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Ways to quit painkillers


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Today's man has some specific love interests- love for fast car, fast life, fast food and painkillers. Without all these life comes to a standstill. It is same in all age- groups. We do not have time to sit and relax and think whether we are heading for hell or heaven. In other words we don't even realize whether we are good to our body or we are torturing it to beyond limits. About fast car, fast food and fast life much is talked about. It leaves us with painkillers.

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Ways to quit painkillers

  1. 1. Ways to quit painkillersAuthor: Dion SilvaTodays man has some specific love interests- love for fast car, fast life, fast foodand painkillers. Without all these life comes to a standstill. It is same in all age-groups. We do not have time to sit and relax and think whether we are heading forhell or heaven. In other words we dont even realize whether we are good to ourbody or we are torturing it to beyond limits. About fast car, fast food and fast lifemuch is talked about. It leaves us with painkillers. Like children have fascinationand attachment towards chocolates and toys, in the same way we have it forpainkillers.Who would go to a doctor and sit for his turn to come for check-up? Instead thebest and the fastest way to get rid of the pain is gulping painkiller. Painkilleraddiction is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. Many adore and admire itbecause of its painkilling qualities especially those who are battling to cure somesort of pain for years. This comes as a relief and they are under the impressionthat the drug is harmless.
  2. 2. Unawareness of the gross impact a lot of people get addicted to oxycontin and thetreatment for oxycontin is something that is seen as unnecessary. They believethat how come one need rehab for oxycontin when the drug comes with pain reliefproperties. A regular check on the intake of painkillers is a must. Family memberscan keep a watch on the number of pills anyone is popping in at the slightestinstance. If this persists for long, better to get rehab intervention. Treatment foroxycontin includes detox program. This is not something that an amateur can do.This only works well in rehab for oxycontin. Moreover there are many principlesand methodology that the rehab staff employs to make the addict quit this strangebut lethal addiction.The body will go through a painful time while trying to leave oxycontin addiction. Iguess the equation works in a fair manner. You have put all your efforts to curbthat pain by taking these painkillers as if its a no big deal. Nausea, cramping andrestlessness are some ways through which your body tries to kick the muckaccumulated inside. It shouldnt generate any fear. Thanks to rehab supportquitting has become less dreadful to many. They have realized that this is the onlyeffective way to regain sanity and normalcy.Seek help in timeAddiction is falling prey to a negative habit which leads to serious repercussions.There are many people who are addicted to alcohol, drugs, TV, sex etc. When aperson indulges in something compulsively without thinking about theconsequences he is actually getting addicted to that habit. Eventually he becomesan addict. The funny thing is that you will find addicts justifying their actions citingdifferent reasons which in reality are simple problems which can be solved throughdiscussions. Finally when this negative habit takes a toll on the person’s health herequires immediate medical attention.Most addicts do not give importance to the severity of the problem. In most casesthey deny that they are actually suffering from addiction. It becomes difficult forothers like their family members to make them understand the gravity of theproblem. To make them undergo treatment it is necessary to take their consent.When addicts realize that they are having a problem it is usually when things goterribly wrong for them. However the good news is that there is professional helpwhich comes in handy in a situation like this. There are many addiction recoverycentres which conduct programs to enable addicts to kick their addiction.A person becomes an addict when the activity he indulges in gives him pleasure.Gradually it turns into a habit and affects the psyche of the individual. Problemsoccur when the addiction becomes worse and the addict is unable to shake off thehabit. Substance addiction often turns fatal.
  3. 3. This is happening in many families. Family members are often ignorant aboutwhat’s happening with one of them and what they should be doing. It is only whenmatters get worse that they, approach for professional help. It is very importantthat addicts should get help in time followed by subsequent treatment.Addiction causes differ from people to people. In most cases it has been observedthat it occurs due to some psychological problem. However the interesting part isthat the reasons for turning into an addict are more or less similar. Addicts areusually loners. They find it difficult to discuss their problems with others.Therefore to get respite from their feeling of emptiness they resort to addiction orsubstance abuse. Therefore families should seek information on addiction fromconcerned authorities in order to deal with this situation. They should get in touchwith rehabilitation centres so that the affected member can help on time. This willenable an addict to return back to normalcy.Adderall Drug Abuse and Alcohol Over consumptionPsychostimulants are drugs which bring a temporary improvement in the mentalas well as the physical condition of an individual. Adderall is one of suchpsychostimulant sold under the brand name of same. According to scientistsadderall increases the amount of dopamine which is a kind of neurotransmitterproduced bu the brains of many organisms including human beings. Adderall is also known to increase libido, alertness, concentration and cognitiveperformance. Available in two formations, IR or Instant Release and ER orExtended Release, it is also known for reducing fatigue.This brand was first launched in market by a pharmaceutical company called ShirePharmaceuticals in 1996. Adderall also acts as an catalyst as far as increasingblood pressure is concerned. Adderall is also infamous as a study drug in manyuniversities as it helps in increasing concentration and other cognitive skills. Notonly that, this drug also helps in focusing energy to a level that is higher than thenormal level.Overdose of adderall like any other drug might land those who are addicted to itsconsumption in pitfalls as due to its capacity to increase blood pressure, adderallcan also cause sudden death, stroke and heart attack. Regular dosage of adderallcan also a temporary decrease in height among children which prevents themfrom attaining full height as an adult. It might also result in the reduction ofappetite which might also lead to weight loss and changes in vision. It can alsomake adolescents aggressive.
  4. 4. Women who are pregnant should not consume this drug at all as it may haveunwanted effects. Prolonged use of this drug can cause extreme fatigue,irritability, mental depression and insomnia. Adderall is a drug the use of whichhas been restricted by many athletic organizations . Adderall abuse has led tothe suspension of many athletes such as New Orleans Saint kicker Garrett Hartleyin the National Football League,2009. As far as students are concerned , use ofadderall has been reported among 14 % of the student population of TheUniversity of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.Along with these drugs another major problem of addiction is the one that iscaused by any alcoholic drink containing ethanol which can be easily divided intothree categories namely beers, wines and spirits. Over consumption of alcohol canresult in the cirrhosis of liver which can be very fatal. Malabsorption,cardiovascular diseases, chronic pancreatitis and damage to central nervoussystem as well as peripheral nervous system is brought upon by the excessiveconsumption of alcohol.Individuals who are very much addicted to alcohol become a victim of behavioralproblem and severe bouts of depression. It is advised to the family members ofsuch individuals that they get the concerned person admitted in the alcoholrehab center as soon as possible where proper treatment of such people can bedone through medication and counseling.Contact details: Sober Living by the Sea 4816 Seashore Drive, Suite B, Newport Beach, CA 92663 Get Help Now…! Call: - 866.323.5609 Email ID: Website: