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Crystallight final


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Crystallight final

  1. 1. Crystal Light by Kraft Foods
  2. 2. The Plan Strengths • Low in calories • Great tasting • Eco-friendly • portable Goals • To create campaigns to increase sales • Increase social media usage
  3. 3. Social Media Campaign Proposal • Create a diet called “Show me the Light” • Use online website to house the campaign • OBJECTIVE: Gain Brand Loyalty
  4. 4. Show me the Light • New diet sponsored by Crystal Light • Dieters can track progress online • Must substitute other beverages for crystal Light products • Given three free months worth of Crystal Light Products. • Biggest Losers will win a prize of a two year gym membership along with a free Ipod
  5. 5. Social Media Tools • Facebook • Twitter • Adwords
  6. 6. Blogs, Blogs, Blogs On the Blog… • Ask questions • Success stories • Tips for dieting • How Crystal Light has worked for you!
  7. 7. Show me the PARTY • Who: Crystal Light • What: Show me the Light • Where: NYC • Why: To Promote Crystal Light’s brand new Campaign • When: Summer 2011
  8. 8. Show me the Light Budget Social Media Advertising Free Product Prizes Advertisments on Blog Launch Party