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DEV Conclusion


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Published in: Technology, Education
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DEV Conclusion

  1. 1. The DEV Finally The Conclusion
  2. 2. *De^v > ap calculus Blog Authors.*
  3. 3. Hi, I am Dino!
  4. 4. Hi, I am Tim_MATH_y!
  5. 5. says: DEV is an exceptional learning tool, which showcases the amount of talent students have!
  6. 6. says: DEV is not so much a teaching tool, instead a reviewing tool, which should be used in class reviews.
  7. 7. says: DEV is a great studying tool for the students creating the problems.
  8. 8. says: DEV needs to be brought into the ciriculum as a major project everyone must do atleast once in high school mathematics.
  9. 9. says: DEV is a beneficial learning tool!
  10. 10. says: The amount of learning extracted with the amount of time invested is not worth it!