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Gain Life And Peace of Mind


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Just imagine how much pain the same parents get when they see that their kids have become notoriously drug addicts. They see their children getting frustrated and depressed. The cravings in their bodies make them go wild and mad and the mental equilibrium is shattered into chards. Their addictive behavior gets erratic and family and friends get moved seeing their deplorable plight. One cannot sit keeping hands tied and wondering that time will heal the ailing condition.

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Gain Life And Peace of Mind

  1. 1. Gain Life And Peace of MindAuthor :- Dion SilvaDrug addiction plaguing their son’s or daughter’s lives and things going astray for them isthe worst nightmare that any parents would have. No one wants this to happen to theirkids or loved ones. But sadly things don`t happen the way we want or expect. Most ofthe times it’s the opposite that stare us. When a child is born he or she brings immensejoy in the family. Parents go out of their ways to meet the neverending demands of theirlittle ones as much as they can. Every father wants to give the best to his child whateverhis financial position is. Their love is pure, selfless and divine.Just imagine how much pain the same parents get when they see that their kids havebecome notoriously drug addicts. They see their children getting frustrated anddepressed. The cravings in their bodies make them go wild and mad and the mentalequilibrium is shattered into chards. Their addictive behavior gets erratic and family andfriends get moved seeing their deplorable plight. One cannot sit keeping hands tied andwondering that time will heal the ailing condition. Ofcourse time will help but that has tobe maneuvered by professional assistance and treatment programs. Returning to thenormal life after years of drug addiction is very challenging and the transition consumesa lot of time. Well it can`t be blamed. After all the mind took a lot of time in going underthat state, so it will take same or more than that to come out of it.More the delay in initiating the drug treatment programs, more degrading thecondition of the addict will be. The body and mind gets reduced to filthy trashcan and thezest to live life and achieve something departs forever. Whether you are above eighteenyears or not addiction has to be curbed immediately. Parents have to realize that theirchildren are walking on the road of recovery and as such they have to prohibitthemselves from showering extra love and care while the treatment programs are goingon.Remember that your child is not the culprit but inside him is an evil that is corrupting youchild. This evil has to be uprooted in no time and you got to be strong. When you seeyour child howling or crying for not getting the drug and looks miserable, don`t offer anyhelp. Let the professional take care of this situation. They will intervene as they knowbest how to take out the patient from the mess.
  2. 2. A Stitch In Time Saves NineOne day I received a call from my elder sister asking me to tell her if there is any gooddancing class in and around the locality. She told that her six year old little girl wants tolearn dance and the best way to start that would be enrolling in professional classes thatdeals with the basics for the children. I recalled one that was known for good lessons andvolunteered that I will take Pompom (my niece) there. So the following day we all wentthere and got the formalities over. I could gauge from the look of both the mother andthe daughter that they did like the institute. Even I was happy of not disappointing theduo.As months passed I just forgot about the whole episode until one day when my sisteragain called stating that the dance institute has closed suddenly without showing anyreason. Pompom is very upset. The little girl is neither concentrating in school nor iseating well. Well that took me by great surprise for this kind of thing never happened inits last twenty years of its existence. I knew the two instructors there personally. Thehusband- wife was appreciated by the local people for their dedication, sincerity andsense of responsibility that they always exhibited. More than angry we were concernedabout them. On reaching there I fell from sky. I learns that the husband and wife wereneck-deep in debt. The income of the institute was good enough for them to make endsmeet. So why did they take loan from others didnt make sense.My driver who is a close friend of their driver as well told me the actual story. Of late thehusband turned into an alcoholic and used to spend money in buying beverages mostlyevery day. Even the wife got swayed into the temptation. They got some friends whodropped very often and partying, smoking, drinking, drugs became their staple-diet.Obviously these things doesnt come for free. Whatever hard earned savings they had allwent to drain.They started asking money from students in the name of miscellaneous fees and whenthat didn`t work they took recourse to some other means to extract cash for buyingliquids. No one has any clue where this two are at the moment. I feel they are in direneed of enrolling themselves into alcohol treatment center. It is only coming incontact with systematic and professional alcohol rehab facilities that they can put theirlife back to track. But I doubt if anyone has informed them about this aid to straightentheir life. We can only hope for that.
  3. 3. A new wave in drug treatmentI saw a movie of a young couple who were very much in love but they died eventuallybecause of drug addiction. The life was cut short, so were their dreams and aspirations.This is not a rare story or something that happens only in movies. There are manycouples or individuals residing in different parts of the world that have or are still wastingtheir lives by running behind drugs. It is so disgusting to see a bunch who assumes thatit is very cool, trendy and the in-thing to be seen or known among friends as someonewho is familiar to drug intake, taste and preferences.There are rich parents’ spoiled brats who are literally prone to drugs. Just like water ismust for our sustenance similarly drugs are for them. So if you see a black limowheezing fast into some desolated lane and by lane in the midnight you know what theseguys are looking for. They know the places to find the street sellers and unfortunatelymoney is paid as if it doesnt take any hard work to earn it. How will these rich kidsknow? After all their fathers or mothers have toiled to earn the money and they have justbeen pampered to spend as much as they can.Private drug treatment center has created positive ripples in the recent past. Thereare many addicts who don`t want to disclose their identity to the public. It is a matter ofshame and disgust for them if their friends and family get to know about their addiction.If the drug addict happens to be a famous person in the social and media circuit thepressure is more in undergoing the rehab treatment in confidence. They generally opt forinpatient treatment programs and with the help of detox, therapy and regular counselingthe road of recovery seem less daunting. The same money which was splurged in buyingdrugs will now be used for constructive purposes behind the treatment.There are many drug rehab centers nationwide and the information about them can betoured via their websites. The drug rehab in Orange County comes as a big rescue tothose shattering hearts and wasted minds who finally decided to walk on the path ofrecovery. The path is not so smooth but it believes in making the patient realize that theycan be out of this deadly habit easily and whenever there is any problem professionalhelping hands will be there to attend them. Contact Details Sober Living By The Sea 2811 Villa Way, New Port Beach, CA 92663 Get Help Now..! Call :- 866-540-5242 Email : Website :