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Surakshit samudaya ii oct bkk2k x

  1. 1. Surakshit Samudaya : IISurakshit Samudaya : II A DIPECHO V Project of AA Nepal “Safer is Better”
  2. 2. Title of the Project: Surakshit Samudaya II Building Disaster Resilient Communities, Nepal Donor: DG ECHO Under fourth DIPECHO Action Plan for South Asia Project Start Date: 01 July 2009 Project End Date: 30 Sep 2010 + 2 months extension Project Locations: Sunsari, Udayapur, Banke 30 wards in 5 VDCs and 2 MPs Partners: UPCA, BEE Group, NP Nepal, Co-Action Direct Beneficiaries: 13536 people Project Budget: Euro 377,095 (including 15% co-finance)+ Co-financed by: AusAid – Australian Government PROJECT OVERVIEW
  3. 3. Project Objective: To strengthen capacities ofTo strengthen capacities of community and localcommunity and local institutions for reducing impactinstitutions for reducing impact of disasters and ensuring rightsof disasters and ensuring rights of disaster vulnerable peopleof disaster vulnerable people Result Areas: 1. Community capacity increased through collective action to reduce impact of disasters 2. Enabling environment created for sound policy framework 3. Increased awareness on DP 4. Model small scale mitigation work with government funding support PROJECT OVERVIEW
  4. 4. WHAT TO ACHIEVE - MOBILIZATIONMOBILIZATION REFLECT circles formed in all areas. DMCs formed in all areas. Community Institutions are strengthened Strong DMC working with local government – Strengthened DMC Networks
  5. 5. WHAT TO ACHIEVE – LIFE SKILLSLIFE SKILLS Volunteers are trained in Search and Rescue Volunteers are trained in First Aid Volunteers are oriented in disaster management
  6. 6. WHAT TO ACHIEVE - ATTITUDESATTITUDES All people are informed about Disaster Preparedness All families do disaster preparedness at home School Teachers are aware of DRR and ready to teach Disaster Preparedness in Class DMC and task forces are clear of their responsibilities DDC/VDC Secretaries are ready to allocate budget for DRR MOHA, NPC, MOLD and 15 other DRR Focal desk ready to collaborate on DRR policy implementation
  7. 7. WHAT TO ACHIEVE - MITIGATIONMITIGATION Bio Dyke/Embankments Community Based Early Warning System Safe Shelter, Tube Wells, School / Hospital Retrofitting… Mobilize 25% additional Fund
  8. 8. WHAT TO ACHIEVE - POLICYPOLICY People are aware of their rights, they network Work with government and CA, leading to DRR policy Promote an enabling environment to access rights
  9. 9. THEMATIC FOCUS – EDUCATIONEDUCATION REFLECT; PVA; Integration of PVA findings and lessons into REFLECT; ensuring community is informed on issues, policies, systems and methods.
  10. 10. THEMATIC FOCUS – WOMEN’S RIGHTSWOMEN’S RIGHTS Increased involvement of women in DRR initiatives… Orientation on differential vulnerabilities… Decision making position in local DMCs… Voices of women are heard!
  11. 11. APPROACHES – ENABLING & EMPOWERINGENABLING & EMPOWERING Community mobilization – developing informed local leadership – link people to administration – increase capacity to seek rights and assume responsibilities
  12. 12. APPROACHES – MASS CONSCIENTIZATIONMASS CONSCIENTIZATION Street theatre, awareness camps, rallies, FM radio, posters, wall paintings, hoardings, leaflets, announcements... People were exposed to continuous information, enabling high retention…
  13. 13.  Knowledge, Information and Materials sharing  Resource sharing; Human Resource, Money, Technology and Supervision  Exchange of Expertise, Idea and Innovations  Thematic and operational cross visit and Capacity building initiatives
  14. 14. APPROACHES – POLICY & GOVERNANCEPOLICY & GOVERNANCE People Led Advocacy – Taking HFA to Grassroots – Networking DMCs – Linkages with Government – HFA orientation to GO/NGO leaders – Sensitizing CA members – DIPECHO Nepal invited in Govt. decision Making DIPECHO is Part of National Platform, NAPA, DPNet, AIN, IASC All Major
  15. 15. STRATEGIC APPROACHSTRATEGIC APPROACH • Multi-agency initiatives have focused on a multi- pronged approach to policy advocacy. This includes: • Working with people, mobilizing community led advocacy (NNDAC, DMCs network) • Engagement by civil society networks (DPNet, DIMANN, NCDMC) • Cohesive approach by INGOs, NGOs, UN and Donors (AIN, UNDP, ECHO etc.) • Proactive Government Machinery (MoHA, MoLD, DHM, NPC) • Political Engagement (CA members, political parties)
  16. 16. ACHIEVEMENTSACHIEVEMENTS • People’s Caravan on UNISDR Day; DRR Toolkit launching are collective advocacy efforts • Public announcement from President of Nepal, Prime Minister, Dy. Prime Minister, Home Minister, Home Secretary, Jt. Secretary (MoHA) that revised DM Act will be taken up soon • Revised DM Act has moved fast within the ministries in last 6 months and is a step away from legislation. Act will complement and strengthen NSDRM.
  18. 18. PROMISING PRACTICES!!PROMISING PRACTICES!! • Rural – Urban – National – Regional (?) • REFLECT – Social mobilization beyond DRR • DMC - Capacity to take charge of DRR and Development • Policy in to Practice – Working with the government - NSDRM application all over Nepal • Collaboration and cooperation – Coordination at all level
  19. 19. IMPLEMENTING METHODS • Integrate DIPECHO within AAN program framework. Monitoring and supervision through ERC and WRC • RC PSOs (EDM Focal persons) to directly monitor the project. DIPECHO team to act as advisors, technical support team • Budget holder is DIPECHO PM. But all approvals and decisions to be routed through RCs. Partners will directly report to RCs
  20. 20. THE SPIRIT • Sound and efficient communication between project and RC team – not just a project – Sustainability! • Maintain and respect the agreed protocols on guidance, monitoring and supervision – Mainstreaming DRR! • DIPECHO the launching/learning pad to integrate DRR into DIs – Scaling up!
  21. 21. PARTNERSHIPS AND COLLABORATIONS • With Practical Action : We offer PVA, they give us CBEWS • Handicap International : Mainstreaming disability into DRR • UNDP/UNOCHA/UNICEF : Advocacy, Capacity Building and Policy influencing • Oxfam : Joint Advocacy for policy initiatives • AIN, DPNet, DIMANN… Joint efforts on ISDR/ESD • 8 DIPECHO partners – Joint efforts, complement and strengthen coordination (Action Aid, CARE, Danish Red Cross, Handicap International, Mercy Corps, Mission East, Oxfam GB Practical Action)
  22. 22. DIPECHO NEPAL TEAM EXTENDED Khemraj Archana Nahakul Suresh Pramod CORE Krishnan Shyam Ashok Pratima Shaurabh