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Parish Leadership 2014: Real Estate


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Parish Leadership 2014: Real Estate

  1. 1. REAL ESTATE (2014) administration/real-estate/
  2. 2. Statutory Framework  Re lig io us O rg aniz atio ns’ Lands Act (Ontario) R.S.O. (1990) c. R.23  Ang lican Church o f Canada Act (Ontario) S.O. (1979) c.46  “The Church Te m po ralitie s Act”, given Royal Assent on December 3, 1841, and as later enacted pursuant to “An Act re spe cting Churchwarde ns in the Dio ce se o f To ro nto ”.
  3. 3. Anglican Church of Canada Act (Ontario) S.O.(1979) c. 46  1.-(2) The parson or other incumbent of the church for the time being and the churchwardens thereof shall, for the purposes of The Re lig io us O rg aniz atio ns’ Lands Act, 1 9 7 9 be deemed to be trustees within the meaning thereof.  2.-(1) Land shall not be sold or leased, mortgaged or otherwise encumbered under the powers conferred by The Re lig io us O rg aniz atio ns’ Lands Act, 1 9 7 9 except with the consent of the vestry of the church or congregation interested therein and of the bishop of the diocese and the executive committee of the synod of the diocese, and the consent of the vestry given in accordance with the rules and canons of the church shall be deemed to be the consent of the congregation.
  4. 4. Canon 6 The following all require Diocesan Council permission:  Purchases & Sales  Building or Structural Alterations (requiring a Building Permit)  Mortgages &/or encumbrances  Loans/financial obligations (not expected to be liquidated within one (1) year)  Licenses  Leases (both Residential and Commercial)
  5. 5. Procedure Pursuant to Canon 6  Area Bishop support  Vestry approval (please see next slide for motion templates)  Project Review Committee meeting (“PRC”)  Executive Board (Canon 3) & Trusts Committee (Canon 5) recommendation to Diocesan Council (Canon 2)  Diocesan Council two-phase approval (‘in principle ’ & ‘finalappro val’)  Renovations & Capital Improvements: estate/church-property/renovationscapital-improvements-2/  For significant capital improvement projects requiring building permits.
  6. 6. Vestry Motions - Templates i. “That Vestry authorizes the Churchwardens to proceed with the {insert the project name or descriptor}, in accordance with Canon 6, at a total estimated cost not to exceed ${insert the total estimated cost including an appropriate contingency} to be funded through a combination of {outline all of thesources of funding, includingspecific amounts, that equal thetotal estimatedcost}.” ii. “That Vestry authorizes the Churchwardens to take out a {insert the type of facility– ie. loan, line of credit etc.} with {insert the name of the institutional lenderie. CIBC, TD, BMO etc.}, in the principal amount of $___________for a term of _________at an interest
  7. 7. Facility Rentals: License/Lease  estate/facility-rentals/  Do not modify the clauses or execute (ie. sign); Fill-in “”  Obtain Ce rtificate o f Insurance from Licensee or Lessee (risk assessment - $2m or $5m?); Tenant’s package ≥ $2m.  ‘AllSpo rt’ coverage is available for purchase (Marsh Cda Ltd.)  Submit: unsigned License/Lease, plus Ce rtificate o f Insurance for Trusts Committee & Diocesan Council approval  Renewals must be re-approved; diarize expiry date. 
  8. 8. Purchase & Sale  estate/church-property/purchase-and-sale/  Obtain current survey & confirm title (ie. Parish or Diocese)  3 Vendor clauses (ie.“As is, where is…”)  Always retain appropriate ‘arms-length’ professionals  Funds always payable to the Incorporated Synod of the Diocese of Toronto  If rectory, funds must be deposited to a Rectory Fund in the CTF. Dividend on capital paid quarterly to parish for housing allowance.  If ‘surplus’ property  50% to MAF & 50% to parish as per the CapitalRe de plo ym e nt Po licy.
  9. 9. Maintenance/Inspections/Greenin g  estate/church-property/building-inspections/  Rectory inspection every 5 yrs by professional, home inspector; annually by Churchwardens or upon vacancy  Church inspection every 10 yrs by professional, commercial building inspector (see 2008-2017 schedule by Deanery)  Parish Pro pe rty Mainte nance Che cklist  Greening: solar thermal, photo voltaic, wind systems legal, structural, tax, insurance, repair etc. status ( estate/church-property/greening-initiatives/)  Acce ssibility fo r O ntarians with Disabilitie s Act (Ontario) S.O. (2005) c.11.
  10. 10. Cemeteries & Columbaria  estate/church-property/cemeteries/  Same procedures under Canon 6 (see also Canon 15.6)  Fune ral, Burialand Cre m atio n Se rvice s Act, 2002, S.O. 2002, c.33  Care & Maintenance Trust Fund - CTF  Cemeteries Regulation Unit  416‑326‑8393/1‑800‑889‑9768   Co lum baria Po licy & Parish Le ade rs’Manual
  11. 11. Resources   Parish Le ade rs’ Manual(“PLM”)  Ecclesiastical Le g alCo nne x Service (1-866-263-0256)  Canon 6  Landlord & Tenant Board (  Marsh Canada Ltd.  Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)  The Le g alGuide fo r Canadian Churche s – Blaikie & Ginn - Novalis 2006 (  Whe n No t to Build – Bowman & Hall - Baker 2003