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Media Project 3


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TV Drama Project

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Media Project 3

  1. 1. SUMMARY OF SHOW the same prize as the contestant to lost in theMy Show is called “Every Little Counts” as it’s a game show where fourth round.every point matters. It’s a show targeted at the youth ages between 13-17, each week children have a chance to battle it out against some of TIMINGthe world’s most popular celebrities. There will be 5 rounds where ifyou win then you are a step closer to be in the rapid fire round and if The first, second and third round are 5 minutesyou lose you will suffer the consequences (e.g. Points taken off etc.) each, the fourth round is 3 minutes and the rapid fire round is 1 minute as the remainingTEAMS, ROUNDS & PRIZES child has to answer 10 questions in a limited amount of time. The award ceremony will be 2 The 2 celebrities and 4 chosen child contestants will mix into teams. In minutes and the time in-between will be thethe first round points are worth 5 points, second round 10 and third 15. presenters explaining the topic , rulesThe team who are winning by the third round will go into the fourth introducing the contestants and making jokesand the two children will battle it out and are a step closer towards the to make this quiz entertaining.rapid fire round. The team that didn’t manage to get to the fourthround will sadly go home but not empty handed as they will win prizesfor participating in the quiz but they will be inferior prizes compared tothe two remaining contestants. In the fourth round points will be 50each, the child that loses will have to leave the quiz but with superiorprizes compared to the children that left in the third round. Thewinning contestant will proceed to the rapid fire round where he has 1minute to answer 10 questions. At the 30 second mark the lastcontestant is given a deal which he can accept or decline (for e.g. Thechild is at 6 points “I will give you 2 extra points in exchange of 15seconds of your remaining time leaving you with 15 seconds to answertwo questions correctly”). If the child gets all the questions right hewill get the grand prize such as a PSP or XBOX but if he loses he will get
  2. 2. Name: Henry Age: 13 School Year: Year 9 Occupations: Watching TV, Swimming, Reading Books, Rugby and Playing Out With Friends Interests: Rugby, Swimming, Water Polo and Quizzes Favourite TV Channels: DisneyType Of TV Genre’s He Like’s To Watch: Sitcom’s, Channel, Cartoon Network, CBBC and DisneyQuiz, Sport, Cartoon, Animation and Drama XDFavourite Shows: Suite Life On Deck, 4 O’Clock Show’s He Would Like To See More Off:Club and Copycat Game Shows, Sport Shows and more Sitcom’s
  3. 3. Billboards I would show it couple weeks Bus Advertisement prior to show coming on air and I would show it couple stop the advertisement after the weeks prior to show coming first 3 episodes. It will be shown on air. Shown regularly in busy area’s such as central along busy bus routes as London near theatre’s as they will catch a lot of attention have big and eye catching billboards. TV AdvertisementRadio Advertisement I would show it couple weeks prior toI would advertise this show show coming on air and stop theon the radio stations which Newspaper Advertisement advertisement after the first 6 episodes.regularly have advertisement I would advertise it in popular It will be shown regularly on children’ssuch as Capital but after the newspapers such as The channels as it will catch the eye of ourshow has got quite a bit of Sun, News Of The World and I target audience and we will be aroundpublicity I will stop it and put will pay for them regularly so 30 seconds as I don’t want it to be tomore money on to other main people can see it and take a long.sources of advertisement interest in the show and show their children.
  4. 4. Welcome to all newshow Every LittleCounts on CartoonNetwork, I’m your Today’s show consists of 6 contestants on eachpresenter today Kevin team 2 celebrities and 4 lucky kids. Today thereHart are three 3 minute rounds who ever wins goes to the fourth and the two contestants faces each other. The smartest of them all will go to the final and have a chance of answering 10 questions in 1 minute and take home our wonderful prize of the day. A Xbox 360!!! Let’s introduce our lucky contestants first of all the blue team. Mathew’s 15 and Sarah’s 13 and they’re from Newcastle. JUSTIN BEIBER The celebrity on their team is drum rolls please *drum rolls*
  5. 5. On the red team isTyler 14 and Gabbie14 from London. The MILEY CIRUScelebrity on theirteam is drum rollsplease *drum rolls* Round 1: Start the 3 minute timer now To see the outcome of this episode watch ‘Every Little Helps on Cartoon Network at 5:30 this Thursday
  6. 6. I constructed my title sequence in this way as I wanted it to consist of most of the elements of my quiz show. Myfont is informal as it’s aimed at teenagers and I wanted it to look unique and fun compared to other quiz shows asthey’re my main contenders, the text is rather feminine, it’s sans serif and curved which helped it create a informalfeel. I also included the celebrities Rihanna and Ne-Yo as these are the type of celebrities coming on to this showand are helping the children on there team to win the grand prize, they are both waving as a way to represent whenthey are being called on stage and wave at the audience. I included the presenter Kevin Hart as you need to knowwho the presenter is going to be on a quiz show as he opens and closes the show and makes it entertainingthroughout the quiz by what he does, it helps you to get a sense of what type of show it is as if it’s a stereotypicalold man as a presenter. You would see it as being a formal show and for a older target audience it helps he’s acomedian as you know from the minute you see him the show is going to be interesting and amusing.I included the children as it’s a live show and there will be crowds cheering on the contestants, it also gives it acompetitive feel as if your on stage you don’t want to let the audience and yourself down. I also used a teenager inthe top right as he will be type of contestants in the quiz (teenagers) which links to the top right as there are twocontestants battling it out to win the prize on this game show. I constructed it in this way as it involved the mainelements I want to get across in my game show once in a life time opportunity, celebrities, competitive, fun, entertaining and nerve racking.