REAL ESTATE: Premier VIP Buyer


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Become a Premier VIP Buyer

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REAL ESTATE: Premier VIP Buyer

  2. 2. What Makes Us Unique? DIOR EXECUTIVE REALTY is a full- service real estate company with the most experienced and knowledgeable sales executives in the marketplace. Our expertise unleashed on your unique real estate needs create the greatest opportunities for success and the best customer service experience you will ever have!
  3. 3. Planning For Your PurchaseSTEP ONE: Know Your Purchasing PowerSTEP TWO: Prioritize Your Property Needs And DesiresSTEP THREE: Close The DealSTEP FOUR: Make A Stress-free Transition
  4. 4. There Every Step Of The Way. We are there for you!STEP ONE: Your Purchasing Power STEP THREE: Close the deal!• Create/evaluate your budget. • Becoming a prepared Premier VIP Buyer,• Build a relationship with a lender, if required strengthens your negotiating power with• Reduce your debt to prepare for purchase sellers.• Estimate new home expenses i.e, closing • Sellers favor offers made by Buyers who are costs, taxes, insurance, etc. ready to complete the transaction.• We help prepare you for the process (costs,• Our in-house settlement review specialist is financing, closing… thus giving you peace of there is assist you with the paperwork and mind. details of the transaction.STEP TWO: Prioritize Desires STEP FOUR: Make a stress-free transition• Seek out neighborhoods • Your Executive Closing Concierge will assist• Define home styles and function with handling all of the details.• Consider schools, conveniences, amenities• Set timelines and benchmarks
  5. 5. Know Your Purchasing PowerKnowledge is POWER!There are two types of costs incurred when buying ahome: 1. Monies needed for the initial purchase. (Down payment, inspection fees, taxes and attorney or administrative fees) and, 2. Ongoing costs of mortgage payments, insurance, and property taxes. Lenders assess the ability to purchase by using formulas to determine payment capabilities.We help you determine what you can afford before youbegin the home search and purchase process.Knowing what you can afford will help ensure that youare looking at homes in your price range and that youcan make a successful offer on.
  6. 6. Prioritize Your Desires Our Premier VIP Home Selection Guide and Image Gallery helps you zero in on the details of your new home, its location, amenities, conveniences and your personal requirements. Defining your needs and desires upfront eliminates frustration and shortens the time between beginning your search and finding your dream home– without wasting your valuable time!
  7. 7. Close The DealNegotiatingThe negotiation process deals with many of thesame issues for both buyers and sellers. The marketknowledge of your Sales Executive is invaluablewhen assisting with your negotiations. We willprovide you with current market valuations on thehomes you choose to pursue purchasing.Your expert advisor by your side.Your Sales Executive will be there to help guide youthrough the entire process. Between the initial salesagreement and closing (or settlement), questions,or issues may arise. The required paperwork aloneis overwhelming for most buyers. We are yourpersonal resource to objectively help you resolvethese issues and move the transaction to closing (orsettlement).
  8. 8. Stress-Free Transition All Premier VIP Buyers Enjoy The Benefit Of A Post-closing Executive Concierge! • Finding your new home • Assisting with financing • Coordinating your movers • Managing change of address • Helping with kids and pet requirements • Scheduling lawn care and much more* * Additional services available however additional fees may apply.
  9. 9. Why Choose Us?Advantages are endless1. We are uniquely knowledgeable in marketing, sales, negotiations, finance and settlement.2. We are with you every step of the way.3. Our local market knowledge is comprehensive and industry superior.4. We assist in crafting your purchase plan and executing that plan seamlessly.5. We act as your closing advisor and personal Real Estate Executive.6. Post-closing benefits include your very own Executive Concierge!7. You’ll receive our Buyer’s Guide to Premier VIP Buying.8. Local Businesses participate and provide great vouchers, discounts and Tampa Bay gifts.
  10. 10. Why Choose Us?Advantages are endless Every Premier VIP Buyer receives a Home Warranty plan which covers their new home for One (1) Full Year.* *Special terms, limitations, conditions and restrictions may apply.
  11. 11. Privacy|Confidentiality Privacy Policy At DIOR Executive Realty, we respect your privacy. Our Premier VIP Members have included top-tier singers, actors, directors, writers, producers, athletes, sports figures, doctors, lawyers, as well as corporate CEO’s. We respect and value the privacy of our VIP Members in business transactions and more specifically, in real estate transactions which involve their homes. Discretion is especially critical with all of our VIPs. We safeguard the handling of your transaction and exercise the utmost confidentiality. We maintain secure files and communication plans are menu-styled to allow for customization. We communicate with you in a manner and frequency that is agreed upon; we will not send you anything that you dont wish to receive and you can manage your email alerts in your Account Settings or unsubscribe at any time.
  12. 12. PREMIER VIP BUYER Thankproviding you withWe look forward to you. Legendary Service! (813) 704-2833