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Zombie apocalypse challenge Group11


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Zombie apocalypse challenge Group11

  1. 1. Dom McCoy Cal Dion Oldham Kitchener
  2. 2. Characteristics  Slow  Intelligent  Resilient e.g. cross river by walking on river beds  Spread infection through biting humans, infection time a couple of hours  10-12 zombies per streetWeakness  Fireworks, Easily distracts them causing them to stop and stare
  3. 3. Building 58Importance: LowDifficult to defend, as situated inthe centre of campus, and is veryisolated with few places to sourcesupplies in the surrounding area.As such would not be worthwasting scarce resourcesattempting to defend. Althoughvehicles nearby would be useful fortravelling to next location.
  4. 4. Watts ParkImportance: LowWe chose not to defend the parkbecause it offers no protection andis a very large open area and wouldbe easily surrounded.However, it is situated in the centreof town so supplies would be easilyobtained but offers no protection sowe chose not to defend this place.
  5. 5. Southampton CivicCentreImportance: MediumThe building could be defendedeasily as it has strong big thickwalls, there are supplies and shopsnearby.However, as the building is so bigit would be very difficult to defendit and as the apocalypse is only 14days long we would be moresuitable to choose to defendanother location instead.
  6. 6. West QuayImportance: MediumWest Quay is rich in supplies andoffers some protection from thezombies. This would be a goodalternative place to hold up fromthe zombies if The Hobbit becomescompromised.
  7. 7. PortswoodImportance: Medium/highPortswood is very rich in supplieswhich would be vital in order forus to weather the zombie stormuntil it passes in 14 days time.However, we would not defendPortswood as it is too big and open.Instead we would go here and getour supplies needed using thefireworks to distract the zombies toallow for safe travel.The fireworks can be obtained froma firework shop where they are invast supply.
  8. 8. The HobbitImportance: Very HighThe Hobbit would be the idealplace to hide from the zombies forthe 14 days until the zombie threatis over.It is the ideal place because it hasfood and drink already there. It isin Portswood so gathering oursupplies is relatively safe. It is smallenough to easily protect and has abig strong door.It has CCTV, so we can monitor thesituation outside without riskingour own safety.