Size of members pics 3 4 4 2.5 4 1.5Customer support 3 4 4 3 3 1.5Value for money 3 4.5 4 2.5 3 0.5
  13. 13. Our Offering
  14. 14. Our OfferingScreen Mock-upsPyaar Possible Login ScreenWe will be providinga a young andcool looking interface to the users.Three options for the user1. Sign up2. Log in3. Login using facebook account ( Facebook integration)
  15. 15. Our OfferingUnique PropositionObjectiveOur aim is to help teenagers open up to the idea of meeting new people online for thepurpose of dating based on similar interests & likings through the website – where GIRLSTAKE CHARGE ! Advantages Dynamic Online Offline Theme Women Friendly Trustworthy Contests Party (More control to (Attractive Prizes) (Referrals) (Prom Night) girls)
  16. 16. Our OfferingScreen Mock-upsPyaar Possible – Home screen• Serves as a dashboard for the user, showing all the major features, activity happened on a single screen.• Updates shown in red colour shows number of new activity happened since last login.• These new activities in the form of winks, hearts or messages ( love bytes) are further highlighted in screen using red colour and blue colour link ( to provide easy access to the updates.• The centre screen is the “Active area” of the page where the content will be displayed whenever the user selects any of the link.
  17. 17. Fresh Features: 1A unique way to allow girls to takecharge and find the best ‘Date’ for her.How it works?Girl creates her own Swayamvar (2 weeks validity) Creates Questionnaire and possible answers Adds people from the friend list Invitation goes to the selected guys Guys accept the invitation Answer the online questionnaire Drag & drop Score card generated by the system Winner wins a Date
  18. 18. Questionnaire ContentQuestionnaire will be a short quiz of 15 questions which willbe designed by the girl to test her potential ‘Date’The question and 3 preferred answers will be provided bythe girlEg:1. Word Association games – Which word will you relate to Rain? – 1st Preferred answer: Marine Drive – 2nd Preferred answer : Romance – 3rd preferred answer : Umbrella2. Witty Questions – Your best pick up line? – Your best break-up line?3. Open ended questions – What is your idea of a perfect first date? – What is a perfect gift for a girl ?4. Compatibility Check – Favorite Hobby, movie, sport etc?
  19. 19. Fresh Features: 2Screen Mock-upsPyaar Possible – Date Night Screen• Allows user to browse through different themes likeBollywood :• Movies theme date arrangement with music to costume all inspired by the movie• Cultural themes from various countires where music, cuisine and dance will be inspired from a nation and will be duplicated on the ‘Date night’
  20. 20. Features Introduction Time line Year 1 Year 2 Year Free Features- Basic Profile pic Free Features- USP Level of Likes Paid Features • Twinkle Messages/Chat Home page • Heart Group Dating Friend search Whistle /Slap Date Night Credibility Swayamvar worthiness-Trust meter Online Gifting Why? : Basic features Why? : USP of the Site to Why?” : Crowd puller provided by all the reinforce the image of unique features to competitors “Girl in control” position uniquely
  21. 21. Features Introduction Time lineYear 1 Year 2 Year Free Features- Basic Free Features- USP Paid Features Gala Prom Night Online Games Introducer Love Fourms- Dil k Limited Chatting bol Mobile Platform- iPhone, Android User Page Theme Why? : Games for fun Why? : Innovations flowing Why?” : Premium services quotient and platforms through. Tempting user to to differentiate and build a to cater to their mobile upgrade ! BRAND needs
  22. 22. Mobile Screen Mockups Login Screen Home Screen
  23. 23. Marketing Campaign
  24. 24. Positioning • Concept : Promotes more new female users  ultimately attract male users • Colour: Bright blue and yellow colour signifying cool quotient• Themes: abilty to change the look and feel of your page • More secure Youthful• Events/happenings : Both in • Concept of trust meter to gain online and offline mediums trust of users • Concept of ‘Slaps’ to discourage bad behaviou among users Dynamic Trust Culture worthy Pyaar Possible • Slaps to avoid ‘Bad’ profiles Girls Fun / • Control to organize Friendly Cool Swayamvar • Whistle-Open only for girl • Swayamvar: to promote friendly users ! rivalry among males to ‘get’ the girl • More Cupid Arrows for Girls • Date Night: to provide unique dating experience • Perfect Match : ‘Customized’ automated suggestions
  25. 25. Dissecting the Logo The heart in the middle portrays the symbol of Love The circular logo signifies the circle of The pink colour trust – conveyingrepresents girls as they trustworthiness of theare given more control site on this site The internal design showcases the trendiness & dynamic nature of the site
  26. 26. Communication strategyHigh Involvement Bonding Advantage Performance RelevanceLow involvement Presence Brand Dynamics Pyramid
  27. 27. Communication strategy Bonding • Partnering with TV shows like MTV Splitsvilla & Channel V’s ‘Dare to Date’ – special mention of the site in between the shows AdvantageStrategic • Tickers of the site to be run during talk shows PerformanceAlliance Relevance • Sunday edition ads in metro segments like Mumbai Times,Delhi Times Presence • Ads in fashion, teen & lifestyle magazines having high readership among Print teens media • Ads on buses and cabs in major metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi etc Visual • Print ads at the back or railway/ airline ticketspromotion s • Interactive Facebook page for the website Social • Twitter stream with regular updates media
  28. 28. Communication strategy Bonding • Special game shows & stage entertainment in major malls in metros • Grand celebrations in malls on Valentine’s day & Women’s day Advantage Mall • Theme based kiosk at mallsActivation Performance Relevance • Banner ads & pop-ups in,, etc. & other Presence Web shopping sites where teenagers flock in large numbersPromotion • Partnership with CCD, Barista, Pizza hut etc. to have special heart shaped menu with the link of the site at the bottom.Ambient • Customized handle bars at Delhi metro, Mumbai trains etc. to have roundMarketing shaped Pyaar Possible logos. • Yearly calendar to highlight all the major events, theme parties, gifts etc • Viral marketing of this yearly calendar to be publishes on social media sites Yearly like facebook page, Hi5 etc.Calendar
  29. 29. Communication strategy • Highlight unique features of the site; Convey the specific benefits Bonding • Print Media- Special Focus on added attraction – Theme parties, PromCustomized Night etc. - Internal and External Communication Advantage Ads Performance Relevance • Developing mobile interface/app. for smartphones for the website which would attract tech savvy teens Presence Mobile • Launching the site in association with mobile operators for targeting ‘OnPromotion Deck’ mobile internet users (constitutes 30% cel internet traffic) • Partnership with café(CCD), food joint(Subway), beauty salons(Loreal) to offer special discounts on the dating site on specific purchases • Tie up with websites like & to offerPartnerships discounts on premium services at our portals • Yearly calendar to highlight all the major events, theme parties, gifts etc • Viral marketing of this yearly calendar to be publishes on social media sites Viral like facebook page, Hi5 etc.Promotion
  30. 30. Communication strategy Bonding • Highlight customer experiences thru various media channelsExperientia • Post snapshots of couples on, Facebook etc. who met through Advantage l the dating site Performancemarketing Relevance • Feedback through website Presence • Web marketing ( Blogs,Testimonial)CustomerRelations • Social Media- Facebook,Picassa • Advergaming : Arcade gaming by colaborating with websites like The look & feel of the game will be completely based onEngaging actual experiences of a first date.customer • Providing a platform to fame for the couple who are declared the Prom King & Queen at the ‘Prom Night’ Name to • Featuring their snapshot & testimonial at advertorials in magazines and Fame social media space (FB, twitter etc.)
  31. 31. Suggested Organization Chart
  32. 32. Suggested Organization Chart CEO VP Marketing VP HR/ Legal VP IT /Operations /FinanceIT Infrastructure IT Social Media Software/web Accounts HR functions/Legal Outdoors Campaigns Social Media Creative Head
  33. 33. Monetization Strategy
  34. 34. Monetization Plan User Profiles Gifts & e-gifts Events Homepage Affordable & Dil ke bol Management instant gifting • Premium service for unlimited and uninterrupted • Profile pages of both male • Thrust on low value high communication between and female users to be impact gifts E.g.: Romantic dates managed by a company ringtones, caller tunes • Instant messaging through • Ex: Axe, Fastrack • Offline gifts such as CDs, website and also SMS books, flowers etc. through • No additional cost for our partnership at local levels in company to select cities activate/deactivate service • Profit sharing agreement with VAS providers/vendors
  35. 35. Monetization Strategy Revenue Projections Profit Projections ₹₹ 100,000,000 89,678,000 ₹ 19,055,629 ₹ 20,000,000 ₹ 80,000,000 ₹ ₹15,000,000 ₹ 60,000,000 48,895,000 ₹ 10,369,051 PBT ₹ 40,000,000 ₹ 10,000,000 ₹ PAT ₹ 20,000,000 15,537,500 ₹ 5,000,000 ₹ 3,318,035 ₹ 6,118,750 ₹ 1,307,544 ₹- ₹- 1 2 Year 3 4 1 2 3 4 Year Revenue Mix • Optimum mix of online-offline model (50-50%) 25% • Online model to drive offline sales Profiles 49% Gifts Events 26%
  36. 36. Assumptions for monetization plan Assumptions Proportion of female users 30% Percentage of active users 50% Growth rate y-o-y 100% R&D Expenses 29% Selling & Marketing Expenses 25% General & Administration Expenses 15% Depreciation 9% All gifts are purchased only by males % of active users purchasing digital gifts 30% Average Purchase per user/month Rs 50 % of active users purchasing gifts 10% Average purchase per year Rs 200 % of active users subscribing Dil-ke-bol 25% Subscription Charges of Dil-ke-bol/month Rs 50 No. of Metro, Tier-I and Tier-II cities covered 15 Revenue per couple (Year 1,2) 2000 Revenue per couple (Year 3,4) 4000 Tax Rate 30%
  37. 37. P&L Statements YEARUser Profile P&L Account 1 2 3 4Total Revenue Rs15,00,000 Rs.45,00,000 Rs 1,20,00,000 Rs.2,40,00,000Expenses Rs 10,37,621 Rs. 31,12,864 Rs. 83,00,970 Rs.1,66,01,939Engineering and R&D Rs 4,31,400 Rs. 12,94,199 Rs.34,51,199 Rs.69,02,397Selling & Marketing Rs 3,81,130 Rs. 11,43,390 Rs 30,49,041 Rs.60,98,081Administration & Other Expenses Rs 2,25,091 Rs. 6,75,274 Rs.18,00,730 Rs 36,01,461Operating Profit Rs.4,62,379 Rs. 13,87,136 Rs 36,99,030 Rs 73,98,061 YEAR Gifts P&L Account 1 2 3 4 Total Revenue Rs. 16,18,750 Rs.32,37,500 Rs 64,75,000 Rs. 1,29,50,000 Expenses Rs. 11,19,766 Rs.22,39,532 Rs44,79,065 Rs 89,58,130 Engineering and R&D Rs 4,65,552 Rs.9,31,105 Rs18,62,209 Rs 37,24,418 Selling & Marketing Rs 4,11,303 Rs.8,22,606 Rs16,45,212 Rs 32,90,423 Administration & Other Expenses Rs 2,42,911 Rs.4,85,822 Rs 9,71,644 Rs 19,43,288 Operating Profit Rs 4,98,984 Rs 9,97,968 Rs 19,95,935 Rs 39,91,870
  38. 38. P&L Statements YEAR Events P&L Account 1 2 3 4Total Revenue Rs. 30,00,000 Rs. 78,00,000 Rs.3,04,20,000 Rs.5,27,28,000Expenses Rs. 21,12,260 Rs.54,91,876 Rs.2,14,18,318 Rs.3,71,25,085Engineering and R&D Rs. 1,50,000 Rs. 3,90,000 Rs.15,21,000 Rs.26,36,400Selling & Marketing Rs. 7,62,260 Rs.19,81,876 Rs. 77,29,318 Rs.1,33,97,485Administration & Other Expenses Rs. 12,00,000 Rs.31,20,000 Rs.1,21,68,000 Rs.2,10,91,200Operating Profit Rs.8,87,740 Rs.23,08,124 Rs. 90,01,682 Rs.1,56,02,915
  39. 39. P&L Statements YEAR Events P&L Account 1 2 3 4Total Revenue Rs. 30,00,000 Rs. 78,00,000 Rs.3,04,20,000 Rs.5,27,28,000Expenses Rs. 21,12,260 Rs.54,91,876 Rs.2,14,18,318 Rs.3,71,25,085Engineering and R&D Rs. 1,50,000 Rs. 3,90,000 Rs.15,21,000 Rs.26,36,400Selling & Marketing Rs. 7,62,260 Rs.19,81,876 Rs. 77,29,318 Rs.1,33,97,485Administration & Other Expenses Rs. 12,00,000 Rs.31,20,000 Rs.1,21,68,000 Rs.2,10,91,200Operating Profit Rs.8,87,740 Rs.23,08,124 Rs. 90,01,682 Rs.1,56,02,915 Pro forma performance (in Rs. Lakhs) • Increase in operating profit with 250 better branding y-o-y 200 • Investment in R&D always 150 maintained to stay competitive 100 • Expenses can be optimized with 50 experience and long-term 0 partnerships with channel vendors 1 2 3 4 • Other expenses must be controlled Year in earlier years through better Expenses (Rs. Lakhs) Operating profits (in Rs. Lakhs) planning
  40. 40. Overall P&L Statements YEARProfit & Loss 1 2 3 4 Revenues Rs.61,18,750 Rs.1,55,37,500 Rs 4,88,95,000 Rs 8,96,78,000 Profiles Rs.15,00,000 Rs.45,00,000 Rs 1,20,00,000 Rs 2,40,00,000 Gifts Rs.16,18,750 Rs.32,37,500 Rs 64,75,000 Rs 1,29,50,000 Events Rs.30,00,000 Rs. 78,00,000 Rs 3,04,20,000 Rs 5,27,28,000 Expenditure Rs.48,11,206 Rs 1,22,19,465 Rs 3,85,25,949 Rs 7,06,22,371 Engineering, R&D Rs.10,46,952 Rs26,15,304 Rs 68,34,408 Rs 1,32,63,215 Selling & Distribution Rs.15,54,693 Rs 39,47,872 Rs 1,24,23,570 Rs 2,27,85,989 General, Admin & Other Rs..16,68,002 Rs 42,81,096 Rs 1,49,40,374 Rs 2,66,35,949 expenses Depreciation Rs.5,41,558 Rs.13,75,193 Rs 43,27,597 Rs 79,37,217 EBIT Rs.13,07,544 Rs 33,18,035 Rs 1,03,69,051 Rs 1,90,55,629 Interest Expense 0 0 0 0 PBT Rs.13,07,544 Rs 33,18,035 Rs 1,03,69,051 Rs 1,90,55,629 Tax Rs.3,92,263 Rs 9,95,411 Rs 31,10,715 Rs 57,16,689 PAT Rs 9,15,281 Rs 23,22,625 Rs 72,58,335 Rs 1,33,38,940
  41. 41. References1. Various Dating Sites ( Competition) a. b. c. d. e. http://www.ignighter.com3. Wireframes websitesa. Templates of images/graphics Social Media Trend: Dating Data : Mobile Internet Data: