Lui alphabet by Dr. Maria


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(c)2013 Maria Evans. Primer created for the English class in the Episcopal Diocese of Lui, South Sudan.

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Lui alphabet by Dr. Maria

  1. 1. A G I F T F O R M Y F R I E N D S I N C H R I S T , T H E P E O P L E O F L U I Dr. Maria’s Alphabet
  2. 2.  A is for Apples, a fruit with some seeds;
  3. 3.  B is for Blackberries that grow in my weeds.
  4. 4.  C is for Coffee, that’s “booni” to you;
  5. 5.  D is for Donkey, of which I have two.
  6. 6.  E is for Episcopal, it’ s your church and mine;
  7. 7.  F is for Fireplace, where I sit from time to time.
  8. 8.  G is for the Grass that grows in pasture and vale;
  9. 9.  H is for Hay, it’s a grass that we bale.
  10. 10.  I is for Iowa, the state north of me
  11. 11.  J is for Jesus, who made us all free.
  12. 12.  K is for Kites, that can fly up above;
  13. 13.  L is for Lui, a place that I love.
  14. 14.  M is for Missouri, the place I call home;
  15. 15.  N is for the Necklaces I make out of stones.
  16. 16.  O is for Okra, I can eat quite a few;
  17. 17.  P is for Prayer Book, but mine’s not in Moru!
  18. 18.  Q is for Quaker, a brand of oatmeal;
  19. 19.  R is for Round, it’s the shape of a wheel.
  20. 20.  S is for Sylvia, my donkey that’s old;
  21. 21.  T is for Topaz, my donkey that’s bold.
  22. 22.  U is for Uvula, that hangs from your throat
  23. 23.  V is for Verata, a type of a goat.
  24. 24.  W is for Bishop Wayne, who’s often been your guest;
  25. 25.  X is for xiphoid, a bone on your chest.
  26. 26.  Y is for Yogurt, one of my favorite treats;
  27. 27.  And Z is for Zygoma, a bone on your cheek.
  28. 28. So we’ve now reached the end, I’m all out of letters, But I hope it can help each of you read a little better. So when you have a minute, there’s really no hurry, Please say a prayer or two for your friends in Missouri. And I promise by everything in me that’s true That many of us in Missouri are praying for you. That’s all I have now, there’s no more to say; Except may God bless each of you in a very special way.
  29. 29. The End