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Fun on First Click: Turning Visitors into Passionate Customers with Onboarding


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My keynote from Bizplay 2017: What’s true for people also holds for websites, apps, and services: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The first few clicks determine what impression users form of you. And no matter how easy to use, your nifty new thingTM has to teach your users how to use it – it has to onboard them. The slightest friction or frustration, and they leave for the next competitor. Bring games to the rescue. For nowhere is this pressure bigger than in freemium online and social games, where the only reason to stay is that users have fun from the first click. In the best games, users don’t even notice they learn. So how do games do that? This keynote will tease out design principles and patterns from games for creating engaging, intuitive onboarding.

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Fun on First Click: Turning Visitors into Passionate Customers with Onboarding

  1. 1. fun on first click Convert Users into Passionate Customers with Onboarding Sebastian Deterding (@dingstweets)
  2. 2. chapter 1 Storytime
  3. 3. briefing “Design a smartphone for seniors”
  4. 4. Your ideas?
  5. 5. “silver phones”
  6. 6. Turns out …
  7. 7. people hate them.
  8. 8. people want features.
  9. 9. this is not the problem.
  10. 10. this is.
  11. 11. “What’s that got to do with me?”
  12. 12. Punkt 1 ist Punkt 2 ist PAYING CUSTOMER (product) AD IMPRESSION (marketing) ... ... THEN A MIRACLE OCCURS
  13. 13. First impression Orientation Engagement Paying customer Invitation Re-engagement Purchase onboarding Marketing Product ??? Registration
  14. 14. First impression Orientation Registration Paying customer Invitation Re-engagementPurchase a.k.a. conversion funnel Engagement
  15. 15. “No matter how great your product is, it is very likely that 40-60% of your free trial users never see the product a second time. Which makes that first use of the software really really freaking important.” patrick mckenzie
  16. 16. Games? Games!
  17. 17. freemium business model …
  18. 18. + thousands of free competitors …
  19. 19. = Fun on First Click* *Or third. We’re not that literal.
  20. 20. “We believe in those first three clicks, you decide whether or not you want to check out more of it. In the uber-casual place that we all exist in now, it’s a three click deal. We either sold you or we didn’t.” mark pincus, ceo, zynga
  21. 21. “Good video games ... are learning machines. If a game cannot be learned and even mastered at a certain level, it won’t get played by enough people, and the company that makes it will go broke. Good learning in games is a capitalist-driven Darwinian process of selection of the fittest.” james paul gee
  22. 22. chapter 2 Journeytime
  23. 23. First impression onboarding our journey today Engagement First use
  24. 24. Tell me why
  25. 25. The product is awesome! The company is awesome! The experience is awesome! A B C
  26. 26. I am awesome! D
  27. 27. “People don’t go round looking for products to buy. Instead, they take life as it comes and when they encounter a problem, they look for a solution – and at that point, they’ll hire a product or service. It it is the job, and not the customer or the product, that should be the fundamental unit of analysis.” clayton christensen
  28. 28. This is not your offer. this is.
  29. 29. users have a few top tasks expressed in specific care words
  30. 30. “does it come with a toner?”
  31. 31. First impression Engagement our journey today First use
  32. 32. Make me wow
  33. 33. minimize time to wow
  34. 34. First impression Engagement our journey today First use
  35. 35. Teach me how
  36. 36. the onboarding anti-pattern
  37. 37. … in contemporary form.
  38. 38. So how to do it differently?
  39. 39. do: guided first run through the core loop
  40. 40. So what did we see here?
  41. 41. context of learning = context of use
  42. 42. “I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.” xunzi do>show>tell
  43. 43. tell: walls of text
  44. 44. show: decontextualised screens
  45. 45. do: a guided first run through the ‘core loop’
  46. 46. one step at a time
  47. 47. scaffolded tasks/loops
  48. 48. When mechanics are introduced How many (new) mechanics are used
  49. 49. guiding progress feedback
  50. 50. guiding progress feedback
  51. 51. chapter 3 Summary
  52. 52. Paying customer Invitation onboarding onboarding bridges the gap from marketing to product
  53. 53. Tell me why on that way, you need to …
  54. 54. This is not your offer. this is. by showing how your product empowers me …
  55. 55. … doing my top tasks, phrased in the words i care about.
  56. 56. Make me wow next, …
  57. 57. by showing me how you transform me as fast as possible.
  58. 58. Teach me how finally, …
  59. 59. letting me learn by doing, …
  60. 60. one step at a time, …
  61. 61. slowly scaffolding tasks, …
  62. 62. … with progress feedback guiding my way.
  63. 63. @dingstweets thank you.