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Linux Ensim Site Admin Doc

  1. 1. 1. How do I login to my site admin control panel? Type URL: 2. How to check mail box sizes and web space are utilized? Login as site admin control panel and the details will be available on the home page
  2. 2. 3. How do I check the services that are running for a Site? Login as Site Administrator From the Menu Click on the SITE INFORMATION to view the enabled and disabled services for the domain as shown below 4. How do I create e-mail accounts for my domain? Login to site admin control panel. Select Mailboxes/Users on the MENU and click ADD USER to create new account.
  3. 3. Provide user information’s to add use r. You can also limit disk quota for mail accounts. Click ADD to create a user 5. How to create a My SQL database for the Site? Login as site administrator Click the SERVICES link as highlighted from the MENU
  4. 4. Click EDIT tab of My SQL service on the Actions column as shown Click the Create Database link as shown below Type in the Database Name and CLICK SAVE as shown below.
  5. 5. My SQL Database will be added to the domain successfully as shown 6. How to reset Password for my MySQL database? Login as SITE ADMINISTRATOR. Click on the SERVICES tab from MENU Click the EDIT tab for the MYSQL Service Click the Change Password Link to change password for the database Type in the New Password for the Database as shown below
  6. 6. 7. How to create a Mailing list for the site? Login to site admin control panel From the Menu select Mailing list from the Email submenu Select Create a Mailing List to create a new mailing list Type in the mailing list name and provide admin email and password to create Select EDIT button for the created list to add members
  7. 7. Click ADD MEMBER to create the list of members for the mailing list Type in the mail id’s to be added in the mai ling list and click Subscribe to add to the mailing list 8. How to login to the PHP MY ADMIN? Use the following URL for logging in to PHP My Admin OR Login as the Site Administrator From the Menu select the tab Services In the Manage Databases tab click MYSQL Administration Tool to auto login to the site database
  8. 8. 9. How do I login into my WEBMAIL? Type http://yourdomain/squirrelmail e.g.: The following page will be displayed. Enter the username and password to login. User Administration Control panel 10. How to reset my mail account password? Type Select user information
  9. 9. Click edit button to reset password. Enter your new password and click update. 11. How to configure vacation message for a user account? Login to the URL: Select Vacation link on the User Dashboard Select Edit Configuration button.
  10. 10. Enable vacation message and edit the vacation message as per the need . 12. How to enable Mail Forwarding for User Account? Select Forward tab from User Dashboard . Select EDIT button to configure forwarding. Enter the mail id to be forwarded and click Update
  11. 11. 13. How to enable Email Aliases for a user account? Select Aliases tab from User Dashboard Click ADD to add a alias to the user Type in a mail id to create an alia s for the user. For E.G: support