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Everyday customer champions


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Everyday customer champions

  1. 1. Everyday Customer Champions Dears, “Service to Humanity is Service to God “, you may feel that I sound too philosophical today. The truth is different; the Soul of our service is very deep roots to this saying. Everyday Customer Champions are the people who inspire you to go back to an establishment again and again— whether B2B or B2C. Often they are the unsung customer heroes at the front lines or big renowned corporate houses who ensure that provides a great experience or that your problem is solved— even if it means going out of their way. Providing customers with a flawless and memorable experience that gives them what they want – and brings them back – is the goal of any company. Those that get “customer experience” right say that the key is to focus on relationships with buyers at so-called “touch points” along the way, from long before until long after a sale takes place. At the end of the day customer want relationship more than anything else. Wal-Mart Makes a Difference Wal-Mart made a major shift in its marketing focus in 2009/10 — and the buzzword became "value." Television ads touted the company's Great Value line of foods, telling the story of how parents could feed their families for $2 per meal. Part of the "Save Money, Live Better" campaign also included a branded web site with videos, free classified ads and a message board where shoppers swap tips on stretching paychecks. In the bottom-left corner of that site is a constantly updated ticker — currently just over a quarter of a trillion dollars — that shows "the amount of money Wal-Mart has saved American families since January 1, 2009." Commitment we need CRM is such a powerful thought that makes a great difference to everyone’s life. Take an extreme example of helping the citizen of War Torn country like Iraq helping the citizens to share their thoughts about the rebuilding their country and work in cognizant with US forces to make them help better. The entire CRM concept could be deployed in such scenario and what is required is some humane effort to take such step. We the IT Professionals see our job more as a way to exhibit our talent and intelligence beyond this there is great value add by making someone’s life better be it a employee of your customer or customer of your customer. The great organization are great for a reason that they have the everyday customer champions who knowingly or unknowingly putting a great effort in building great relationship with customer. So, who is your Everyday Customer Champion? Is it a barista at Starbuck’s or a salesperson at Wall mart or perhaps your local dry cleaner or gas station attendant, or maybe it’s a B2B sales or service rep at a supplier’s firm? Take a moment to recognize him or her below. You’ll be glad you did. Loving P&C DC*