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  1. 1. How to use Slideshare A magnificent experience on world’s Top 10 tools for Education and E-learning This document is used for Newcastle University Alumni training only Newcastle University | Alumni 1
  2. 2. 1. What is slideshare? SlideShare is the largest community for sharing presentations and documents, the Top 10tools for Education and E-learning in the worldwide, slideshare is also a useful search engine, itcan find slides almost in any theme. SlideShare was designed to provide services for the businessuse.2. Why Use SlideShare1. Upload presentations publicly or privately.2. Download presentations on any topic and reuse or remix.3. Embed on blogs, websites and companies’ intranets.4. Share on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.5. Zipcast: free, no need to download, one click achieve web meetings.6. Leadshare: generate business leads with your presentations, documents, pdfs and videos.7. Slidecast: synchronize mp3 audio with slides to create a webinar.8. Embed YouTube videos inside SlideShare presentations.9. Use SlideShare PRO for premium features like branded channels, analytics, ad free pages etc.3. How to use slideshareStep1, signup Open the homepage (Figure 1) of slideshare via, on the top of the rightcorner, there are four buttons, first button is for Facebook user login, this button could facilitateFacebook user to use slideshare. Facebook user do not need to signup in slideshare additionally,just import Facebook account details into slideshare, and then Facebook user could becomeslideshare user. To achieve these processes, first, click blue Facebook login button, and then getthe Facebook login webpage (Figure 2), type in email and password click login button, webpagewill jump to a request permission page, which will import Facebook account data into slideshareaccount, click “Allow”, then Facebook user could use the same account also login slideshare. Figure 1 Newcastle University | Alumni 2
  3. 3. Figure 2Figure 3 Newcastle University | Alumni 3
  4. 4. The second button is for slideshare users login, the third button is for initialslideshare users’ signup, the last “Advertise” button is for business use.For initial signup in slideshare, just click Signup button, with the jump of the webpage, comes the signup page (Figure 4), fill up all the boxes, please make sure that theEmail box is valid, cause the new slideshare users need to activate their account viaEmail, if the signup procedure goes well, after click signup button, a welcome pagewill show up (Figure 5), please ignore the “update now” button, that button is connectto slideshare Pro, slideshare Pro will charge fees for business use, click skip this, theninitial signup procedure just finished. Figure 4 Newcastle University | Alumni 4
  5. 5. Step2, upload the files Uploading files, click “UPLOAD” button (Figure 6), with the page change, there will appeartwo buttons (Figure 7), to choose which button, decide on this slideshare account for publicoriented use or private oriented use, different file may has different use, however, most slideshareusers tend to choose upload publicly, share their presentations with other people. Eachpresentation has the unique URL, so users could embed presentation into website, Email or blog. Figure 6 Figure 7 Newcastle University | Alumni 5
  6. 6. Step3, some functions to introduce Here suggest users to finish their “Account settings” in personal interest. The “Privacy Options”tag in slideshare divided into three main categories and has some specific settings to help toprotect users’ privacy. The more users finish their personal information, the more friends may findthis user. The slideshare users also could find some companies and personnel to follow, to get theupdated information in the first time. To achieve “follow” function in slideshare, first of all, userneed have a idea about who to follow, for example, user want to follow “apple” this time, just typeapple in the search box, and get some results about apple (Figure 8), choose one (Figure 9), click“follow” button, then follow procedure just finished. Figure 8 Newcastle University | Alumni 6
  7. 7. Figure 9 Last interesting function in slideshare is “Get you widget”, users could find “Get you widget”button in the bottom of the left hand side of the personal homepage (Figure 10), use this function,users could customize different web programming code to embed them on the random website orblog, different widget have different functions. Figure 10 4. Similar websites Flickr is focus on sharing photographs: YouTube is focus on sharing videos: Newcastle University | Alumni 7