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Morpholigical study of the marvelous tales


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Morpholigical study of the marvelous tales

  1. 1. PRESENTATION OF FAMILY MEMBERSStepmother, snow white, servants and the seven dwarfs
  2. 2. A member of the family is absent or a guard dies.When Snow White ran into the dense woods, ran without resting for a long time.
  3. 3. A prohibition or order to protect of the unfortunately future. The seven dwarfs prohibit her to open door to strangers
  4. 4. To break the prohibitionSnow White ignores to the dwarfs’ warning and opens the door to a stranger
  5. 5. The evil attempts to obtain information.When the queen ask to the mirror who is the most beautiful woman in the world. Snow white and the seven dwarves.
  6. 6. The evil get informationThe stepmother asks the mirror information on the whereabouts of Snow White
  7. 7. The evil tries to deceive his victim.The queen turn to in an old woman and gives a poisoned apple
  8. 8. The victim falls into the trap and help the offender.When the queen sends the woodcutter to kill Snow White but he pities her.
  9. 9. The evil harm a family member.The queen gives her a poisoned apple.
  10. 10. Something is missing from one of the members of the family or one of these you want to own something.
  11. 11. Disclosed the news of the misdeeds
  12. 12. A hero of the story accepts to repair deficiency.
  13. 13. The hero leaves home and goes in search of evil.
  14. 14. A new character: the donor delivers the hero magical object. .
  15. 15. The hero performs tests to earn the magical object
  16. 16. The hero gets the magic object
  17. 17. The hero is transported near the site of the object of his search.
  18. 18. The hero and the evil fight. (Physically or mentally).
  19. 19. The hero receives a mark to identify him.
  20. 20. The hero defeats the evil.
  21. 21. The initial damage is repaired.
  22. 22. The hero returns home.
  23. 23. The hero can be attacked again.
  24. 24. The hero manages to escape from persecution.
  25. 25. The hero comes home incognito.
  26. 26. A false hero claimed responsibility for the deeds.
  27. 27. The hero makes a new action to verify his status as hero.
  28. 28. The hero meets fully the task.
  29. 29. The hero is recognized.
  30. 30. The false hero is discovered.
  31. 31. hero gets a new look.
  32. 32. false hero or the evil receive the punishment they deserve.
  33. 33. The hero marries and ascends the throne.