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United states


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United states

  1. 1. BasicCapital: Washington, D.C.Largest city: New York CityNational language: EnglishNationality: AmericanPresident: Barack ObamaArea: 9,826,675 km2Water: 6.76%Population: 310,474,000Money: dollar ($)
  3. 3. The liberty statue It is a monument to celebrait the 100 of liberty
  4. 4. Hollywood Peg Entwistle died because she jump from H in HOLLYWOODGood placesGibson Stage, Cinerama Dome, Hollywood Palladium, stage Earl Carroll, El Capitan stage, Graumans Chinese stage, Graumans Egyptian stage, Kodak stage, Pantages stage
  5. 5. Mount Rushmore
  6. 6. The obelisksWashington Monument on the National Mall in Washington DC. It is the largest, and one of the most famous obelisks of the world
  7. 7. Bibliography