Ecstasy addiction and cure


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Ecstasy is the street name for MDMA (Methylene dioxy meth amphetamine). Ecstasy was used to treat psychiatric disorders in 60’s, in USA. But instead of curing patients, it made the disorder worse and therefore the drug was abandoned. The drug became known for its effects of generating hallucinations, altered state of awareness and distortion of perception, in the 1980’s, and its use has increased since.

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Ecstasy addiction and cure

  1. 1. Ecstasy Addiction and CureAuthor: Dion SilvaEcstasy is the street name for MDMA (Methylene dioxy meth amphetamine).Ecstasy was used to treat psychiatric disorders in 60’s, in USA. But instead ofcuring patients, it made the disorder worse and therefore the drug wasabandoned. The drug became known for its effects of generating hallucinations,altered state of awareness and distortion of perception, in the 1980’s, and its usehas increased since.Ecstasy has a pleasant, relaxing effect. It heightens senses of affection, kindnessand love, and decreases appetite and sleep. Other effects are extreme confidenceand sense of well being, anxiety, dilated pupils and rapid eye movement,sweating, nausea, tensing of facial muscles, teeth grinding, jaw clenching,increased heart rate and blood pressure and increased body temperature. But thiseffect of decreased appetite and endurance of increased physical activity bringsdown food and liquid consumption, resulting in dehydration and exhaustion. Thiscommonly results in death, thus making this drug highly dangerous.
  2. 2. Physical harm caused by intake of this drug is hypertension, panic attacks,seizures, liver disease, diabetes and heart disease. Regular intake of this drug, fora long time, results in mental disorders as well. These disorders include psychoticdisorders, memory loss, anxiety and depression. Overdose of the drug causesbleeding in the brain, increase in blood pressure, overheating and dehydration ofbody and kidney failure. These can cause immediate death.Ecstasy is usually taken by mouth in the form of pills, capsules and tablets. Theyare also injected and inserted into the anus. Effect of the drug takes place from 20to 60 minutes and can last up to 2 days.Use of ecstasy over the past 2 decades has increased tremendously. It is one ofthe most common drugs used in clubs and parties. Its use is very frequent inbeach parties, rock concerts, raves and night clubs. It is the most smuggled drugin the world and is usually smuggled from China, Mexico and Europe. The effect ofthis drug, causing decreased appetite and sleep, makes it very popular. Peoplewho find themselves addicted to ecstasy are high school and college students.There are a number of drug rehabilitation centers which provide treatment forecstasy addiction. People who have used this drug for a short term might find iteasier to cure themselves of this addiction. Professional help from these rehabcenters, along with family support and good will power of the patient can easilycure ecstasy addiction. Long term users will face more problems as there issevere withdrawal symptom of this drug. A lot of medical complications may arisewhen the usage is stopped abruptly. Treatment programs for long term usage ofthis drug includes, detoxification along with the use of sedatives, behaviormodification techniques, lectures on health and nutrition and psychologicalcounseling. These programs help in reducing risks of detoxification over a longperiod of time.Dont let your body on HighHuman beings are supposed to be the sane and most logical of all creatures underthe sun. God wanted us to be powerful, sensible and different. Our brain isdesigned in such a fashion that knowledge, love, emotions, science and technologyare all well- fitted in its different compartments. It is the same brain and thesensory organs in our body which tells us what is right and what is wrong. Perhapswithout that ability we would have been degraded to some slimy, worthless anddumb creature crawling in the slush or window rail. Thank god we arent that!If it is a blessing then the same blessing should be executed day in and day out.Unfortunately that doesnt happen. Although we are shielded with knowledge ofthe dos and dont we still fall prey to addiction to drugs, alcohol and tobacco.
  3. 3. The powerful organ of our body goes weak in front of our wicked desire. Drugs arecommonly available nowadays and the opiate drug is as regular and favored as hotdog and French fries. You can see young boys and girls buying little packets of thisdrug from a street seller. Earlier there were difficulties in relieving patientsaddicted to opiate drugs. It was painful and taxing. But with the advent ofsuboxone detox treatment it is less of a harrowing experience for hundreds andthousands worldwide.The internet is one such medium where you get information and details ofanything that you type in. That’s very welcoming aspect and literally we all arecrippled without our search engines and websites. Am not weighing the good andthe bad aspect of this technology but what am trying to pinpoint is when anyone isdealing with delicate and life- involving situations like this it is better to go forprofessional medical assistance rather than memorizing the names of pills ormedicines and buying from a local medical shop.It is a different story that these medicines are not sold without prescription fromreputed health firm or doctor but knowing the ways of an addict he can findloopholes for his benefit. The suboxone drug rehab centers help the addict tocome out from this vicious circle that he has embroiled himself in. For those drugdependence opiates the recovery program can stretch from few weeks up to ayear or more. It depends how ones body reacts to the entire system ofrecuperation and how early the cravings start diminishing. To win back the lostcontrol from your life charge yourself for suboxone treatment.Take help when there’s oneA plethora of rehabilitation centre has emerged as an only glimmer of hope tohundreds and thousands of people torturing and killing themselves under the darkrobe of drug abuse and alcohol addiction. They should be happy and little relaxedto see that there are those bunch of caring guys who would be more than glad tohelp you in restoring life back to normalcy. The drug rehab also provides relief tothe family and friends who are worn down seeing the plight of their dear onesuffering like hell. So there is a hope and nowadays this ray of hope is savinglives.Ever wondered what was the scenario before the drug rehab or treatment centerwere established? The very thought send shiver down the spine. Out ofhelplessness, misery and lack of professional guidance and medical treatment ahuge number of patients might have had a cruel and painful death. Even if theywanted to get rid of the addiction the craving of the body and mind for thesubstance and the alcohol wont have allowed that.
  4. 4. When the feeling of elation dawned after inhaling, all sane thoughts have beendumped into the trash. Ultimately they dug their own graves and ended their lives.For some drugs induce a sense of excitement and energy. They say that it is onlyafter taking drugs or alcohol that they can work and concentrate on their lives andperform duties and responsibilities. Many of us know that this is a lame excusejust to defend their addiction and addictive behavior. Any kind of addiction is bad.You are addicted to online games or addicted to watching TV for long hours oraddicted to fast spicy food- nowhere it is said that they all are harmless. Infactwhen we overdo things life becomes hell and peace goes away from our lives witha promise of no return.Families have been ruined financially and mentally owing to these problems. Thereare many families at the verge of crack down like a pack of cards. So before suchdisaster plagues anyone it is always better to educate and counsel youngmembers in the family regarding the harm and pain behind drugs and alcoholaddiction. If you think anyone in your family is showing sign of early addictivebehavior dont delay any further. Drive down to drug rehab centers as soon aspossible. The rehab will also address problems and make the person come out ofalcohol addiction. Dont trust the addicts. They will always try to influence yourdecision and may come up with emotional tags like “have trust on me” or “ youthink I am into those stuffs”. Trust and emotion can come later. Make room forrehab and treatment.Contact details: Sober Living by the Sea 4816 Seashore Drive, Suite B, Newport Beach, CA 92663 Get Help Now…! Call: - 866.323.5609 Email ID: Website: