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The teaching profession

This presentation shows the nature and concept of teaching profession.

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The teaching profession

  1. 1. Welcome to Teaching Profession! The Four Beliefs of an Effective Teacher: • It is the teacher who makes the difference in the classroom. • By far the most important factor in school learning is the ability of the teacher. • There is an extensive body of knowledge about teaching that must be known by the teacher. • The teacher must be a decision maker able to translate the body of knowledge about teaching into increased student learning.
  2. 2. Teaching can be regarded in 3 ways:  Teaching as a profession.  Teaching as a mission.  Teaching as a vocation.
  3. 3. Teaching as a profession! “Teaching is a noble profession.”  When we say profession it refers to ‘work’, ‘job’, ‘career’, ‘occupation’.
  4. 4. If you consider teaching as a profession then:  You must be willing to go through a long period of preparation.  You must be willing to go through continuing education. (continuous development of potentials)  You have to strive for excellence.  You commit yourself to moral, ethical, and religious values and dedicate yourself to service.
  5. 5. Teaching as a mission! If teaching is your mission then it means:  It is a “task” entrusted to you in this world.  It is your assigned task, thus, you have to prepare for it.  It calls for a continuing professional education.
  6. 6. Teaching as a vocation! If teaching is your vocation then it means: You said YES to your call to teach! You commit yourself in the total transformation of the learner. You consider teaching as a lifetime commitment thus aim through the years towards quality teaching.
  7. 7. “Teaching may not guarantee financial security but love of teaching has served as a motivating factor to many teachers through the years”. Teaching has remained inspiring & fulfilling.
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