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Era of Hardware Assisted Native Hypervisors (Virtual Machines)



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More and more software solutions are getting installed on either virtual machines or cloud. Core of both of approaches is invariably Hardware assisted virtualisation technology.
Focus of this presentation is Native Hypervisors’ running over current generation of x86_64 desktops and servers hardware.

Topics covered are:
A. Hypervisors
1. What are Virtual Machine & Hypervisor?
2. Types of Hypervisors and its usage
3. Advantages of Hypervisor
4. Start of a new Era
5. Hardware Assisted Virtualization

B. I/O Operations
1. Emulated Devices
2. Paravirtual Devices
3. Hardware Assisted Devices
3.1. Exclusively & directly connected Devices
3.2. Virtual Machine aware Devices

C. Native Hypervisors in Market
1. Available Hypervisors
2. Comparison
3. Commercial Offerings
4. Virtual Machines used in Public Clouds

D. Appendix: Recommended Reading
1. Recommended related topics
2. Topics for Further Reading
3. References

E. Appendix: Additional Topics
1. New Protection ring in CPU for Hypervisors
2. Support of Nested pages in CPU for Hypervisors
3. Pre 'VM aware CPUs' Era

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