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Sharp Divya Ramchandani, SunGard


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Sharp Divya Ramchandani, SunGard

  1. 1. SHARPDivya Ramchandani, SunGard Personal Brand Launch August 2011
  2. 2. One SUNny day, while aGUARD (GARD) was on duty… SUN- GuARD (-GARD)
  3. 3. He spots thieves (DIV’s) whoare trying to steal somethingfrom a private YAcht… YAcht (-YA)THIEVEs (DIV-)
  4. 4. He reaches for his pocket andthought he has brought his sharpknife… to his surprise, he broughthis son’s HARP instead… HARP (SHARP)
  5. 5. The next thing he knows, thethieves have driven off… and ofall places, to a nearby RANCH?!?! RANCH (RAMCH-)
  6. 6. AND what did this thieves grabfirst??? Not the gold, silver ordiamonds but HONEY for Lunch! -AND- HONEY (-ANI)
  7. 7. 5 Required elements needed here in a unique story! 3 Ranch+and+honey= Ramchandani (familyname)5 Recent Photo 4 Sun + Guard2Thieves + Yacht= Divya = SunGard (nickname) (work) Harp = Sharp (1-word descriptor)
  8. 8. Thieves+Yacht “Harp” Ranch+And+Honey, Sun+GuardDIVYA “SHARP” RAMCHANDANI, SUNGARD