Search engine optimization (seo) process


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SEO Process

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Search engine optimization (seo) process

  1. 1. WebsiteSEM/Digital SEO Marketing Analysis Process On page Off page
  2. 2.  Web site Analysis Keyword Analysis Competitor Analysis
  3. 3.  Navigation and File Structure Analysis Canonicalization HTML Validation Customized 404 Site Map, XML Sitemap Broken Links XML RSS Feeds Website Speed Robots.txt Browser Compatibility
  4. 4.  Title Description Keyword Heading (H1) Image Alt-tag Duplicate Content Fixing Cache Domain Age IP Location Alexa Rank Page Rank
  5. 5.  Anchor Text Linking Quality of Page Content Pages indexed by Google Yahoo Bing Web Master and Analytics Search engine sitemap Domain Age Page Redirect Duplicate Page Analysis
  6. 6. Research keywords related to your business Local based Keyword analysis Global based Keyword analysis Product based Keyword Analysis Two phrases Keyword analysis Three Phases Keyword analysis Search Volume User intent Business Impact
  7. 7. Identify competitors, utilize benchmarking techniques and identify level of competition Local based Competitor analysis Global based Competitor analysis Product based Competitor analysis KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index ) Analysis for single Keyword Phrase Key analysis Exact match Key analysis
  8. 8. Competitor website Back link Domain Keyword/Product Age/Website Analysis based analysis Exact/ Phrase Page Rank/Alexa,Inbound link Out bound link Product base Navigation, etc Quality Page
  9. 9.  Title Meta Tags (not more than 60 characters) Meta tag Keyword Description Anchor Text (incoming and internal) Header Tag Content (i..e H1, H2, H3, H4, H5) Robots.txt Bold/Italic Tag Content Body Text on top, middle and bottom of page Alt Tags in Pictures that are Links URL/Filenames and Navigation
  10. 10.  Search engine Web master and analytics Hyperlink text Keyword density, frequency, Prominence & Proximity Dynamic Page Optimization Rich Content , Content Analysis & Optimization HTML Code Refining & Checking RSS Creation Sitemap Creation Local Listing (Google, Yahoo and Bing)
  11. 11.  Back Links Search Engine Submission (Google +, Messenger) Article Submission Social Bookmarking Classified Ad Submission Press Releases Blog Creation Link Wheel Forum Posting
  12. 12.  Social Media Optimization Product Specific Directory Submission Country Specific Directory Submission Local Business Directory Submission RSS feed Directory Submission Paid directory submission Reciprocal links Submission Google Local Submission .edu backlinks .gov backlinks
  13. 13. Analytics/web master/BusinessPage/Blog/Adwords/product Google mail Yahoo Promotion Bing mail Email Website Analytics web master SNW Directory/ business Social place/Ads Bookmark/ Face Book Press Directory Twitter release/ LinkedIn Blog /Etc SNW Ads Social Media, Etc
  14. 14.  Google and Bing Ad words Email Marketing Blogging Social Network participation ( Face book, LinkedIn ads, etc) Content Marketing Video Marketing
  15. 15. Landing Page PPCMarketing Video Offers Banner Ads SEM Micro blogging Social Media Email/Mobile Fan Page Marketing Business Page
  16. 16. RegardsDinu.D9751428479