Parish Leadership 2014: Human Resources


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  • We offer resources but it is the responsibility of each parish to ensure they are in compliance with government legislation.
    Explain WSIB vs. liability insurance
    Workplace Violence & Harassment
  • Donating services – pay the service provider, then they can donate fee and receive a receipt.
  • Screening = prevention
    SMP = how we respond to misconduct
    Key holders are very likely high risk
  • On annual returns
    Screening is taken seriously, and lack of compliance followed up by College
  • Good record keeping is critically to protecting the parish
    Ensures information transfer as leadership changes
  • Don’t try to do it alone
  • Government has excellent resources
    Templates for new initiatives
  • Diocesan web site will change in the next couple of months, but all information will still be there
  • Parish Leadership 2014: Human Resources

    1. 1. Human ResourcesHuman Resources Parish Leadership Workshop DayParish Leadership Workshop Day 20142014
    2. 2. TopicsTopics CanonsCanons Health and SafetyHealth and Safety Workplace Violence and HarassmentWorkplace Violence and Harassment Emergency PreparednessEmergency Preparedness Contractor vs. EmployeeContractor vs. Employee Clergy RemunerationClergy Remuneration ScreeningScreening EndingsEndings ResourcesResources
    3. 3. CanonsCanons Canon 9 – IncumbentsCanon 9 – Incumbents Canon 10 – Clerical Appointments,Canon 10 – Clerical Appointments, Exchanges, Retirements andExchanges, Retirements and TerminationsTerminations Canon 15 - ChurchwardensCanon 15 - Churchwardens
    4. 4. Health and SafetyHealth and Safety • Mandatory basic occupational health andMandatory basic occupational health and safety training must be completed for allsafety training must be completed for all employees. Compliance deadline is Julyemployees. Compliance deadline is July 1, 2014.1, 2014.
    5. 5. Health and Safety TrainingHealth and Safety Training Rights and responsibilities of workers,Rights and responsibilities of workers, supervisors and employers.supervisors and employers. Roles of joint health and safetyRoles of joint health and safety committees (representative),committees (representative), Roles of the Ministry of Labour, WSIBRoles of the Ministry of Labour, WSIB Strategies for eliminating workplaceStrategies for eliminating workplace hazards,hazards, WHMIS trainingWHMIS training
    6. 6. Internal Responsibility SystemInternal Responsibility System Employers and Employees shareEmployers and Employees share responsibilitiesresponsibilities Roles, Responsibilities and Rights areRoles, Responsibilities and Rights are interlockinginterlocking Government determines if these are metGovernment determines if these are met
    7. 7. Rights of EmployeesRights of Employees ““Right to participate” to be part of makingRight to participate” to be part of making the workplace a safe place.the workplace a safe place. ““Right to refuse work” that they believe isRight to refuse work” that they believe is dangerous.dangerous. ““Right to know” of any possible hazards inRight to know” of any possible hazards in the workplace.the workplace.
    8. 8. Parish Responsibility SystemParish Responsibility System Employer = ChurchwardensEmployer = Churchwardens Employee = Anyone receiving payEmployee = Anyone receiving pay Supervisor = Position named on theSupervisor = Position named on the employment agreement. ie. Incumbent.employment agreement. ie. Incumbent.
    9. 9. Responsibilities of the EmployerResponsibilities of the Employer Ensure everyone follows the OHSA.Ensure everyone follows the OHSA. Appoint competent supervisors.Appoint competent supervisors. Educate employees.Educate employees. Inform workers of any hazards.Inform workers of any hazards. Take every reasonable precaution.Take every reasonable precaution. Post the Occupational Health and SafetyPost the Occupational Health and Safety Act and WSIB poster.Act and WSIB poster.
    10. 10. Responsibilities of EmployerResponsibilities of Employer • Prepare and post the parish policy andPrepare and post the parish policy and program.program. Post inspection reports.Post inspection reports. Ensure a worker representative is chosen.Ensure a worker representative is chosen. Check the Ministry of Labour website forCheck the Ministry of Labour website for differing responsibilities for workplacesdiffering responsibilities for workplaces with 1 to 5 workers, 6 – 19 workers, or 20with 1 to 5 workers, 6 – 19 workers, or 20 – 49 workers.– 49 workers.
    11. 11. Health and Safety ResourcesHealth and Safety Resources •Churchwardens toolboxChurchwardens toolbox •Health and SafetyHealth and Safety •See sample templates on the right handSee sample templates on the right hand side of the page. Templates include; roles,side of the page. Templates include; roles, responsibilities, and procedures.responsibilities, and procedures.
    12. 12. Health and SafetyHealth and Safety Template policies.Template policies.  Health and Safety PolicyHealth and Safety Policy  Health and Safety ProgramHealth and Safety Program  Working aloneWorking alone  Safe ladder useSafe ladder use  Hazard ReportingHazard Reporting  Incident investigationIncident investigation  Fire EmergencyFire Emergency
    13. 13. Critical InjuriesCritical Injuries Places life in jeopardy.Places life in jeopardy. Produces unconsciousness.Produces unconsciousness. Results in substantial loss of blood.Results in substantial loss of blood. Involves the fracture of a leg or arm butInvolves the fracture of a leg or arm but not a finger or a toe.not a finger or a toe. Involves the amputation of a leg, arm,Involves the amputation of a leg, arm, hand or foot but not a finger or toe.hand or foot but not a finger or toe.
    14. 14. Critical InjuriesCritical Injuries Consists of burns to a major portion of theConsists of burns to a major portion of the body or;body or; Causes the loss of sight in an eye.Causes the loss of sight in an eye. The Ministry of LabourThe Ministry of Labour must bemust be contactedcontacted within 48 hours. Advise as soon aswithin 48 hours. Advise as soon as possible (after emergency call) and thepossible (after emergency call) and the sight must secured with no changes.sight must secured with no changes.
    15. 15. Violence and HarassmentViolence and Harassment June 15, 2010.June 15, 2010. No matter how many employees every siteNo matter how many employees every site must complete a risk/hazard assessment.must complete a risk/hazard assessment. (Must keep a copy of the assessment)(Must keep a copy of the assessment) Different requirements for parishes with 5Different requirements for parishes with 5 or less employees vs. parishes with 6 oror less employees vs. parishes with 6 or more.more. All employees need to be aware of risksAll employees need to be aware of risks and how to respond to violence orand how to respond to violence or harassment.harassment.
    16. 16. Violence and HarassmentViolence and Harassment Parishes with 6 or more employees.Parishes with 6 or more employees. -Must have a written policy.-Must have a written policy. -Must train employees on the policy.-Must train employees on the policy. • Policy templates are available on thePolicy templates are available on the Diocesan website found under health andDiocesan website found under health and
    17. 17. Emergency PreparednessEmergency Preparedness Pandemic preparedness.Pandemic preparedness. What about other types of emergencies?What about other types of emergencies? Ice storm December 2013, flooding AprilIce storm December 2013, flooding April 2013 (Minden-Kinmount)2013 (Minden-Kinmount) Disruptions – boiler breakdown inDisruptions – boiler breakdown in January? Water Diocesan Centre.January? Water Diocesan Centre.
    18. 18. Emergency PreparednessEmergency Preparedness Communications – website, phone tree,Communications – website, phone tree, email addresses. Responsibilities – physical site, finances,Responsibilities – physical site, finances, Communication to the broader community.Communication to the broader community. Is there a role for the parish to play?Is there a role for the parish to play?
    19. 19. Accessibility for Ontarians withAccessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)Disabilities Act (AODA) Multi-year initiativeMulti-year initiative 1.1.Customer Service (2012)Customer Service (2012) 2.2.Integrated accessibility standard.Integrated accessibility standard. Employment, communications andEmployment, communications and transportation.transportation. 3.3.Monitor government and diocesan websiteMonitor government and diocesan website for further information.for further information.
    20. 20. Employee vs. Contract WorkerEmployee vs. Contract Worker Review document; Employee vs. ContractReview document; Employee vs. Contract worker on the diocesan website.worker on the diocesan website.  Diocesan Website,Diocesan Website,  Churchwardens resources,Churchwardens resources,  Parish HR manual, (left side drop down),Parish HR manual, (left side drop down), Employee vs. ContractorEmployee vs. Contractor  See page 4 and 5 for practical considerationsSee page 4 and 5 for practical considerations
    21. 21. Employee vs. ContractorEmployee vs. Contractor Legal TestLegal Test  The degree or absence of control, exercisedThe degree or absence of control, exercised by the alleged employee;by the alleged employee;  Ownership of tools;Ownership of tools;  Chance of profit or loss;Chance of profit or loss;  Integration of the alleged employees’ workIntegration of the alleged employees’ work into the alleged employer’s business.into the alleged employer’s business.
    22. 22. Clergy RemunerationClergy Remuneration Churchwardens and cleric need to meetChurchwardens and cleric need to meet annually to discuss changes toannually to discuss changes to remuneration. Housing allowance /remuneration. Housing allowance / Stipend.Stipend. Diocesan Council mandates minimumDiocesan Council mandates minimum stipend levels but not maximum levels.stipend levels but not maximum levels. Review Clergy Remuneration Memo forReview Clergy Remuneration Memo for Diocesan and Area statistics.Diocesan and Area statistics.
    23. 23. ScreeningScreening  Joint responsibility of the Churchwardens andJoint responsibility of the Churchwardens and IncumbentIncumbent  Can designate a Screening CoordinatorCan designate a Screening Coordinator  Must be 18 years old to be in high-riskMust be 18 years old to be in high-risk positionposition
    24. 24. Screening – Key PrinciplesScreening – Key Principles  Ministry is a privilege not a rightMinistry is a privilege not a right  Children and vulnerable adults must beChildren and vulnerable adults must be protectedprotected  Volunteers must be prepared to be screenedVolunteers must be prepared to be screened and trainedand trained  Privacy of individuals is to be respectedPrivacy of individuals is to be respected  Confidentiality is to be maintainedConfidentiality is to be maintained  When in doubt, err on the side of safetyWhen in doubt, err on the side of safety
    25. 25. Screening Compliance ReportsScreening Compliance Reports  Assess for risk: high, medium, low riskAssess for risk: high, medium, low risk  Sexual misconduct policy trainingSexual misconduct policy training  Police Record CheckPolice Record Check  Fully compliant with the standards &Fully compliant with the standards & practices of the policypractices of the policy  Document any important decisions in theDocument any important decisions in the parish screening file.parish screening file.
    26. 26. The Canon PastorThe Canon Pastor The Rev. Canon Allan BudzinThe Rev. Canon Allan Budzin  Confidential Phone: 416-807-2494Confidential Phone: 416-807-2494  Answers questions about the sexualAnswers questions about the sexual misconduct policymisconduct policy  Investigates complaintsInvestigates complaints  If involving children contact Children’s AidIf involving children contact Children’s Aid  If suspicion, uncomfortable, or to make aIf suspicion, uncomfortable, or to make a complaint contact the Canon Pastorcomplaint contact the Canon Pastor  If criminal contact the policeIf criminal contact the police
    27. 27. Sexual Misconduct PolicySexual Misconduct Policy TrainingTraining SMP Scenario Case Studies (New 2013)SMP Scenario Case Studies (New 2013) SMP Training materials. See website.SMP Training materials. See website.
    28. 28. Records ManagementRecords Management The personnel file should include:The personnel file should include:  resumeresume  employment agreement / contractemployment agreement / contract  job descriptionjob description  salary and benefit informationsalary and benefit information  screening documentationscreening documentation  ongoing performance evaluationsongoing performance evaluations  continuing education material (health & safety)continuing education material (health & safety)  performance management documentationperformance management documentation  sick leave, leave of absence, vacation memossick leave, leave of absence, vacation memos  resignation or termination documentationresignation or termination documentation Records need to be kept in a secure locked location at theRecords need to be kept in a secure locked location at the parish. (Not in someone’s home)parish. (Not in someone’s home)
    29. 29. EndingEnding Resignation – Get it in writing. Recognize withResignation – Get it in writing. Recognize with an acceptance acceptance letter. DismissalDismissal Review file.Review file. Seek assistance. Use a proven process.Seek assistance. Use a proven process. Contact a labour lawyer or other humanContact a labour lawyer or other human resource professional.resource professional. Employment Standards Act sets a minimum.Employment Standards Act sets a minimum. Remember the impact on the community.Remember the impact on the community.
    30. 30. EndingsEndings Documentation – Letter, memos ofDocumentation – Letter, memos of meetings.meetings. File any parish announcements.File any parish announcements.
    31. 31. EmployeesEmployees Employment Standards Act:Employment Standards Act:  ESA – Workbook for EmployersESA – Workbook for Employers  Poster – Version 4Poster – Version 4 CRA – Payroll / DeductionsCRA – Payroll / Deductions
    32. 32. Employment Standards SiteEmployment Standards Site Fact SheetsFact Sheets Leaves: Emergency, Family Medical, Maternity,Leaves: Emergency, Family Medical, Maternity, Parental, Disability and SicknessParental, Disability and Sickness FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Hours of Work & OvertimeHours of Work & Overtime Minimum WageMinimum Wage Public HolidaysPublic Holidays Termination of Employment & Severance PayTermination of Employment & Severance Pay VacationVacation
    33. 33. Government CalculatorsGovernment Calculators Assists with calculating standards employmentAssists with calculating standards employment informationinformation  ESA: Statutory HolidaysESA: Statutory Holidays  ESA: Termination and SeveranceESA: Termination and Severance  CRA: Payroll deduction calculator (December 12,CRA: Payroll deduction calculator (December 12, 2013)2013)
    34. 34. Where Do I Get Information?Where Do I Get Information? Former ChurchwardensFormer Churchwardens Parish Human Resources Manual 2014Parish Human Resources Manual 2014 -Churchwardens Resources-Churchwardens Resources -Human Resources for Clergy/ Parishes-Human Resources for Clergy/ Parishes NetworkingNetworking (other parishes, those in your parish…)(other parishes, those in your parish…) Internet – Interview questions, compensationInternet – Interview questions, compensation
    35. 35. Human Resource StaffHuman Resource Staff Amy Talbert – Screening and HRAmy Talbert – Screening and HR Coordinator Ext., 241 orCoordinator Ext., 241 or Richard Dentinger – Director of HRRichard Dentinger – Director of HR Ext., 232 orExt., 232 or