Ways to cure an addict!


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If you want to get out of this unusual habit or you want to pull your near ones out of such pitfalls then be more aware of addiction recovery methods. Here are some usually addiction recovery information that will help you recover from your current distressed situation.

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Ways to cure an addict!

  1. 1. Ways to cure an addict!Author: Dion SilvaAddiction can be defined as an obsessive or habitual requirement of a substance.It could also be an compulsive or fanatical relationship to a behavior. If youconstantly feel a dire need for some object all the times or at specific times thenyou can be considered as an addict. This could be like usage of chemicals such asdrugs, alcohol, or tobacco; any substance such as food, water, beverages,chocolates; or a behavior like viewing pictures, constantly watching TV or surfingthe net or playing computer games for consistent hours in a day.If you want to get out of this unusual habit or you want to pull your near ones outof such pitfalls then be more aware of addiction recovery methods. Here aresome usually addiction recovery information that will help you recover fromyour current distressed situation.More often than not you can spot out the symptoms of addiction all by yourself.Think if you particularly use a substance or behavior quite often. Do you hide andlie about the use of a substance from friends and family members? When do youfeel the absolute need to use that substance or behavior? Are you so obsessedwith your substance than you can trade your relationships quite easily? – If any ofthese questions have a positive answer then you might be an addict.
  2. 2. Addiction is usually caused due to a deep feeling of emptiness, incompleteness orlow self esteem within a person. If you want to help a loved one recover from amess then stop believing anything that person tells or wants you to be convincedabout. In case of chronic drug or alcohol addiction send that person to arehabilitation center for proper treatment and care under experienced supervision.Set boundaries for the addicted person. Do not give in to their innumeroustantrums or pressure situation that they might create. Don’t provide money andnecessary items to make an addicts life more comfortable. Show them the hardway to earn it.When a person realizes how important it is to work hard and fight for a goodsurvival they will quit their addiction and become normal. One very importantpoint is never loose your focus when you are trying to help someone else. Don’tindulge yourself into same substance or activities while helping your near one outof it. Such useful steps can help addicted persons to recover faster.Drug addiction- A social evilThe prevalence of the social evil of drug addiction is a black spot for the society.You must not be aware of the fact that it is killing thousands of people across theworld each year. Well yes it is right that it does not kill all its patients but thosewho survive with it are living a life worst than hell. The worst part is that it is mostpopular seen in the younger generations who can’t cope up with the pressures andsocial demands. It is sad to know that the upcoming generation is getting involvedin such life taking social evils.Well not only talking of the teens, this drug addiction culture has left no particularlevel of the society or a people of particular age group. It has major effected all ofthem more or less to all levels and age groups in the city. Addictive drugs are notonly sold through the drug dealers but they are very easily available at anypharmacy. Drug addiction is basically over dose any particular drug or chemical inthe body which makes your head spin. It is very hard for a person to come out ifthis habit, but they are really willing to do that then there are ways by whichnormal life routine can be restored.There are many drug rehabs like the st. louis drug rehab and the midwestdrug rehab are carrying out effective programs which are very useful and cancure a person who is suffering from drug addiction. The sole purpose of the rehabcenters is help the person to stop the use of drugs and live a drug-free life, andalso to become a good family and social member. The centers and theirprofessionals are very effective in restoring the physical, mental and emotionalstate of an individual. These three states are the ones most affected by the habitof drug addiction in an individual.
  3. 3. Drug addiction is very harmful to mankind. We must make efforts to spreadawareness among the people that how harmful is the habit of drug addiction andhow it can destroy your normal life, and ultimately it will destroy you. So pull upyour sleeves to stop the drug abuse as well as help the victims to come out of itand restore normal routine. It is very important to make a difference insomebody’s life who needs help.Rehabs that make a Huge DifferenceThe market is full of social evils which are ready to attack the human race. It is wewho have to make the efforts to put up a fight against them. There are so manyaddictions that people are acquiring now a days. We are under the wrongimpression that only the younger generation is getting affected by it or only theones who prone to all the addictive social evils. But this is not the case, researchesand data from the rehab centers have shown that people from all walks of life aswell as all age groups are affected by it. Stress is something which has spared noone.A student to a CEO of a world renowned company is suffering from one or theother kind of stress. Therefore in order to counter this stress people are usingmany methods like alcohol consumption, drug addiction, smoking etc. these arefew we many know but there are many other ways. There is nowadays a muchknown addiction which is known as oxycontin addiction. In this type of addiction,the person is habituated to pain killing drugs. Therefore there is urgent need toget cured if you are suffering from it.The only way to get rid of the addiction is going to a rehab for oxycontin andtaking treatment for them. This is the only and most effective way to get rid of it.The oxycontin rehab offer many types of treatments like offsite treatments toresidential treatments or even a methadone clinic in some cases. You are the onewho chooses which is good for you. They basically detoxify the patient initially, thisprocess may last for longer period or even a shorter period, and this depends onthe physical condition of the patient.After the process of detoxifying the body to free it completely from the drug, theyput the patient through a session of counseling where with the person is dealt witha psychological approach to make sure that the problem vanishes from its root,and does not reoccur in near future. It gives the patient a pain free and happy life.Drug addictions are very bad for the financial as well as social health of theindividual and if they are not tackled at the right time, and then they caneventually lead to death of the victim, so please extend your hand to help thevictim if you know somebody like that.Understanding the addictFor many years now, scientists and researchers have tried to find a pattern in theelusive details of addiction and the psychology of addicts. The question that theyare trying to answer is why some people get hooked on to certain substanceswhile the others don’t. What factors, external or internal, influence this? They
  4. 4. have been trying to get inside the brains of the addicts to understand what theyfeel, what keeps driving them towards certain substances and what keeps themfrom being able to quit. As some of these questions are getting answered, thereare several aspects of addiction that still escape them.There are several external and internal factors that affect the psychology of anaddict. External factors are the factors associated with the environment both inhomes and outside especially during the subjects’ formative years. For severalstreet children in the developing world, substance abuse is an escape from thepangs of hunger. Lack of means to support one’s self, being exposed to anenvironment of users, ease of access to these substances are some externalfactors that encourage addiction. At home, parents must be able to balancediscipline and freedom. An excess of either extreme can have a negative impacton the child’s psychology. Personal experiences such as witnessing violence ordeath may also have an adverse effect.Internal factors have to do with the personality of the subject. For example,researchers seem to think that people who are hyperactive as children woulddevelop a negative personality unless guided well. They attribute to thecharacteristic of being impulsive in nature. A very important internal factor is whatthe subject feels about himself or herself. If this image is negative, the subjectmay either become outright rebellious or, on the other extreme, become reclusiveand withdrawn from society. Ignorance on the subjects’ part about the ill effects ofdrug abuse also contributes to aiding addiction. This makes it important to ensurethat information on addiction is easily accessible to people of all ages.There are several factors that keep an addict from seeking help and trying to quit.The drug affects the reward mechanism of the brain. The addicts always feel thatthey are different from other people and that the rules that apply to everyonedon’t necessarily apply to them. They always have an excuse for doing what theydo and exploit any reason that presents itself to the mind. Some addicts realizetheir wrong doing. But the embarrassment of admitting it and seeking help keepsthem from doing it. While some others are just plain ignorant about the downsidesof addiction and don’t know where to look for information on addictiontreatment. Contact details: Sober Living by the Sea 4816 Seashore Drive, Suite B, Newport Beach, CA 92663 Get Help Now…! Call: - 866.323.5609 Email ID: mhurst@crchealth.com Website: http://www.soberliving.com/