Dino Fitriza - Inspired by Nature Photo Essay


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Photo Essay dengan tema Biomimicry. Photo Essay ini menjadi International semifinalists Microsoft Imagine Cup 2009

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Dino Fitriza - Inspired by Nature Photo Essay

  1. 1. Inspired by Nature Imagine Cup 2009 Photography Semi Final Photo Essay By DINO FITRIZA ITB - INDONESIA
  2. 2. Nature is Our Teacher Nature inspires us. We learn and adapt animal behavior, especially the way they move. Million Years Ago, some of them extinct because of natural forces . Nowadays, some animals are endangered. Threaten by another kind of Natural Forces, HUMAN
  3. 3. The Master in the Air Human inspired by Bird . Our ancestor dream to be able to fly. Birds were our teacher. We owe to the birds
  4. 4. Fly Me to the moon Now we fly higher, faster than birds. Our technology surpass our teacher, the birds
  5. 5. The Master Above the Water Our ancestor seen animals floated above the water. They learn how to float and travel above and under water. Human owe nature for this inspiration
  6. 6. Sail Away Today, we can make boats, ships, submarines, etc to travel. Otherwise, we forget to thanks the nature. We polluted our water, rivers, seas, lakes. We are overfishing too.
  7. 7. The Master of the Land Our ancestor seen Camel . The endurance and durability of camel inspires human to create land transportation.
  8. 8. Today, Human can create vehicle for land transportation. Our vehicle is faster and stronger than camel, the inspiration. Faster and Stronger
  9. 9. Human Technology is not Perfect Despite all the advanced technology we have. Our technology is not perfect. We polluted our nature. Poisoning the earth, and the animals; our ancestor’s friends and teachers.
  10. 10. Poverty is not an Option The resources are decreasing. We must change our habit. Think sustainability. Make friend with our nature.
  11. 11. Changing our habits are the best technology The best technology sometimes is the simplest one. Choose walking instead of using Carbon dioxide emitter vehicle. A long journey begins with a single step.
  12. 12. Bicycle, another kind of nature friendly vehicle. Bicycling reduce individual carbon footprint. It burns body fats too. There is always an option
  13. 13. Prosperity for All Changing the habits in transportation, Reducing your carbon footprints, leads to sustainability and prosperity, even for animals, our sources of inspiration.
  14. 14. THE END