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However every man should educate himself on this matter. If you're a man living in the United States, it is particularly important for you to know about the risks of prostate related problems.

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Prostate health center

  1. 1. Welcome To Prostate Health Center
  2. 2. Prostate Health Center Learn all you need to know about prostate health and how to maintain it ?
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  4. 4. Is self prostate massage really effective? • YES! Let us show you how to do it properly.
  5. 5. • If you haven't burdened yourself with a question of "What your prostate is?" • "What role it plays in a man's body?” you're certainly not alone most men don't. • However every man should educate himself on this matter. If you're a man living in the United States, it is particularly important for you to know about the risks of prostate related problems.
  6. 6. Prostate Health • Prostate Health complications are among the most common urological conditions affecting men worldwide. There are a number of conditions that develop if prostate health is not paid attention to. • For example did you know that? • Close to 85% of men worldwide develop some type of prostate problem by the age of 60! • This statistic is even more acute in United States, where 90% of men have or will suffer from prostate related problems at some point in their lifetime.
  7. 7. Prostate cancer • Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer found in men. • National Cancer Institute Estimates that in 2010 there were around 217,000 new cases of prostate cancer resulting in 32,000 deaths in United States alone. • BPH or Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy is a condition characterized by swelling of the prostate. • 50% of men between the ages of 50 and 60 will develop it, and by the age of 80, about 90 % will have experienced BPH symptoms! • BPH can have dreadful impact on your life. It can cause problems with urination and disrupt your sexual functions.
  8. 8. Prostatitis • Prostatitis is a horrid word to millions of men worldwide. Prostatitis can occur in men of almost any age and is exhibited by burning during urination or pain and discomfort in the pelvic area. • This condition does not respond well to most of the traditional treatments. • Antibiotics that are prescribed as treatment by most urologists are only effective in less than one third of all cases.
  9. 9. Colorectal Cancer • Colorectal Cancer one in 19 Americans will be diagnosed with colon cancer in their lifetime. Although colon cancer affects men and women equally, rectal cancer is more common in men. • When colon and rectal cancers are found early, there is nearly a 90% chance for cure. • Tightness in the anal muscles has been found to be the cause of much unexplainable prostate and testicular pain (University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center). Collectively they are referred to as colorectal cancers.
  10. 10. Erectile Dysfunction • Erectile Dysfunction is as common as cold in men over 30. • We start to lose muscle after the age of 30, and we'll lose roughly one third of our muscle mass between the ages of 50 and 80 and that is a reason for reduced blood flow in many of our muscles, the root cause of many sexual dysfunctions that we are experiencing after the age of 30.
  11. 11. • This website offers you a guide to the prostate and various conditions that can affect your health. • You'll see how men relieved the pain and swelling without drugs or surgery! • You will learn the holistic approaches to having a healthy, discomfort and pain free, fully functional sexual and urinary systems!
  12. 12. • It will lay out a definitive plan for you to prevent, treat or at the very least, ease your prostate problems. • Learn more and discover what it will take for you to prevent or conquer prostate conditions and have excellent prostate health!
  13. 13. More Information Prostate Health