Directi Case Study Contest 2010- NMIMS United Colors


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Directi Case Study Contest 2010 submission by Team United Colors from NMIMS

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  • Add units of the numbers like million/billion
  • Add units of the numbers like million/billion
  • Directi Case Study Contest 2010- NMIMS United Colors

    1. 1. Team Name: United Colors Campus: NMIMS Team Members Deepika Kaushal Om Shakti Jha Somsubhra GanChoudhuri Subhojit Chatterjee Location based Social Networking Service
    2. 2. 10% 10% 15% 24% 21% 20% China India USA Russia Germany UK Source-wikipedia Number of mobile users are increasing on continuous basis in developing countries as well Transformed business models across different sectors. Social networking increased Location based social networking sites are on the increasing trend side. Mobile users across major countries
    3. 3. 40% 35% 7% 18% Social Networking sites usage Mobile Internet (%) Facebook Bebo (AOL) MySpace Twitter 47% 32% 11% 10% Social Networking sites usage On PC Internet (%) Facebook Bebo (AOL) MySpace Twitter Mobile internet usage trend for the social networking sites. Personal computer(PC) internet usage trend for the social networking sites. Source-wikipedia
    4. 4. Increased penetration of mobile internet usage across the world Readily available information for user in their community Examples- Restaurant, pub or concert venue happening around with reviews of peers Need for Location Based Social Media
    5. 5. Loopt gypsii citysense 4-plazes Mobiluck Source Google latitude whrrl ipling brightkite foursquare According to an ABI Research report, “location-based mobile social networking revenues will reach $3.3 billion by 2013.”
    6. 6. Growth Drivers for location based social networking as per ABI Research are :  North America  Europe  Asia Pacific  Rest of the world
    7. 7. Age group 15-25 years. Mainly students and business professionals. No gender differentiation. Market segment for Location based Social Networking
    8. 8. Location based social network users do visit social networks more often Addiction towards usage of Social networking sites Usage pattern of location based social network
    9. 9. 59 12 6 5 4 Users (%) Four Square Gowala Mytown Loopt Whrrl Market Share of major location based social networking sites Statistics for two major competitor Foursquare and Gowalla. Foursquare users base in millions
    10. 10. Internet usage in India Social Networking Site usage in India Internet usage across India Source: Source: 2009/08/social-networks-in-india-statistics.html
    11. 11. Mobile internet usage in India Mobile Social Networking usage – city wise Most popular internet activity in India Social Networking usage in mobile Source: Source: Source: Nielsen
    12. 12. Social Networking Site with a difference Feature # 1: A Location based profile Identify the current location of the user easily. Use our Site Apps which we will describe in our next slides. Add others based on their current location. Friends circle to see photos uploaded by the user for that location. Concept of social stamp collection  A stamp with the current location of the user will be displayed.  The above user is in Juhu, hence the stamp is displayed below his profile picture Allow users to-
    13. 13. Social Networking Site with a difference Feature # 2: History of Locations visited by the user – stamp collection concept Current location stamp Previous location stamp Step 1: Click on the profile of the user Step 2: Check the Location Photos section Why? Location Photos section is based on collecting stamps of the places that the user visits. Helps the friends community of the user to take help from the latter as it notifies that the user had stayed at a place Helps the user to earn a designation in the community based on the number of stamps collected
    14. 14. Social Networking Site with a difference Feature # 2: Stamp collection concept - Working Selects country, state and city. Choose the exact location. All this is done through Google API (customized). Option to leave the location box blank.In that case the total location of Om will become Mumbai only. Final location displayed as Juhu, Mumbai and he earns a stamp of Juhu, Mumbai.
    15. 15. Social Networking Site with a difference Feature # 3: A True Multilingual Social Networking Site Real Time Online Translation tool. This tool is available from Google as an open source API which will be included in Compass Comment tool.
    16. 16. Social Networking Site with a difference Feature # 4: Integration of Social Media in the Social Networking Site Integration of social media updates User will get update of Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Twitter updates in the Home page. Compass will show the number of friends in the user’s area. Google Talk will be integrated to the networking site.
    17. 17. Social Networking Site with a difference Feature # 5: Free GPS Tracking of friends through their mobile numbers Compass will record the mobile numbers on accepting the friend request. The mobile number of an user will be recorded when he/she joins our network. This will be used for tracking the person (obviously, if he/she accepts to do so). But the mobile number will be hidden from other users. Amresh gets a friend request from Deepika and signs up. He allows tracking. Deepika login to her profile and checks in to track her friend Amresh.
    18. 18. Social Networking Site with a difference Feature # 5: Free GPS Tracking of friends through their mobile numbers The result is that Deepika is able to see all her friends getting tracked within a limit specified by her. This is seen only in the GPS Tracking Apps. Deepika now gets to know in real time the exact location of her friends within a range of 1 km. radius. She also gets real time updates as to who enters or exits from the 1km radius and also which way they came from or which way they are heading to.
    19. 19. Compass will also have other features which are enlisted below. Each of the features will be in the form of apps. These apps will be free of cost and ready for use. Apps to inform about traffic jams Share movies Reviews of eating option - nearby hotels, restaurants, fast food joint etc. Sale offer in a particular store. Plumber, carpenter, electrician service Update about latest events Sharing of data about cabs. Room mates or sharing of accommodation. Location based internet and DTH service. Trips and travel companion. Study group for competition. Buying and selling of products. Gas connection Proposed Compass Applications
    20. 20. Social Networking Site with a difference Feature # 7: On-line check-in planner . Inbuilt online planner which will have four columns – Date, time, location and comments Subhojit gets an invitation from a friend to meet up at RaghuLeela Mall, Vashi on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. So he enters it in the online planner tool So if Deepika is somewhere in Vashi area on January 18, 2011 at 5:00 pm she gets an update from the online planner that Subhojit has come to RaghuLeela Mall, Vashi. This online planner matches the current location (here Vashi, Mumbai) of the user (here Deepika) with online planner of her friends alongwith timestamp.
    21. 21. Supporting terminals of Compass A prototype of the Mobile version of Compass Application Featured Functions Supporting Terminals Foursquare Check-in, badge, title, coupon Android, Blackberry, iOS, Web OS Brightkite Group, picture sharing, virtual reality Symbian, Android, Blackberry, iOS, WebOS Yelp Business review, checkin, badge Android, Blackberry, iOS, WebOS Loopt Checkin, badge, title, coupon, making friends iOS, WebOS Mytown Games like Monopoly iOS Bedo Making friends, location sharing, blog Symbian, Windows Mobile, Java Play4f Check-in, badge, title, coupon, localization Symbian, Android, iOS Business reviews, recommends and preference information Symbian, Android, iOS The supporting terminals of Compass will be:  Android  Blackberry  iOS  Symbian and  WebOS. Compass will be available in all the three main flairs:  Web Version  Mobile Version  Through SMS
    22. 22. Prototypes of Compass A prototype of the Web version of Compass A prototype of the Mobile version of Compass A web prototype of Compass. Please download the file to ‘Desktop’. Open ‘login.html’ file in it. A web prototype of Compass. Please download the file to ‘Desktop’ Login: subho Password: chats
    23. 23. User Incentive system As the User moves up “frequent user” level, new Themes for the profile will be unlocked Frequent user: It will be given will be based on following criteria: Number of posts Number of likes Number of pictures Number of apps used And the 3 criteria mentioned above. Local: No of places visited in a city and frequency of visit Critic: Rating given to places visited and reviews written about them Traveler: The levels will depend on number of cities travelled. A user will move up the levels after meeting the criteria. These levels will be calculated based on the activity of the user in the last 45 days. Compass will have 4 types of designations. These 5 designations will have 6 different levels. For Reaching every level user will get a trophy.
    24. 24. Corporate Offerings Sales Force Tracking Campus Orientation Loyalty Programs & Product Promotion Data Analytics Event Promotion
    25. 25. Sales force Tracking A major issue of businesses is how to track to their sales force How to verify if the sales person has actually made a sales call •Customized map where businesses can update the customer location •Day planner for the sales person •A central communication system Offerings •Sales force after reaching a particular address will have to check in through mobile •The Check-in made will leave a time stamp as a proof of when the sales call was made •The map will guide the sales person new in a city •The communication system will allow the business to send a single message to the whole sales force •The sales person will also be able to send updates back Uses
    26. 26. Campus Orientation Businesses/Institutes with larges campuses spend lot of resource & time on orientation of new employees •Customized map where businesses can mark the venues in campus •Tips can be left about a particular location •Orientation games can be developed •It will help new employees to get acquainted with a place faster •Tips like working hours of gym, where to grab a good coffee will enrich the candidate experience •Orientation game with points given based on number of time one visits library, cafeteria etc can be developed. The orientation will complete after one visits all the places and collects a certain amount of points Offerings Uses
    27. 27. Loyalty Programs & Product Promotions How can businesses identify loyal customers and reward them •Identify & reward loyal customers •Promote new products •Attract Customers •Businesses can offer discounts and prizes based on the frequency of the visit of the customer to their location, or they can welcome first time visitors with an offer •Businesses can promote a new product/service by announcing it on the list, customers will be able to see it after checking into that particular location •If the users are near the business they will receive a message informing about special offers there Offerings Uses
    28. 28. Data Analytics How to monitor the customer and identify the trends •Complete statistics of the visitor profile •Data of check in timings •Product consumption Trends •The data will provide the age group of the visitors, the frequency of their visits, gender, education, languages spoken • Timings of visits, total number of visits will be given •Through the review businesses can find out what products are liked or disliked or which product is consumed more Offerings Uses
    29. 29. Event Promotion How to create interest about an event and promote it •Plan and announce an event •Users can confirm their attendance •Customized trophies for those checking in at the event •Businesses can create a buzz about their event •The confirmation from users will give them a rough idea of number of people attending it •Customized trophies will create a word of mouth publicity •Incentives can be offered to those checking in early at the event venue Offerings Uses
    30. 30. Revenue models of Compass • The rating given by users for different establishments like hotels, restaurants, etc. will be recorded. • Custom reports will be generated which will be sold off to companies. Analytics Market • This will be the city based advertisements. • Will be charged on a per day basis to the advertisers. Ticker Advertisements • These advertisements will be clickable buttons on mobile wallpapers which will lead the user to the advertiser’s website. • This will be charged on a per day basis. Dynamic Advertisements • These ads will come along with search results of any establishment like hotel, restaurants etc. • This will be charged on a per display of ads. Custom Text Advertisements
    31. 31. Revenue models of Compass • Developers will share Compass Apps and themes and share a part of their revenue with Directi Apps Development • This will be customized local ads that will be sent to user in bulk SMSes. • Charge will be charged on the basis of advertisements delivered. Bulk SMS advertisements • This app for custom map, day planner, central communication will charged a flat rate Sales force tracking • This app for custom map, games will charged a flat rate Employee Orientation
    32. 32. Profit of Compass Revenue share in the first year Net present values Normal Approach Optimistic Approach Pessimistic Approach NPV Rs 789 million NPV Rs 9.71 billion NPV Rs 113 million Financials (Please find the excel calculations below) Normal Approach Optimistic Approach Pessimistic Approach
    33. 33. Understanding Target Users Demographic • Age 15-35 • Students, working professionals • Middle to high income groups Geographic • Urban • Semi Urban Psychographic • Affiliation • Achiever • Experiencer • Outgoing • Socially active Behavioral • Spends lot of time on internet • Tech savvy • Tries new things
    34. 34. Go to Market strategy Phase 1: • Launch of compass • Informing potential users • Create a buzz Phase 2: • Spread the message further • Acquire new users through viral campaigns Phase 3: • Organic growth of users • Sustain the marketing • consolidate the position The marketing of Compass will be done in three phases:
    35. 35. Media Mix Event: Launch by a celebrity, Putting up kiosks in Malls, coffee shops & other public places Television: PR & Publicity, Coverage of Launch event Print: PR & publicity, Coverage of launch event Phase 1
    36. 36. Media Mix Phase 2 Ti e - U p s O f f l i n e P R O n l i n e
    37. 37. Media Mix Phase 2 Types Key word Targeted Ads Banner Ads Tie-Ups Social media Campaign Campaign Objective Drive traffic to website, Conversions Leverage popularity of other site Awareness, visibility, Brand Recall Tap the traffic of facebook and other networking sites through apps and contests
    38. 38. Key Word Targeted Ads Key words will be search for review of restaurants, hotels; Search for addresses; popular chains of restaurants, pubs etc
    39. 39. Banner Ads Banner ads will be put up in popular sites frequented by target group like music sites, sports site, yahoo, rediff , naukri ,etc. Please find an innovative ad in “” below. Please Unzip the file and then see makemytrip.html Innovative Advertisement
    40. 40. Tie Ups Key words will be search for review of restaurants, hotels; Search for addresses; popular chains of restaurants, pubs etc Search engines- So that content of Compass appears as search result. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo mail- To get real time updates and also to post Check ins as updates. for GPS tracking, incase indigenous system is not used. SMS partner - sites for sending bulk text message
    41. 41. Social Media Campaign Compass Cut outs will be put up in certain locations in the city. Competition will be launched where the users have to click picture in front of the cut outs and put them on their profiles. Winner will be selected based on number of pictures and number of likes received A video making competition with the theme as “How Compass effects the everyday life” will be launched. Videos have to be uploaded on Youtube/facebook. The one with maximum number of views will win.
    42. 42. Media Mix Phase 2 Viral Campaigns Unconventional Media Promotion Events
    43. 43. Viral Marketing Student Brand Manager in colleges Appoint brand managers in colleges For word of mouth publicity. Promote the advantages of location based Social networking. The college with maximum number of users wins How? Why?
    44. 44. Unconventional Media Menu cards- Ads on menu cards of CCD, Barista etc OOH TV-Users will be able to request songs on OOH tv through an APP. Bus, Train- Ads will given on local buses and trains Tickets- Ads on movie tickets , railway, air tickets etc Movie Theatres- Ads before movies and during intermission Standees – In popular places like pubs, restaurants etc
    45. 45. Events Sponsoring events like Rock shows, College fests etc Give away Compass Merchandise – T-shirt, mugs etc in On-the-spot competitions held in college campus, malls, restaurants etc
    46. 46. Strategic Tie-Ups Internet service providers • To promote compass on their home page when a customer logs in to access his internet connection Shoppers stop/Lifestyle • Giving loyalty points for Compass users to avail discounts by showing that they have checked in the store Mobile Service Providers • To provide Compass as an inbuilt bookmark • Advertisements on the bills of postpaid connections Music Bands • Bands like Euphoria, Parikrama will update their locations as they travel along for shows
    47. 47. PR Eminent technology columnists & bloggers will be invited to review Compass Celebrities like sport person, film stars etc will be roped in to open their account on Compass
    48. 48. Media Mix Phase 3 Online Events PR Online • Search engine Optimization • Key word based Search • It will be perennial Events • Online Competitions • Sponsoring events • It will be periodic PR • CSR activities • Supporting a cause • It builds credibility of the organization