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  1. 1. How to set up Webcam Chat face-to-face online with your friends. This document is used for Newcastle University Alumni training only Newcastle University | Alumni 1
  2. 2. 1. What is webcam? Webcams are small cameras (usually, though not always, video cameras), whose images canbe accessed using the World Wide Web, instant messaging, or a PC video conferencingapplication. You can use any type of USB web camera you would like. Obviously, first thing you shoulddo is purchase a webcam. There are a lot of cameras that are possible to buy less than for £10which are perfectly acceptable for everybody. Most famous companies selling webcams are:ASUS, CANYON, CREATIVE, CYBER SNIPA, EMTEC, EU3C, GENIUS, HP, LEADTEK,LENOVO, LOGITECH, MICROSOFT, MSI, SAITEK, SAMSUNG, SWEEX, US ROBOTICS etc.before your buy a webcam, read the description, the higher Megapixel is, the clearer webcamcapture.2. Why use webcam? Communicating over the Internet with text and emoticons to show your feelings isn’t quite asexciting as showing your pearly whites for real. Now you can spice up your online communicationby selecting from a handful of powerful yet relatively inexpensivewebcams. These tiny cameras can be used for  sending video e-mail to family and friends  videoconferencing with co-workers, clients or customers  chatting in real-time with other webcam users in Windows Live Messenger, Skype or specialty chat rooms  broadcasting your very own TV-like “channel” over the Net Newcastle University | Alumni 2
  3. 3. 3. How to use webcam? Setting up a webcam is a simple process that can be done in very little time. Just follow theseinstructions and youll be ready to go.Step 1: install webcam driver. Your Webcam usually came with a driver installation CD, runs that first. This will install programs tomake your webcam work and also help you get the most out of it. Tips: Do not connect the device before you have installed the drivers.Step 2: connect the webcam When prompted, plug the webcam into your USB port. Windows XP/Vista/7 should recognize it andconfigure it automatically. Newcastle University | Alumni 3
  4. 4. Tips: You may see a series of messages from your system after you connect you device. Please be patient while your system updates.Step 3: connect audio device to you computer Some webcam embed a Microphone inside, what you should do is that connect the audio jack of yourwebcam to the Microphone jack on you PC. Some webcams do not have a separate audio jack. The USBprovides audio as well as video on some cameras. If your webcam do not have the audio function, please connect separate headset to your computer. Youre done. Youre ready to start using your webcam. Next few steps will teach you configure your webcam that you can make video chat via Windows Live MessengerStep 4: Set up your Windows Live Messenger In the Windows Live Messenger window, click Sign up for a Windows Live ID. This willopen a web page. Newcastle University | Alumni 4
  5. 5. Choose your username and password. You may find you have to try more than one usernameif someone else has already taken your first choice. When youre done, enter your username and password into the Windows Messenger windowto log in.Step 5: Set up your webcam with Messenger Now make sure the sound output (PC speakers or headsets), sound input (microphone in thewebcam or headsets) and the video input (the webcam) are communicating properly. Newcastle University | Alumni 5
  6. 6. Click the menu button as circled in picture. Choose Tools > Audio and video setup. Followthe instructions and, when prompted, choose the entries that correspond to your webcam. Youll be prompted to speak to make sure the microphone is picking up your voice. In the nextstep youll see the image that your webcam is seeing. This should be you! Adjust the position ofthe webcam until youre centered. Newcastle University | Alumni 6
  7. 7. Step 7: find your friend To find someone else using the same program, click the icon in the Messenger menu bar. Enteryour friends’ information. A request will be sent to them. When they accept, theyll appear in yourlist. If theyre online at the time, it may take only seconds, else they will see your request whenthey login next time.Step 8: make a call Agree with your friend when youll be online. In the Messenger window, right-click on thefriend’s name > Video > Start a video call to let them know you want to chat. When they click Newcastle University | Alumni 7
  8. 8. Accept, you should see each other. You can also send written messages. Double-click on theirname. Newcastle University | Alumni 8