Befriend your crm workforce


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Befriend your crm workforce

  1. 1. Befriend your CRM Workforce, Befriend your customers What your business is looking for? If you’re unfamiliar with the question and answer is in the title of this post. "Befriend your CRM Workforce, Befriend your customers” .Your company should approach your CRM force and Customers with the same mindset. In the history information technology, one technology that always embraced relationship is CRM. Infact CRM is all about building trust, goodwill and maintaining relationship with all stakeholders of the company specially the guest (customers). The degree of CRM adoption in a enterprise is directly proportionate to the way they care about their relationship with customers. Today it’s a ideal day (Friendship day) to discuss this topic. The other side of the relationship we have the work force that should be equally motivated and empowered to build this relationship. Let’s look at mobilizing your workforce with CRM in this article With nearly all businesses operating in a 24/7 global environment these days, a mobilized workforce is now a critical requirement to remain competitive and efficient. But does a productive, successful mobilized workforce mean simply arming employees with technology and devices? Not really. Businesses need to centralize the processes and tools around performing the work—no matter where it’s done. CRM tools that enable companies to connect their employees–not just sales people–to all relevant customer or prospect data, as well as to update that information regardless of where they are working, are needed to optimally mobilize a workforce. Whether the business is a two-person real estate agency or a multi-national organization, a properly executed CRM-mobilized workforce can extend both the company’s and its customers’ great business value and long lasting relationship . The major benefits realized include: 1) All-access CRM Options: Today’s staffers and executives alike are incorporating a multi-device approach to get the job done. Desktop, web access and mobile CRM applications enable on-the-go sales, customer service and marketing professionals to use CRM in the way that makes the most sense for their work life. Employees need 24/7 access to their CRM data and should be able to update real-time customer information regardless of the access method or device. 2) Optimized Productivity: Staff can perform more work in less time by logging customer updates immediately via mobile device, instead of waiting until the end of the day or needing to return to the main office. They should be able to access the latest customer information without lag time and proactively leverage unexpected downtime, for example, by reviewing the lead that just got sent to them while waiting in line for coffee or connecting with a nearby customer/prospect in place of a lastminute canceled meeting. Robust mobile CRM tools offer quick GPS mapping and turn-by-turn directions to efficiently keep sales or customer service professionals on the move to their next meeting. 3) Visibility into the Business: Executives, managers and sales/customer service personnel can utilize all relevant information flowing into the CRM system from any location in real-time. This allows executives to manage by exception and respond to high-priority items, while mobilized customer service personnel can use CRM to centrally track all steps of the customer service process, from initial customer call, through assignment to a service technician, as well as payment and resolution of the open ticket.
  2. 2. Virtually anywhere, sales managers can receive sales leads and opportunity alerts and monitor sales team quotas for any timeframe and click on a dash board indicator to view the metrics and data behind the dashboard. For marketing professionals, campaign metrics and statistics are continually available at a glance—particularly critical during a major campaign or product launch. 4) Increased Work-Life Balance: Instead of being tied to the desktop to perform their daily work, a mobilized workforce can convert the efficiencies gained into more personal or family time, thus increasing employee morale and productivity. In the not so distant past, employees had to burn the midnight oil at the office watching his/her personal life pass by to stay on pace with work demands. With mobile devices and applications like CRM available on those devices, professionals within every level of an organization can accommodate personal obligations and still meet their work deadlines. 5) Build Customer Loyalty to Drive Revenue – Probably the most sought-out benefit for organizations, a mobilized workforce tying together sales, customer service and marketing via CRM, can increase a business’ bottom line by providing real-time information that can influence or close the sale. Think about that sales or customer service professional who can grab valuable customer intelligence seconds before a client meeting, access customer records on-the-fly during the meeting and walk out the door an hour later with a new client contract or a satisfied renewal customer who felt they were more than just an account number.