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This is a replacement of TRUST by Danone that is now become a public online social game through trust.danone.com. This new social business competition will give funding for DYSE Top 5 Winner social business and also give scholarship to each team member. More information: @DanCommunityID on twitter and Facebook.com/DanCommunity at facebook.

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Danone Young Social Entrepreneur

  1. 1. Danone Young Social Entrepeneur Empowering The Youth to be a Real STAR “Keeping the right talent for DANONE future leader”
  2. 2. Social Entrepeneurs: Who Are They?“Leonardo Kamilius is not your typical 25-year-old. He wentfrom being a business consultant at a prominent company(McKinsey) to leading a microfinance institution that supportsmore than 140 small and micro-businesses in Cilincing, NorthJakarta. He helps people like Siti Warningsih, pictured withLeonardo, who runs her own ‘warteg on two wheels,’ byoffering them microcredits to start up businesses…”(The Jakarta Globe, 26 April 2011)*Leon is the winner of Danone TRUST 2008
  3. 3. Social Entrepeneurship NowadaysSocial entrepeneurship and community development havegain people interest in recent years. Take examples of:Leonardo Kamilius, Goris Mustaqim, Tri Mumpuni, RhenaldKasali, etc.According to some lecturers, students are now gettingmore interest in social entrepeneurship program insteadof academic competition (science olympic, etc).Some universities (i.e. SBM ITB, PrasMul) has incorporatesocial entrepreneurship as part of their curriculum andthey are actively seeking partnership from corporations
  4. 4. Social Entrepeneurship: Engaging students to create a social valueSocial Entrepeneurship is aligned with Danone vision tocreate social value as well as economic valueThe partnership with student and university on socialentrepeneurship program will create a synergy which willbenefit for all: – Community: strengthen economic fundamental – Student: learn and support from Danone – University: upgrade the learning method on social entrepeneurship – Danone: create social value and get engagement from student
  5. 5. Introducing… Danone Young Social Entrepeneur
  6. 6. What is DYSEDanone Young Social Entrepeneur (DYSE) is a uniquesocial entrepeneurship competition among Indonesiauniversity students which based on Danone SustainabilityDevelopment ProgramIn DYSE, students will develop the social entrepeneurshipproposal, present it to Danone managers & CODImembers, and the 5 best proposal will get funding andscholarship to support the project execution
  7. 7. DYSE is one of DanYouth pillarDYSE is part of DanYouth program which attract, engage,recruit, and develop the young talent who will become theDanone future leaders: – Attract through TRUST online social game www.trust.danone.com – Engage through DYSE – Recruit & Develop through MT STARDYSE will replace previous TRUST business game whichwill now become social game for everyone (E-TRUST)
  8. 8. The Roadmap to be MT STAR
  9. 9. DYSE MechanismCommittee & CM CM Participant Participant consult with CM Developing social Participant Participant entrepeneurship Proposal Submisssion Recruitment Selection proposal (25 Jan 2013) (1 – 19 Nov 2012) (19 Nov 2012– 25 Jan 2013) PARIS TRIP: Project learn more about Implementation & DYSE Day & Community Development Quarter Review Country Final from the global expert (March – December (3-5 February 2013) (10-16 March 2013) 2013) CM, Participant Participant consult with CM Committee, CM, Participant
  10. 10. Selecting the Students Announcement forCV Screening by Group Interview CM Discussion DYSE DAY & Campus with Campus Panel to finalize Country Final Managers Managers the participants Participants
  11. 11. Developing the DYSE ProposalPreparation for DYSE Day & Country Final• Danone Sustainability Program• Strategic Management• Financial Management• How to Develop Social Business Proposal• Social Business Concept• Community Development Facilitated by Campus Managers
  12. 12. DYSE Day & Country FinalDAY 1 • DANONE visit and networking sessionDAY 2 • Market Place: Danone senior managers to listen and judge each presentation and select 5 teams for FINALDAY 3 • COUNTRY FINAL (Team present to CODI and judges) Location: A Ballroom in Jakarta Timing : Est. 3-5 Feb 2013
  13. 13. Winning CriteriasIdea originalityQuality of SWOT and strategic planningSocial impact (no. of community members involved andchange behaviour expected)Economical impact (income per capita, etc)Return On InvestmentOthers
  14. 14. Winner Prizes Top 5 DYSE IDEA1st winnerSocial Business Fund 15,000,000 IDRScholarship: 800.000 / month2nd winnerSocial Business Fund 15,000,000 IDRScholarship: 700.000 / month3rd winnerSocial Business Fund 15,000,000 IDRScholarship: 500.000 / month4th winnerSocial Business Fund 15,000,000 IDRScholarship: 400.000 / month5th winnerSocial Business Fund 15,000,000 IDRScholarship: 300.000 / month
  15. 15. DYSE BEST PROJECT Paris Trip – Benchmarking & Networking Present the Visit SocialSocial Business Visit Danone Meet CSR Business Bestto Danone HQ HQ & Sharing Division in Practice in Team & Get Session Danone HQ France feedback
  16. 16. Benefit For StudentsScholarship + Budget to implement Social Business Publish the project in DanCommunity.com Golden Ticket to User Interview MT STAR Balance academic and social achievements Meet Danone leaders and learn real examples
  17. 17. Project TimelineNo Process Timeline1 CV Team collection 31 Oct2 Group interview Week 1-2 Nov3 Campus Manager discussion panel to select team Week 3 Nov4 Announcement of Best 24 Team Week 3 Nov5 Coaching session with Soc. Entr. Expert for CM Week 1 Dec6 Informal Coaching session DWF for Participant Nov-Jan7 Informal Coaching session on strat & finance mgt for Participant Nov-Jan8 DYSE Proposal Submission Deadline 25 Jan 20139 DYSE Day & Country Final – 3 Days in Jakarta 3-5 February 201310 Project Implementation March – Dec 201311 Paris “Social Entrepreneurship Trip” 10-16 March 201312 Quarterly Review May, Aug, Nov13 Publication (DanComm, Media & SocMed, etc) On going14 Closing Week 1 Dec 2013
  18. 18. The Campus Managers CampusNo Name Manager For Email1 Ahmad Fadillah Nurmansyah Unpad Ahmad.fadillah@danone.com2 Narendi Muhandri ITB Narendi.muhandri@danone.com3 Edith Rosmaryati BINUS Edith.rosmaryati@danone.com4 Nurul Ginting USU Nurul.ginting@danone.com5 Sarah Vidyarani UI Sarah.vidyarani@danone.com6 Franky Njoto Unair Franky.njoto@danone.com7 Ashari Fitriyansyah Undip Ashari.fitriyansyah@danone.com8 Puguh Prahananto ITS Puguh.prahananto@danone.com9 Michica Wijaya IPB Michica.wijaya@danone.com10 Iben Yuzenho Ismarson UGM Iben.ismarson@danone.com11 Anastasia Taulu PrasMul Anastasia.taulu@danone.com12 Nadia Rahma Nisita Unpar Nadia.nisita@danone.com*Other than those campuses can contact the CM from same city campus
  19. 19. Your Contact for DYSE Join our community! Web: DanCommunity.com Twitter: @DanCommunityIDFB: Facebook.com/DanCommunity