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Say no to drugs final for 28 11 exam


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Say no to drugs final for 28 11 exam

  1. 1. West Bengal State UniversityJournalism & Mass Communication3rd SemesterPowerPoint PresentationID- 100 102 120 489
  3. 3. A drug, broadly speaking, is any substance that,when absorbed into the body of a living organism,alters normal bodily function. There is no single,precise definition, as there are different meanings in Drug control law Government regulations Medicine and Colloquial usage.
  4. 4.  “Medicines” are what you take when you’re sick or injured. Some, like the ADHD medications Adderall and Concerta, require a prescription from a doctor. Others are over-the-counter medicines, like aspirin or cough syrup, that you can buy without a prescription. The word “drugs” can be more confusing. Some people use it to mean illegal drugs that a doctor would never prescribe, like heroin or cocaine. Other people use it to mean both medicines and illegal drugs.
  5. 5.  Drug addiction is a complex brain disease. It is characterized by compulsive, at times uncontrollable, drug craving, seeking, and use that persist even in the face of extremely negative consequences Drug seeking becomes compulsive, in large part as a result of the effects of prolonged drug use on brain functioning and, thus, on behavior. For many people, drug addiction becomes chronic, with relapses possible even after long periods of abstinence.
  6. 6. People take drugs because they want to change something in their lives. Here are some of the reasons young people have given for taking drugs: To fit in To escape or relax To relieve boredom To seem grown up To rebel To experiment
  8. 8.  Think drugs are the solution to all problems Spend a lot of time figuring out how to get drugs and how to get money to buy drugs Have unusual mood swings — hr/she may be overly anxious, depressed, or irritable Have dropped out of regular activities and started hanging out with a group of drug-using friends Have stopped coming to school/workplace/college regularly Changed their sleep habits Lost or gained a lot of weight Look sick, tired, or even messy Seem to be taking more and more of the drug to get the same effect
  9. 9. Effect on individual, society & family People who use drugs experience a wide array of physical effects other than those expected. The excitement of a cocaine high, for instance, is followed by a crash: a period of anxiety, fatigue, depression, and an acute desire for more cocaine to alleviate the feelings of the crash. Marijuana and alcohol interfere with motor control and are factors in many automobile accidents. Users of marijuana and hallucinogenic drugs may experience flashbacks, unwanted recurrences of the drugs effects weeks or months after use. The users preoccupation with the substance, plus its effects on mood and performance, can lead to marital problems and poor work performance or dismissal. Drug use can disrupt family life and create destructive patterns of codependency, that is, the spouse or whole family, out of love or fear of consequences, inadvertently enables the user to continue using drugs by covering up, supplying money, or denying there is a problem. Drug abuse affects society in many ways. In the workplace it is costly in terms of lost work time and inefficiency. Drug users are more likely than nonusers to have occupational accidents, endangering themselves and those around them.
  10. 10. What to do to stopPolice must crack down with more arrests, moreconvictions, longer sentences, and moreseizures of drug dealers assets. A second battlefront is drug testing. Many government and business organizations are implementing testing on a routine basis in order to reduce the demand for drugs. The theory is simple. Drug testing is a greater deterrent to drug use than the remote possibility of going to jail. A third battleground is drug treatment. Those who are addicted to drugs need help. But the major question is who should provide the treatment and who should foot the bill. Private hospital programs are now a $4 billion- a-year business with a daily cost of as much as $50per bed per day. A forth battleground is education. Teaching children the dangers of drugs can be an important step in helping them to learn to say no to drugs. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that 72 percent of the nations elementary- and secondary-school children are being given some kind of drug education. Ask for support from other friends or adults if someone is really pressuring you to use drugs.
  11. 11. Remember, your body and your future belongs to you. Don’t let Drug control your life...