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  1. 1. Network Engineering Title of the experiment: Use of Null 0 interface for loop avoidance 1) Make the connections of routers as per the following diagram. R3 S0 S1 R2
  2. 2. R1 S0 S1 E0 ��.2Consider that router R3 is an ISP backbone router, R1 is an ISP router and router R2 is a customer premises router. Assume that a block of is assigned by the service provider and some addresses of block is used by router R2. ��.3Configure static ip route between router R1 and R3 and default route from router R2 to R1as shown above in the diagram. 4) Also configure E0 interface of router R2 as shown above. 5) Try to ping unused IP address such as from router R3. It will be observed on R3 that it receives message from R1’s S0 interface that “icmp timeout occurs” because of the loop occurred between R1 and R2. ��.6Rectify the above situation by assigning static route of to Null 0 on R2. 7) Once step 6 is done, the packet destined to will be diverted to Null 0 and discarded later.
  3. 3. 8) Hence loop back can be avoided. Page 1 PTO] Router configurations - Router R1 – L0 = S0 = S1 = ip route Router R2 – L0 = E0 = S1 =
  4. 4. ip route Router R3 – L0 = S0 = ip route ip route