5 ways to control that urge


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So you have just started your road to recovery? You have just closed that last bottle of alcohol and taken your last dose of drug. You are trying to give up the evils which were feeding on your mind, body and life like parasites. Well, good for you! However, the journey is just beginning. You will be tempted to go back to them again. What you need to do is avoid the people, places and objects which would tempt you to go back to drug and alcohol abuse.

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5 ways to control that urge

  1. 1. 5 Ways to Control that UrgeAuthor: Dion SilvaSubstance abuse: life threatening habitSo you have just started your road to recovery? Youhave just closed that last bottle of alcohol and takenyour last dose of drug. You are trying to give up theevils which were feeding on your mind, body and lifelike parasites. Well, good for you! However, the journeyis just beginning. You will be tempted to go back tothem again. What you need to do is avoid the people,places and objects which would tempt you to go back todrug and alcohol abuse. Just as stories describe theintense craving of blood for vampires, you will NEVERerase your longings for drugs or alcohol with anyamount of drug rehab. Learn to be determinate andovercome your needs and only then can you speed throughyour road to recovery. There are 5 ways you can do so—Distract YourselfEngage yourself in work and activities. Keep your mind active, occupied and thus,distracted. Avoid places, people and objects that stimulate your cravings. Go play agame, do some chores, whatever you need to do to keep yourself occupied when youfeel the urge. However, do not make the mistake of using a substitute for youraddictions as it will inevitably lead to relapse.
  2. 2. Remind YourselfWhen cravings arise people are usually thinking the pleasures they attain after theintake and thus it is extremely hard to keep contained. Drug rehab centers teach aneffective technique to strengthen the resolve of addicts. They ask them to remindthemselves the harm that has been caused by the abuse and how it will worsen thesituation if more is taken—like divorce, career loss, failure of bodily systems etc.Talk Yourself OutWhenever you feel an irresistible urge talk to yourself about the harmful effects andhow you have decided not to touch drugs or alcohol anymore. Talk to friends or enrollyourself in the support groups for recovering addicts. Share the misery becausetalking is the best way to avoid relapse.Feel it YourselfInstead of trying to avoid the urge give in to it! Minus the drugs/alcohol of course.How? Sit in a place and try to imagine the feeling caused after the intake. Try toimagine and fully experience the feeling and you will find that you are freed from theinfluence of it as it greatly lessens the intensity of the urge.Listen to YourselfUse the power of your inner voice—that voice of conscience that will tell you theinevitability of the harmful things that will follow if you surrender to your cravings.Empower yourself with these methods. Always remember-- You can and You will! It is time to get serious about addiction! Liking towards anything can make you more inclined towards it. But taking up that as an addiction is not acceptable. This can cause an adverse effect not only to your health but may turn out bad to your family and loved ones. Addiction may be towards drugs, alcohol, smoking, junk foods, porn movies, or anything bad involvements that seem you to be pleasures! Addiction towards drugs is very much common amongst the younger generations. They are exposed to huge media of knowledge that shows them only the pleasure hidden in that but that is all superficial and momentous. This fact does not get realized by the drug takers and smokers unless and until they are hit hard by addiction and it becomes uncontrollable there after!The addiction recovery is a must once the person is really into the addicted itemand it becomes a very hard task for the family members to get the individual out ofthe traumatic situation. That is when contacting the recovery agents become helpful.
  3. 3. The addiction of junk food is also common in small kids ranging from 8 to 12 yearsand cause obesity! The treatment for this at such a small age is exercising and someprescribed steroids. A drug addict has the toughest recovery phase as they need getaddicted to substances that are too much harmful if one continues the take. It ishighly fatal like the heroine, opium etc and the person gets weak immune and dies.Prevention from such drugs are possible by taking proper care of the person andinvolving them in other activities like getting a job, playing games, listening music etc.The treatments are also availed in all the countries for the drug addicts and thesecenters are increasing in number day by day as there are many such addiction casesreported in past few years itself. The information on addiction treatment isavailable free if cost on the web. You just have to stretch your efforts to cure the nearand dear one who is addicted already or in verge of getting addicted. They cannot behandled so easily as they a stubborn for their choice of interest and professionaldoctors can surely help your person getting you back! Contact details: Sober Living by the Sea 4816 Seashore Drive, Suite B, Newport Beach, CA 92663 Get Help Now…! Call: - 866.323.5609 Email ID: mhurst@crchealth.com Website: http://www.soberliving.com/