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People see verified events while out


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Astral Travelling experience.

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People see verified events while out

  1. 1. People See Verified Events While Out-Of-Body Dr. Raymond Moodys Groundbreaking Research The scientific method requires all phenomena to be reproducible, provide veridical details (i.e., details which cannot be explained away, which are found to be true), and undergo rigoroustests to rule out all the known alternative explanations, for atheory to be proven as scientific fact. Using the scientificmethod, near-death experiences have been proven to be areal scientific phenomenon because they are reproducible.Near-death experiences were first shown to be reproducibleduring studies involving the subjection of fighter pilots toextreme gravitational forces in a giant centrifuge. But thequestion is not, "Are near-death experiences real?" Evenskeptics now concede that it is a real phenomenon. Thequestion to ask is, "Are near-death experiences aphenomenon of a persons consciousness being outside oftheir body?" And if this can be proven true, then the nextquestion is, "Can consciousness survive bodily death?" Thislast question likely cannot be proven true to the satisfaction ofthe skeptics using near-death research alone. This isbecause no matter how you define "death," the only kind ofdefinition that satisfies the skeptics is "irreversible" death.Just the very nature of the phrase "near-death" suggests thatit is not true death - where nobody comes back. However,good scientific evidence for survival can be found in otherrealms of research such as psychic studies, quantumphysics, consciousness studies, and remote viewing - not tomention the mountain of circumstantial evidence.Veridical Perception in NDEsAt this point in near-death studies, researchers areparticularly interested in studying those NDEs that mayprovide an answer to the question of whether the mind canfunction outside the physical body. This is the first step indetermining whether consciousness can survive bodily death.One way is to discover this is to examine those NDEs whichare "veridical" (verifiable). Veridical NDEs occur when the
  2. 2. experiencer acquires verifiable information which they couldnot have obtained by any normal means. Often, near-deathexperiencers report witnessing events that happen at somedistant location away from their body, such as another roomof the hospital. If the events witnessed by the experiencer atthe distant location can be verified to have occurred, thenveridical perception would be said to have taken place. Itwould provide very compelling evidence that NDEs areexperiences outside of the physical body. Visit the NDE andOut-Of-Body research conclusions to read a large collectionof veridical NDEs.Besides his ground-breaking book,Life After Life, Raymond Moody isthe author of the excellent NDEbooks, The Light Beyond,Reunions, Life After Loss, ComingBack, Reflections, and The LastLaugh. In Life After Life, Moodydocuments a number of veridicalnear-death experiences which willbe described here. This veridicalevidence suggests the possibilitythat consciousness can exist away from the body. In light ofsuch veridical evidence, other NDE theories fall by thewayside because they cannot account for these veridicaldetails. And although the available veridical NDE evidencedoes not constitute scientific proof of consciousness survivingbodily death, it does qualify as very powerful circumstantialand anecdotal evidence, the kind of evidence that is upheldevery day in courts of law all around the country.Whether or not there will ever be scientific evidence for thesurvival of consciousness may depend upon science itselfand how such phenomenon as NDEs can be quantified.Using the strict demands of science, we can only conclude asDr. Raymond Moody does when he had this to say: "I dont have any idea whether theres life after death or not. Ive been a follower of science all of my life, but I also have a Ph.D. in philosophy, and it really seems to me that the question of life after death is not yet ripe for scientific enquiry because its not formulatable in a way that fits into the scientific method. I also think its the most important question. If you think of the big questions of existence, this is the biggie."The following are some examples of veridical NDEsdocumented by Moody:
  3. 3. Example 1: An elderly woman had been blind sincechildhood. But, during her NDE, the woman had regained hersight and she was able to accurately describe the instrumentsand techniques used during the resuscitation her body. Afterthe woman was revived, she reported the details to herdoctor. She was able to tell her doctor who came in and out,what they said, what they wore, what they did, all of whichwas true. Her doctor then referred the woman to Moody whohe knew was doing research at the time on NDEs.Example 2: One patient told Moody, After it was all over thedoctor told me that I had a really bad time, and I said, Yeah, Iknow. He said, Well, how do you know? and I said, I can tellyou everything that happened. He didnt believe me, so I toldhim the whole story, from the time I stopped breathing untilthe time I was kind of coming around. He was really shockedto know that I knew everything that had happened. He didntknow quite what to say, but he came in several times to askme different things about it.Example 3: In another instance a woman with a heartcondition was dying at the same time that her sister was in adiabetic coma in another part of the same hospital. Thesubject reported having a conversation with her sister as bothof them hovered near the ceiling watching the medical teamwork on her body below. When the woman awoke, she toldthe doctor that her sister had died while her own resuscitationwas taking place. The doctor denied it, but when she insisted,he had a nurse check on it. The sister had, in fact, diedduring the time in question.Example 4: A dying girl left her body and into another roomin the hospital where she found her older sister crying andsaying: "Oh, Kathy, please dont die, please dont die."The older sister was quite baffled when, later, Kathy told herexactly where she had been and what she had been sayingduring this time. "After it was all over, the doctor told me that I had a really bad time, and I said, "Yeah, I know." He said, "Well, how do you know?" And I said, "I can tell you everything that happened." He didnt believe me, so I told him the whole story, from the time I stopped breathing until the time I was
  4. 4. kind of coming around. He was really shocked to know that I knew everything that had happened. He didnt know quite what to say, but he came in several times to ask me different things about it. When I woke up after the accident, my father was there, and I didnt even want to know what sort of shape I was in, or how I was, or how the doctors thought I would be. All I wanted to talk about was the experience I had been through. I told my father who had dragged my body out of the building, and even what color clothes that person had on, and how they got me out, and even about all the conversation that had been going on in the area. And my father said, "Well, yes, these things were true." Yet, my body was physically out this whole time, and there was no way I could have seen or heard these things without being outside of my body.Dr. Moodys Exceptional NDETestimonyIn his book, Life After Life, Moody documents what he calls "arather exceptional account" which embodies many of theelements of the NDE that he describes and has an interestingveridical near-death experience. I think you will agree that it israther exceptional:Jacks NDE: At the time this happened I suffered, as I stilldo, a very severe case of bronchial asthma and emphysema.One day, I got into a coughing fit and apparently ruptured adisk in the lower part of my spine. For a couple of months, Iconsulted a number of doctors for the agonizing pain, andfinally one of them referred me to a neurosurgeon, Dr. Wyatt.He saw me and told me that I needed to be admitted to thehospital immediately, so I went on in and they put me intraction right away.Dr. Wyatt knew that I had bad respiratory diseases so hecalled in a lung specialist, who said that the anesthesiologist,Dr. Coleman, should be consulted if I was going to be put tosleep. So the lung specialist worked on me for almost threeweeks until he finally got me to a place where Dr. Colemanwould put me under. He finally consented on a Monday,although he was very much worried about it. They scheduledthe operation for the next Friday. Monday night, I went to
  5. 5. sleep and had a restful sleep until sometime early Tuesdaymorning, when I woke up in severe pain. I turned over andtried to get in a more comfortable position, but just at thatmoment a light appeared in the corner of the room, just belowthe ceiling. It was just a ball of light, almost like a globe, and itwas not very large, I would say no more than twelve to fifteeninches in diameter, and as this light appeared, a feeling cameover me. I cant say that it was an eerie feeling, because itwas not. It was a feeling of complete peace and utterrelaxation. I could see a hand reach down for me from thelight, and the light said: "Come with me. I want to show you something."So immediately, without any hesitation whatsoever, I reachedup with my hand and grabbed onto the hand I saw. As I did, Ihad the feeling of being drawn up and of leaving my body,and I looked back and saw it lying there on the bed while Iwas going up towards the ceiling of the room.Now, at this time, as soon as I left my body, I took on thesame form as the light. I got the feeling, and Ill have to usemy own words for it, because Ive never heard anyone talkabout anything like this, that this form was definitely a spirit. Itwasnt a body, just a wisp of smoke or a vapor. It lookedalmost like the clouds of cigarette smoke you can see whenthey are illuminated as they drift around a lamp. The form Itook had colors, though. There was orange, yellow, and acolor that was very indistinct to me - I took it to be an indigo,a bluish color.This spiritual form didnt have a shape like a body. It wasmore or less circular, but it had what I would call a hand. Iknow this because when the light reached down for me, Ireached up for it with my hand. Yet, the arm and hand of mybody just stayed put, because I could see them lying on thebed, down by the side of my body, as I rose up to the light.But when I wasnt using this spiritual hand, the spirit wentback to the circular pattern.So, I was drawn up to the same position the light was in, andwe started moving through the ceiling and the wall of thehospital room, into the corridor, and through the corridor,down through the floors it seemed, on down to a lower floor inthe hospital. We had no difficulty in passing through doors orwalls. They would just fade away from us as we wouldapproach them.During this period it seemed that we were traveling. I knewwe were moving, yet there was no sensation of speed. And ina moment, almost instantaneously, really, I realized that we
  6. 6. had reached the recovery room of the hospital. Now, I hadnteven known where the recovery room was at this hospital,but we got there, and again, we were in the corner of theroom near the ceiling, up above everything else. I saw thedoctors and nurses walking around in their green suits andsaw the beds that were placed around in there. This beingthen told me - he showed me: "Thats where youre going to be. When they bring you off the operating table theyre going to put you in that bed, but you will never awaken from that position. Youll know nothing after you go to the operating room until I come back to get you sometime after this."Now, I wont say this was in words. It wasnt like an audiblevoice, because if it had been I would have expected theothers in the room to have heard the voice, and they didnt. Itwas more of an impression that came to me. But it was insuch a vivid form that there was no way for me to say I didnthear it or I didnt feel it. It was definite to me.And what I was seeing - well, it was so much easier torecognize things while I was in this spiritual form. I was nowwondering, like, "Now, what is that that he is trying to showme?" I knew immediately what it was, what he had in mind.There was no doubt. It was that bed - it was the bed on theright just as you come in from the corridor - is where Im goingto be and hes brought me here for a purpose. And then hetold me why. It came to me that the reason for this was thathe didnt want any fear when the time came that my spiritpassed from my body, but that he wanted me to know whatthe sensation would be on passing that point. He wanted toassure me so that I wouldnt be afraid, because he was tellingme that he wouldnt be there immediately, that I would gothrough other things first, but that he would beovershadowing everything that happened and would be therefor me at the end.Now, immediately, when I had joined him to take the trip tothe recovery room and had become a spirit myself, in a waywe had been fused into one. We were two separate ones,too, of course. Yet, he had full control of everything that wasgoing on as far as I was concerned. And even if we weretraveling through the walls and ceilings and so forth, well, itjust seemed that we were in such close communion thatnothing whatsoever could have bothered me. Again, it wasjust a peacefulness, calmness, and a serenity that havenever been found anywhere else.So, after he told me this, he took me back to my hospital
  7. 7. room, and as I got back I saw my body again, still lying in thesame position as when we left, and instantaneously I wasback in my body. I would guess that I had been out of mybody for five or ten minutes, but passage of time had nothingto do with this experience. In fact, I dont remember if I hadever even thought of it as being any particular time.Now, this whole thing had just astounded me, took mecompletely by surprise. It was so vivid and real - more sothan ordinary experience. And the next morning, I was not inthe least afraid. When I shaved, I noticed that my hand didntshake like it had been doing for six or eight weeks beforethen. I knew that I would be dying, and there was no regret,no fear. There was no thought, "What can I do to keep thisfrom happening?" I was ready.Now, on Thursday afternoon, the day before the operationthe next morning, I was in my hospital room, and I wasworried. My wife and I have a boy, an adopted nephew, andwe were then having some trouble with him. So I decided towrite a letter to my wife and one to my nephew, putting someof my worries into words, and to hide the letters where theywouldnt be found until after the operation. After I had writtenabout two pages on the letter to my wife, it was just as if thefloodgates had opened. All at once, I broke out in tears,sobbing. I felt a presence, and at first I thought maybe that Ihad cried so loud that I had disturbed one of the nurses, andthat they had come in to see what was the matter with me.But I hadnt heard the door open. And again I felt thispresence, but I didnt see any light this time, and thoughts orwords came to me, just as before, and he said: "Jack, why are you crying? I thought you would be pleased to be with me." I thought, "Yes, I am. I want to go very much." And the voice said, "Then why are you crying?" I said, "Weve had trouble with our nephew, you know, and Im afraid my wife wont know how to raise him. Im trying to put into words how I feel, and what I want her to try to do for him. Im concerned, too, because I feel that maybe my presence could have settled him down some." Then the thoughts came to me, from this presence, "Since you are not asking for someone else, and thinking of others, not Jack, I will grant what you want. You will live until you see your nephew become a man."
  8. 8. And just like that, it was gone. I stopped crying, and Idestroyed the letter so my wife wouldnt accidentally find it.That evening, Dr. Coleman came in and told me that he wasexpecting a lot of trouble with putting me to sleep, and for menot to be surprised to wake up and find a lot of wires andtubes and machines all around me. I didnt tell him what I hadexperienced, so I just nodded and said I would cooperate.The next morning the operation took a long time but wentfine, and as I was regaining my consciousness, Dr. Colemanwas there with me, and I told him: "I know exactly where I am." He asked, "What bed are you in?" I said, "Im in that first bed on the right just as you come in from the hall."He just kind of laughed, and of course, he thought that I wasjust taking from the anesthetic.I wanted to tell him what had happened, but just in a momentDr. Wyatt came in and said: "Hes awake now. What do you want to do?" And Dr. Coleman said, "Theres not a thing I can do. Ive never been so amazed in my life. Here I am with all this equipment set up and he doesnt need a thing." Dr. Wyatt said, "Miracles still happen, you know."So, when I could get up in the bed and see around the room,I saw that I was in that same bed that the light had shown meseveral days before.Now, all this was three years ago, but it is still just as vivid asit was then. It was the most fantastic thing that has everhappened to me, and it has made a big difference. But I donttalk about it. I have only told my wife, my brother, myminister, and now you. I dont know how to say it, but this isso hard to explain. Im not trying to make a big explosion inyour life, and Im not trying to brag. Its just that after this, Idont have any doubts anymore. I know there is life afterdeath.
  9. 9. Source: Moody Jr., Raymond A., M.D., Life After Life,pages 101-107, New York, Bantam Books, 1975."A miracle is not the breakingof physical laws, but ratherrepresents laws which areincomprehensible to us."Guirdjieff | Evidence index | Next |Copyright 2007 Near-Death Experiences & the Afterlife