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BMW ppt

  1. 1. BMW Presented by : Deep Kaneriya Snehil Saranam Guided by :- Pratik More Prof. Deepa Hosur
  2. 2. BMW Germany: Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW AG) English: Bavarian Motor Works (BMW)
  3. 3. INTRODUCING BMW -BMW is a German Automobile, Motorcycle and Engine manufacturing company founded in 1913. -BMW head quarters is located at the munich ,germany. -The founder of the company is FRANZ JOSEF POPP.
  4. 4. History • BMW was founded in 1913 to manufacture aircraft engines in the Munich. • 1928, BMW set up a car manufacturing unit and started manufacturing a small car called 'Dixi’ . • It was BMW's first car and was marketed under the name BMW 3/15. • 328 roadster, were considered very advanced for their time, and the roadster was even nominated as the 'Car of the Century' in 1999.
  5. 5. Key features • 1961- launch of BMW 1500 a trendy sporting car • 1973- first overseas plant in south Africa • 1982- 1st euro car maker to set up subsidy in Japan • 1992- BMW outsold Mercedes Benz for the first time in Europe • 1993- BMW entered into joint venture with Rolls-Royce • 2003- BMW launched rolls Royce Phantom this high priced model around US $3,30,000 (₹ 2 Crores) • 2005- BMW sold a record breaking 769 units world wide
  6. 6. The Curve Effect • Christopher bangle chief designer brought our cars with more curvy designs which he called “flame surfacing” • Widely criticized by traditional designers they called them “bangle-ize” • Despite the criticism BMW sales increase year by year • This design was copied by rivals Lexus and Mercedes Benz • Main competitors Alfa romeo , audi , infiniti ,jaguar ,lexus • BMW LLC a subsidiary was established in USA 1975 it imported BMW mini rolls Royce cars and motor cycles
  7. 7. FIXING WHAT AIN’T BROKEN • “Company of Ideas" advertising campaign was unveiled in may 2006 • Wanted to take their brand beyond its traditional association with “YUPPIES” • 2005 BMW LLC record annual sales of 3,07,020 vehicles in the us up 4% over 2,96,111 vehicle sold in 2004 • bmw llc felt that almost 75% luxery car buyers in the u.s. were not considering as they still strongly associated with yuppie
  8. 8. BMW – The Ultimate Driving Machine • The original German slogan Freude am Fahren Whch means “joy in driving” • second largest selling European luxury car in America • consistency of the communication and logo • BMW has been the ultimate driving machine for 25 years • three separate advertising agencies • even though BMW retained its strategy .
  9. 9. Waiting For The Rest Of The World To Catch Up! • "They get there through passion and inspiration -- they aren't hindered by idea-killing bureaucracy.“ • BMW showcased its environmental sensitivity advertisements(eg: 745h hydrogen car). • They placed their ads in lifestyle publications as well as in magazines like Vogue, The Economist, Vanity fair etc. • A Jackson Pollock painting thrown in a dumpster.
  10. 10. BMW’s Print Ads • NO: Say “no” to compromise and say “yes” to innovative ideas. • MATCH: BMW has the freedom to build cars the way it wants to build them. • AIRBAGS: "Ideas don't have airbags to protect them." • RISKY: : A print ad prominently featuring a BMW 7 Series vehicle with the tag line "Not taking risks is risky“.
  11. 11. BMW’s TV ads • OVERTHINKERS: A shot of the Leipzig plant is seen with a voiceover explaining, "at BMW ideas are everything.“ • EUPHEMISMS: The ad focused on teaching a lesson to their counterparts without being too offensive. • ENEMY OF IDEAS: The ad that portrayed personality types, who created barriers to creativity.
  12. 12. Thankyu…!