York Credit Valley Report 2013


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This set of slides, prepared as the Area Council Report to Diocesan Council, April 2013, describes the richly diverse nature of the Episcopal Area of York-Credit Valley and celebrates the work taking place there.

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York Credit Valley Report 2013

  1. 1. Area Council Report to Diocesan Council, April 2013
  2. 2. Thank yous . . . To York-Credit Valley‟s Regional Deans– items in quotes throughout thispresentation are taken from theirfeedback To all the parishes who have providedphotos and information for these slides
  3. 3. Where is York-CreditValley?
  4. 4. York-Credit ValleyurbanruralsuburbanwealthyvulnerablelargesmallliberalconservativeyouthseniorsInter-cultural
  5. 5.  5 deaneries 51 parishes Oldest – St. Peter,Erindale (1825) Newest – St. Elizabeth,Mississauga (2003) Energetic and passionate parishes
  6. 6.  Smaller Communities (Christ Church, Bolton;St. James, Caledon East) Downtown congregations (Toronto, Brampton andMississauga) Theologically diverse Contains all the Anglo-Catholic parishes in theDiocese except one Largest Parish: Trinity, Streetsville (600+) Smallest Parish: Trinity, Campbell‟s Cross(around 15 on a Sunday morning ) Tremendously rich diversity of parishes and ministries
  7. 7. Inter-cultural . . . Cantonese and Mandarin (St. Elizabeth) Ghanaian (St. John, Weston) Punjabi (St. Hugh and St. Edmund) Sudanese (St. Olave) Madhya Keralan (CSI) Italian and Portuguese (St. Mary Magdalene) Hispanic (San Lorenzo, San Esteban)
  8. 8. Young . . . Apprenticeship program, matching youth ministers toparishes who may need them. Two youth ministry formation days Youth retreats Evenings with the Bishop for confirmation candidates
  9. 9. . . . and OldSt. Hilda’s Church & Towers2339 Dufferin St., TorontoA multi-faith, not-for-profit seniorresidence offeringboth independent and assistedliving options and short termcare. ($10M per year budget)Jubilee Centre256 Sheldon Ave., EtobicokeHome to two communities:Church of the Atonement; and a76-unit apartment complex forsenior citizens age 59 and over.
  10. 10. Musical Diversity Two of the top church choirs in Canada(St. Thomas, St. Mary Magdalene) A Steel Pan Band (St. Paul, Rexdale) Joy in the Morning (St. Luke) Band led music (Trinity, Streetsville) Gospel Band and Choir (Christ-the-King) Pan Pipes (San Lorenzo) Lively Jazz Vespers program (St. Philip,Etobicoke)
  11. 11.  A priest could worktheir whole career inYork-Credit Valley,moving every fiveyears, and not findthemselves in thesame kind of churchtwice. 
  12. 12. York-Credit Valley
  13. 13. Key Events and Developments Conversations re: partnership/hub Emerging Anglican-Lutheran Church (Holy Spirit) Support for new appointees: Transition partners „Welcome‟ information pack from Area The Bishop is Coming! booklet for children Exploring increased ministry collaboration
  14. 14. Outreach and Community Foodbanks – parishes throughout the area supportand run foodbanks Community Lunches and Suppers St. John, Weston; St. Margaret, New Toronto; St. Philip,Etobicoke; Jeremiah Community; St. Stephen in-the-Fields The desire to work together as communitiesto further the work of the Gospel
  15. 15. Outreach and Community Out of the Cold All Saints, Kingsway St. Margaret, New Toronto St Thomas, Huron St. Matthew, Islington St. George on-the-Hill Commitment to reaching out to those in need
  16. 16. Outreach and Community contd. . . Advocacy on critical issues Area Outreach Coordinator Shalom Justice Camp (3 Area-funded bursaries) Environmental Awareness and Action “The Spirituality of Social Justice” talk atAll Saints, Kingsway Community Supper Steering Group (St. John, Weston) An area with a heart for outreach and justice
  17. 17. Outreach and Community cont‟d. . . International Outreach St. James, Caledon East, Mission Tripto Guatemala with Arms of Jesus St. Bride – Hands Across the Nation(Bolivia), Tanzania Caring Group St. George on-the-Hill – Youth Groupsupport for the village of Itabo inMatanzas Province in Cuba Expanding cooperation in God’s mission to theworld, to the poor and the marginalized
  18. 18. Ministry Development GrantsAwarded annually to parishes that apply for fundingfor new and continuing ministry programs. The AreaCouncil provides financial assistance to parishesseeking support for: Congregational Growth and Development Youth Ministry Lay leaders and vocational deacons participating inLeadership Training courses Capital costs (limited funds)
  19. 19. 2012 Grants Christ Church, Brampton – Cool Church: $959.49 St. John-the-Baptist – Structured Grief CounselingGroup: $1,750 St. James, Caledon East – Rectory Roof (CapitalCosts): $4,000 St. Elizabeth – Mandarin Ministry: $9,500 St. Hugh & St Edmund – Hindi, Urdu and PunjabiMinistry: $3,600 St. James - Caledon East – Lifetree Café: $2,500 Epiphany & St. Mark – Kitchen Renovations (CapitalCosts): $3000
  20. 20. Faithworks GrantsAvailable for the Area Council‟s disbursement toassist a variety of parish and community outreachprojects involving children, youth and adults.2012 Grants The Bridge – Support in acquiring Bridge Centre:$5,000 St. Bride, Clarkson – Halloween Family Fun Fair:$900 Christ Church, St. James – Stonegate CommunityEcumenical Ministry: $5,000
  21. 21. Parish Partnership GrantsA small amount of funding is also available for ParishPartnerships2012 Grants St. Philip and San Lorenzo – Lady of Guadalupe Fiesta:$1,400
  22. 22. Building Projects Christ Church, St. James2012 St. John, Dixie St. Margaret, New Toronto
  23. 23. Building Projects St Philip, Etobicoke historical church; better accessibilityPlanned St. Elizabeth growing congregation; three languages
  24. 24. Area Events 2011 – Trends inFormation in a time ofanxiety and indifference.Kempenfelt (50 participants) 29/34 respondents said it mettheir needs really wellAnnual OvernightRetreats 2012 – Two questions ofJesus – Who do otherssay I am? Who do you sayI am?Mount Carmel (50 participants) The overall rating of theconference was 7.95/10York Credit Valley is starting tocome together as a mutuallysupportive community.I took away a renewed senseof the Holy in all of life!
  25. 25. Area EventsLenten Day Retreat February 2013 – Preparing with joy for the Paschal Feast Ordination Vows, Baptismal Vows and the Great Vigil of Easter Held at SSJD Led by Sister Constance JoannaOur clergy who participatedgreatly appreciated the giftof time to relax and reviewour vocations.It was a day that gave usnew ways to look atpromises we have mademany times.All who attendedspoke of howmuch they hadreceived fromthe day.
  26. 26. Area Events 82 people attended Held at St. Matthew, IslingtonParish Leadership Workshop 101Participation ofmore churchesin our areawould make iteven better!We learned how toperform our roles/duties as wardens ina way that is effectiveand to minimize risk .I loved singing a hymnafter lunch!
  27. 27. Area Events A special area Service ofCelebration for theministries ofChurchwardens andDeputies to honour oursenior parish leadershipChurchwardens’ CommissioningService
  28. 28. Fresh Expressions & MissionalMinistries St. Philip, Etobicoke Messy Church Pints of View Chapel Polka and other Vespers We are building capacity in making disciples for Jesus St. John, West Toronto Messy Church All Saints, Kingsway Godly Play St. Peter, Erindale Hike-Pray-Laugh
  29. 29. New Directions Intentional Neo-monastic Community Missional-oriented – “seeking the peaceof the city” in Parkdale Members covenant to a common Rule ofLife Now a “housed ministry” at Epiphanyand St. Mark Regular public worship – “River”Jeremiah Community
  30. 30. New DirectionsNew for 2012:St. George-the-Martyr Our vision is to build a program-sized mixedeconomy church that finds new ‘doors’ forengagement in community ministry The 5:00 p.m. Mini-Mass/Chapel Service and Bringand Share Dinner Lunch and Study Groups Seniors‟ Drop-In Community Market andCafé Project
  31. 31. PeopleMany key volunteers in the Diocese are drawn fromYork-Credit Valley Registrar Canon Pastor Administrator for those parishes under Administration Board representatives to Meadowvale and the JubileeCentre Leadership for Momentum and FreshStart PSC FacilitatorsOur volunteers The ongoing witness to the Gospel by so manyfaithful Anglicans in our Area
  32. 32. People Administrative Assistants: Gina Bearne (Wednesdays through Fridays) Debbie Crossling Barker (Mondays & Tuesdays)Email: gbearne@toronto.anglican.ca Liturgical Consultant: The Rev. Steven MackisonPhone: 905-277-0462 Chaplain to Retired Clergy: The Rev. Canon David Luxton(please contact via the Bishop‟s Office) Youth Ministry Coordinator: Rosemary MacAdamE-mail: ycv.area.coordinator@gmail.com Parish Outreach Facilitator: Elin GouldenPhone: 416.762.2485 or 647.206.2485 (cell)e-mail at e.goulden@sympatico.caThe York-Credit Valley Team2013
  33. 33. People Etobicoke – Humber: The Rev. Canon Al Budzin Mississauga – The Rev. Canon Jennifer E. Reid North Peel – The Rev. Dr. Byron Gilmore Toronto West – The Rev. Canon Philip Hobson, OGSRegional Deans 2013