Orientation on Disaster Management and Children issues                                  Program Report                    ...
Achievements:Children were well aware about the various types of disaster occurrence .7 Child clubs were formedfrom 7 diff...
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11 children and drr april 2010 english


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11 children and drr april 2010 english

  1. 1. Orientation on Disaster Management and Children issues Program Report April 2010Background:UPCA Nepal in collaboration with Action aid is conducting different Program Organizeractivities of disaster preparedness through SURAKSHIT UPCA NepalSAMUDAYA II in Inaruwa municipality ,Babiya V.D.C and NarsingV.D.C.For the disaster preparedness ,Disaster Management Program CoordinationCommittes has been formed in the respective areas.In awareness Prakop Bebasthapan Samitisprogram before only the youths and adults were involved .But for Program Date:the sustainability of the awareness program in working area Narsing 4,1 (23,24 April 2010),children should be oriented.Therefore one day orientation Babiya 6,8 (23,24 April 2010)program was organized for SURKHSHIR SAMUDAYA 2 working Inaruwa 3.6.5(23,24,25 April 2010)areas children. Facilitators:In the program ,children from Babiya 1,6 and 8 ,Narsing 1 & 4 and Shivahari KhatiwadaInaruwa 3 ,5 and 6 participated actively .This report is prepared Manmaya Niroulaincluding activities and achievements of the program . Dev Narayan SharmaPrograms objectives: Discussed Matter in the program:• To involve the children in awareness • What is disaster and its different kinds ? program for the disaster preparedness and • Identification of hazards. disaster management . • Ideas to reduce the risk of earthquake ,Wind• To encourage them to organized their and flood . groups in awareness program . • Roles and situation of children during disaster period.• To make them aware about the rights of • Their rights during disaster period from the safety because they are the ones who are state. most affected during disaster period.To • What is child club ,groups and Social map ? orient them about cause and affects of disaster and its various types.Programs Methodology: • Meeting was organized with DMCs to SN Name of fole 6-18 Age participation make them clear about concept of in tole in Orientation formation of child clubs . • In the orientation program children were 1 Babiya 8 Bahardadr tole 169 78 gathered from each wards of working 2 Babiya 6 sukrahat tole 77 67 area . 3 Narsing 4 Tapara tole 498 117 • They were oriented about the disaster management and disaster 4 Narsing 1 Karakhana tole 164 74 preparedness .They agreed to mobilize Inaruwa 6 khikripatti 85 61 in awareness campaign in Disaster 5 6 Inaruwa 5 Musahari tole 85 26 preparedness. Discussed with DMCs to develop child club leadership for 7 Inaruwa 3 Kangsamadan 160 52 disaster preparedness and Total 1238 475 management . • 7 Child clubs were formed in ward level.UPCA NepalInateraction of Children and DRRProgram Report Appril 2010
  2. 2. Achievements:Children were well aware about the various types of disaster occurrence .7 Child clubs were formedfrom 7 different toles which will help them to discuss about the kinds of disasters .These child clubswill be under protection of Disaster Management Committees. Community mass meeting hasagreed to prepare a ToR or bye law of child club for the organization development and to mobilizedthem ,It has created a environment to organized child clubs for awareness campaign.Namelist of the child clubs in ward level:Babiy 8 Bahardar Tole Babiya 6 ,Shukarahaat tole Inaruwa 3 ,KansamadanBabita kumari Sharma President Saroj Singh Mehata President Sunita Shah PresidentRambha Kumari Sharma Vice President Babita Kumari Mehata Vice President Balika Bhattarai SecretaryPramod Daas Secretary Manita Kumari Mehata Secretary Kamala Chaudhary treasurerBindu Kumari Sharma Vice Secretary Tej Narayan Mehata Vice Secretary Ranjit Chaudhary MemberSunita Kumari Sharma Member Manoj Kumar Mehata Member Swastika Chaudhary MemberSita Kumari Sharma Member Pinkey Kumari Mehata(a) Member Prem Sadha MemberAasha Kumari Sharma Member Pinkey Kumari Mehata(b) Member Manan Sadha MemberGuriya Sharma Member Sunil Kumar Mehata Member Uma Magar MemberBhagyawanti Sharma Member Dinesh Kumar Mehata Member kiran Sadha MemberShyam Kumar Sharma Member Puja Kumari Mehata Member Lakenshwor Sadha MemberRaj Kumar Sharma Member Bidhyanand Mehata Member Pashupati Chaudhary AdvisorShahtri Sharma Member Doomi Kumari Bahardar Member Rita Chaudhary AdvisorPankaj Sharma Member Sangita Kumari Mehata MemberNarsing 4 Tapara Tole Narsing 1 Karkhana Tole Inaruwa 6 Khikripatti ToleIbrahim Mansuri President Kalam Mansuri President Umesh Urau PresidentRehana Khatun Vice Saraj Mansuri Vice Shehenaz Khatun Vice - President President PresidentSogra Khatun Secretary Sanjay Mandal Secretary Bimala Urau SecretaryRaish Ansari Vice Irfan Mansuri Vice Sushmita Urau vice - Secretary Secretary SecretarySalim Ansari Member Awerun Khatun Member Manisha Urau TreasurerGafar Ansari Member Rukshana Khatun Member Sarswati Urau MemberMunni khatun Member Raju Kumar Urau Member Ajay Urau MemberRoshan Khatun Member Meharun Khatun Member Ashotam Mouli MemberSafal Mansuri Member Radha Kumari Khatun Member Krishna Urau MemberInaruwa 5 Musahari ToleNanu Sadha President Sushila Sadha Member Anil Sadha MemberRekha Sadha Vice President Durga Sadha Member Munur Sadha MemberUpendra Sadha Secretary Parwati Sadha (a) Member Suraj Sadha MemberPabitra Sadha Vice Secretary Parbati Sadha (b) MemberUPCA NepalInateraction of Children and DRRProgram Report Appril 2010