Photo booth rental new york for your special day


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If you have been to a ton of parties and events in the past and they tend to follow the same protocol, then it feels boring and lifeless.

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Photo booth rental new york for your special day

  1. 1. Team Photo Booth
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  3. 3.  What are the things that you can do to make your special day unique and unforgettable?  If you have been to a ton of parties and events in the past and they tend to follow the same protocol, then it feels boring and lifeless.  This is the last thing that you want to happen during your special day.
  4. 4.  Add a photo booth rental New York. Actually, this kind of booth is an old fashioned way of taking photos because they have been around for many years inside shopping malls and arcades.  However, it has been modified into something useful for special events, occasions and parties.  They are now equipped with latest camera and technology when it comes to photo printing.
  5. 5.  Photo booths have captured the heart of different generations for many years.  The truth is that a photo booth can offer more than just photos because they can provide you with funny pictures, unlimited happiness and laughter that you will never experience by just hiring a photographer for your party.  You will get unique pictures that you can treasure for a lifetime. These photos are the best souvenir that you can give to your guests.
  6. 6.  However, you can only take advantage of the beauty of a photo booth if you will hire a reputable company like Team Photo Booth.  This company is one of the best in the industry because they can offer unlimited print of high quality pictures.  They can give each guest with unlimited photo strips that they can take home.
  7. 7.  They can offer you with three amazing packages that can offer the best deal.  The most affordable one is premium package that is worth $495.  It consists of unlimited photo prints, a full time attendant and two hours of continues photo shots.  All photos will be uploaded within their website and you will receive photo emails.
  8. 8.  Some wedding couples choose to hire a photo booth rental alone for their wedding while some choose to have a wedding photographer for formal photos and photo booth rental New York.  The best thing about having one is that it can add a different element of festivity to the occasion that a formal photographer cannot provide.
  9. 9.  Having a photo booth is the most popular thing to do especially during downtime period.  This is when the time that the bride and the groom are busy taking formal pictures with a photographer.
  10. 10.  This is also the time when your guests can come and go inside the photo booth and enjoy taking funny and candid photos using diverse props.  If you want different unique props, then you can choose the deluxe as well as ultimate package.  The best thing about the company is that they can customize their booth in order to suit your occasion.
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